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Absolute Beginner's Guide to Bible

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Bible - 06 edition

ISBN13: 978-0789734198

Cover of Absolute Beginner
ISBN13: 978-0789734198
ISBN10: 0789734192
Cover type: Paperback
Edition/Copyright: 06
Publisher: Que
Published: 2006
International: No

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Absolute Beginner's Guide to Bible - 06 edition

ISBN13: 978-0789734198

Tom Head

ISBN13: 978-0789734198
ISBN10: 0789734192
Cover type: Paperback
Edition/Copyright: 06
Publisher: Que

Published: 2006
International: No

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to the Bibleintroduces you to the bestselling and most influential book ever published. The Bible is the core document of Western civilization, the pinnacle of world literature, and the backbone of three major world religions. To know the Bible is to know the world--and, many say, to know much more than the world. Yet those interested in learning more about this important work discover a surprising paradox: It is both widely discussed and widely ignored. The Bible is a formidable book, and many people love it from a comfortable distance but don't want to get too close. The Absolute Beginner's Guide to the Bible will help you close that distance and experience the Bible as it should be experienced, as a vibrant, living, and vital collection of texts that are just as inspiring and full of life today as they were thousands of years ago. Get ready to feel like an expert right away. Inside The Absolute Beginner's Guide to the Bible, you'll learn how to: * Find a translation or study Bible that's perfect for you. * Interpret difficult Bible passages, taking into account their literary features and historical context. * Appreciate the Bible's breadth. As a literary work, it includes poetry, philosophy, folk tales, history, theology, religious law, and even erotica. * Understand the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) as the deeply Jewish document that it is--and learn the approaches that rabbis have traditionally used to interpret scripture. * Recognize the courageous missionary spirit behind the New Testament, a collection of documents, secret and illegal at the time, that would later shape the faith of billions.

Table of Contents

Introduction.Quick Start: How to Find a Specific Bible Book.How This Book Is Organized.Special Elements Used in This Book.

I. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE BIBLE.1. Getting to Know the Bible.The Greatest Story Never ToldObstacles to Reading the Bible2. Where Did the Bible Come From?Disputed QuestionsThe Story of the Hebrew BibleLiterature of the Early Christian ChurchCouncils and CanonsThe Public BibleTheologyLiteracyTechnology3. How to Read the Bible.Three Ways of Looking at the BibleAs Holy ScriptureAs HistoryAs LiteratureLost in TranslationsThe King James Version (1611)The Douay-Rheims Bible (1609)The New International Version (1984)The Jewish Publication Society Tanakh (1985)The New Revised Standard Version (1989)The New American Bible (1990)The New Living Translation (1996)

II. THE BOOK OF MOSES.4. The Meaning of Torah in Judaism.Torah Study in JudaismThe Plain Meaning (Peshat)The Hinted Meaning (Remez)The Deeper Meaning (Derash)The Secret Meaning (Sod)The Other TorahTwo Essential Prayers from the TorahThe ShemaThe Song of Miriam5. Who Wrote the Torah?The Books of MosesFour Groups of Authors6. The Creation and the Flood.And the Earth Was Without FormIn the Garden of Eden40 Days and 40 Nights7. Rise of the Nations.Races and Nations in the BibleFaith of the FathersA Man Called IsraelFrom Canaan to Egypt8. From Slavery to the Promised Land.Under Pharaoh's RuleLet My People Go10 Plagues and a HolidayParting the WatersThe 613 CommandmentsThe Covenant Code (Exodus 20:22-23:33)The Ritual Decalogue (Exodus 34:1-26)The Priestly Collection (Leviticus 1:1-16:34, 27:1-34)The Holiness Code (Leviticus 17:1-26:46)The Book of the Law (Deuteronomy 12:1-26:15)40 Years in the Wilderness

III. PROPHETS AND KINGS.9. Covenants Broken and Covenants Renewed.A Chosen PeopleThe Deuteronomistic Cycle10. Conquests and Chaos.This Land Is My LandHere Come the JudgesEhud the Benjaminite (3:15-4:1)Deborah and Barak (4:4-5:31)Jephthah the Outlaw (11:1-12:7)Samson the Nazirite (13-16)Horrors of Anarchy11. The Era of Kings.The United Kingdom (1020-920 B.C.)Saul and the Rise of DavidThe Legacy of DavidTwo KingdomsBy the Rivers of Babylon12. The Era of Prophecy.The Second HistoryIsaiah: The Great ProphetJeremiah: The Weeping ProphetEzekiel: The Visionary ProphetDaniel: The Prophet-HeroThe 12 "Minor" ProphetsHosea: The Marrying ProphetJoel: The Locust ProphetAmos: The Earthquake ProphetObadiah: The Avenging ProphetJonah: The Reluctant ProphetMicah: The Perceptive ProphetNahum: The Triumphant ProphetHabakkuk: The Pleading ProphetZephaniah: The Fiery ProphetHaggai: The Temple ProphetZechariah: The Hopeful ProphetMalachi: The Justifying Prophet13. Ruth and Esther.The Moabite WidowQueen Takes Knight

IV. POETRY AND WISDOM LITERATURE.14. Biblical Poetry and Wisdom Literature.The Books of WisdomThe Biblical Voice15. Psalms and Proverbs.Hymns of Ancient IsraelHymns of PraisePsalms of TrustThanksgiving PsalmsLamentsRoyal PsalmsWisdom PsalmsLiturgical PsalmsHistorical PsalmsSpeaking of Wisdom16. Mortal Questions.And You Think You've Got Problems?The Problem of EvilBiblical ExistentialismSex and the Single Bible

V. BEYOND THE BIBLE.17. The Books of Tradition.Fired from the CanonsThe Incredible Shrinking Bible18. Nowhere in the Bible.The Second Place FinishLost Books of the Bible10 Important Extrabiblical TextsFive Books Connected to the Hebrew BibleFive Books Connected to the New Testament19. The Dead Sea Scrolls.11 CavesNew Life by the Dead Sea

VI. THE LIFE OF CHRIST.20. The Search for the Historical Jesus.Jesus, We Hardly Knew YeJesus in the BibleRoman Historians on the Life of Jesus21. Before He Was Christ.Away in a MangerThe Missing YearsJesus and the Holy GrailThe Prophet Isa22. The Good Shepherd.The Power and the GloryThe Good NewsThe Greatest Commandment (M

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