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Accounting Information Systems

Accounting Information Systems - 9th edition

Accounting Information Systems - 9th edition

ISBN13: 9780130082053

ISBN10: 0130082058

Accounting Information Systems by George Bodnar and William S. Hopwood - ISBN 9780130082053
Edition: 9TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2004
International: No
Accounting Information Systems by George Bodnar and William S. Hopwood - ISBN 9780130082053

ISBN13: 9780130082053

ISBN10: 0130082058

Edition: 9TH 04


For undergraduate or graduate courses in AIS.

Following a Business Process Approach, this book stresses information, communication, and networking technology within the context of business processes and internal control structure. Can be packaged with Peachtree Software and the Getting Started Series.

Features :

  • NEW--Now briefer with number of chapters reduced from 18 to 16 without compromising content or quality.
  • Focuses on core topics, current information, and technology.
  • NEW--Redesigned to reflect today's trends in AIS.
  • Reflects an almost universal shift toward a business process approach. Chapters on Revenue and Expenditure-Cycle Applications and Production and Finance-Cycle Applications have been rewritten to reflect this shift toward a business process approach.
  • NEW--Coverage has been updated on all of the latest AIS topics.
  • Provides students with the most current information on: electronic commerce, electronic security, web commerce, internet security, network security, statistical sampling and artificial intelligence, EDI, databases, and encryption.
  • NEW--Systems development focus has been shifted toward Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
  • Allows for more precise planning, forecasting, and monitoring than before, with no additional software required. Advances in Business Engineering and Blueprinting and new discussions on SAP are also highlighted.
  • NEW--Package Smith's MS Excel for Accounting: Auditing and AIS with new texts for only $5.00 net.
  • Extensive CPA exam problem sets are included, especially on transaction cycles and internal control.
  • Provides students with exercises for review and reinforcement.

Author Bio

Bodnar, George H. : Duquesne University

Hopwood, William S. : Florida Atlantic University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Accounting Information Systems: An Overview.
2. Systems Techniques and Documentation.
3. The Internet, Intranets, and Electronic Commerce.
4. Introduction to Transaction Processing.
5. Transaction Processing and the Internal Control Process.
6. Information Systems Security.


7. Customer Order and Account Management Business Processes.
8. Procurement and Human Resource Business Processes.
9. The Production Business Process.
10. Electronic Data Processing Systems.


11. Systems Development: A Survey.
12. Systems Planning, Analysis, and Design.
13. Systems Implementation, Operation, and Control.


14. Management Decision Making and Reports.
15. File Processing and Data Management Concepts.
16. Auditing Information Technology.