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Acoustics for Audiologists

Acoustics for Audiologists - 02 edition

Acoustics for Audiologists - 02 edition

ISBN13: 9780123329226

ISBN10: 0123329221

Acoustics for Audiologists by Peter Haughton - ISBN 9780123329226
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Academic Press, Inc.
Published: 2002
International: No
Acoustics for Audiologists by Peter Haughton - ISBN 9780123329226

ISBN13: 9780123329226

ISBN10: 0123329221

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 02

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Many who come to work in audiology have little previous training in acoustics, or in the physical sciences generally. They find these subjects difficult, but when they seek help from books on audiology, they are likely to find only superficial accounts whereas books on acoustics mostly assume a physics-based readership and are consequently too difficult for the general reader.

Acoustics for Audiologists fills the gap. It can be read at several levels. At the most basic, it provides a full explanation of many of the general principles and special terms in acoustics that are relevant to clinical audiology and audiological science. The main text is supported by an introductory chapter covering the underlying physics, an appendix on the required mathematics, and worked examples and questions. At a more advanced level, the book answers the needs of students of audiological science and audiological medicine for whom previous studies have not included the physical sciences.

Features & Benefits

  • Written for audiologists, trainee audiological scientists, and students of audiological medicine
  • Supporting text includes a quick review of the relevant physics and mathematics
  • Special exercises in working with decibels
  • Worked examples to assist self-study and as a source for taught courses
  • More than 170 figures

Author Bio

Haughton, Peter : Hull Royal Infirmary

Hull Royal Infirmary, Department of Audiology, Hull, U.K.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Basics
Sound Waves
Sources of Sound
Nonsinusoidal Waveforms
Measuring Sound
Calibration and Testing of Audiometric Equipment
Audiometric Test Room
Hearing Aids: Basic Electroacoustic Characteristics

Appendix A: Supplementary Mathematics
Appendix B: Working with Decibels
Answers to Numerical Problems

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