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Accounting and Audtiting Research

Accounting and Audtiting Research - 6th edition

Accounting and Audtiting Research - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780324302288

ISBN10: 0324302282

Accounting and Audtiting Research by Thomas Weirich and Alan Reinstein - ISBN 9780324302288
Edition: 6TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: South-Western Publishing Co.
Published: 2005
International: No
Accounting and Audtiting Research by Thomas Weirich and Alan Reinstein - ISBN 9780324302288

ISBN13: 9780324302288

ISBN10: 0324302282

Edition: 6TH 05


More user-friendly, interactive, and powerful than ever before, this step-by-step guide to professional research is integrated with a NEW online suite of research tools, tutorials, demos, research cases, and links to accounting and business research sites and standards-setting organizations. Users can test their knowledge and research strategies with NEW, active-learning mid-chapter Practice Exercises and a NEW section of end-of-chapter Exercises in each chapter. Completely updated for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and principles- and rules-based standard setting. The fraud chapter 10 has been updated for the new SAS 99 fraud auditing standards and explains the AICPA's new anti-fraud program.


  • NEW! ResearchLink online research suite integrates all the research tools and demonstrations provided with the Sixth Edition. ResearchLink makes research easier and faster, provides access to powerful electronic databases and demos, and is one link away from the text website.
  • Thomson ONETM Business School Edition--Thomson ONE, discussed in Chapter 6, is a Web-based portal product that provides integrated access to Thomson Financial content for the purpose of financial analysis. This is an educational version of the same financial resources used by Wall Street analysts on a daily basis. ResearchLink provides access to 500 companies via the Business School Edition.
  • RIA Checkpoint® Student Edition--This professional tax database covered extensively in Chapter 7 of the text is a total tax database that contains research libraries for federal, state and local, and international taxation, estate planning, pensions, payroll, and Financial Reporting and Management Services by WG&L (Warren Gorman & Lamont). ResearchLink provides access to the student edition along with a demo.
  • ACLTM Desktop Edition (Full Educational Version)--One of the most widely used audit software package in the world, ACLTM Desktop Edition (Full Educational Edition) is a major software product used by fraud examiners and auditors. Most audit and accounting firms and internal audit departments use ACL. ResearchLink provides a downloadable executable file of the full educational version, covered with in-chapter practice exercises that use the software, as well as an in-depth demo (ACL in Practice) for those interested in fraud investigations.
  • i2--Analyst's Notebook, created by i2 Inc. and discussed in Chapter 10, is a visual investigative analysis software product that assists investigators by uncovering, interpreting, and displaying complex information in easily understood charts. More than 1,400 organizations in over 80 countries rely on i2 for investigations and intelligence analysis. ResearchLink provides a demo of this tool.
  • NEW! Quick Facts sidebar boxes throughout the text summarize and expand on chapter concepts to provide new and useful research information. Quick Facts help readers do a better, faster, more effective research job.
  • NEW! Research Tips sidebar boxes throughout the text provide help in doing common research tasks effectively and efficiently.
  • NEW! Practice Exercises, located following sections in most chapters, provide immediate reinforcement of concepts, databases, and research techniques presented in the preceding section. These exercises, using fill-in areas for notes and answers with solutions found on the text's web site, allow users to practice the key skills immediately after they are presented. These new exercises use a combination of ResearchLink tools, URLs, and other widely available data sources discussed in the text.
  • NEW! Many new and revised end-of-chapter discussion questions and exercises require the user to explore various data sources in developing solutions, including tools available on ResearchLink and other widely available databases discussed in the text.
  • Product Web Site. The text's web site,, not only contains access and registration to ResearchLink but provides suggested solutions to practice exercises, instructor's solutions manual downloads, and links to the many web sites discussed throughout the book. NEW Web cases help develop effective and efficient research skills in the online environment. This site is truly an accounting researcher's dream come true.
  • FARS Online--The Sixth Edition devotes Chapter 5 to the use of the FARS (Financial Accounting Research System) database, created by the Financial Accounting Standards Board. FARS now has an online version as well as a CD version for conducting research. By special permission, ResearchLink provides the FASB's new FARS Online demo of this tool that highlights the functionality of the new version FARS for schools and organizations which have access to the FARS system.
  • LexisNexis® Academic--This dynamic research tool, available only to the academic community, is a Web-based subset of the widely recognized commercial LexisNexis® database. In addition to various topical areas, this database provides access to U.S. authoritative accounting and auditing literature, accounting journals, and various tax sources. LexisNexis Academic is featured in Chapter 6. ResearchLink provides access as well as a demo for this tool.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers' EDGARSCANTM--This Internet-based applet, created by PricewaterhouseCoopers, is an excellent tool for performance measurement or benchmarking. EdgarscanTM, presented in Chapter 8, is very powerful for anyone researching a company and making performance comparisons with competitors. ResearchLink provides handy access and a demo for this tool.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Professional Research.

2. Critical Thinking & Effective Writing Skills for the Professional Accountant.

3. Web Based Professional Research.

4. The Environment of Accounting Research.

5. Major Accounting Research Tools.

6. Other Research Databases and Tools.

7. Tax Research for Compliance and Tax Planning.

8. Assurance Services and Auditing Research.

9. Refining the Research Process.

10. Fraud and Other Investigative Techniques.

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