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Adolescent Behavior and Society : A Book of Readings

Adolescent Behavior and Society : A Book of Readings - 5th edition

ISBN13: 978-0070444225

Cover of Adolescent Behavior and Society : A Book of Readings 5TH 98 (ISBN 978-0070444225)
ISBN13: 978-0070444225
ISBN10: 0070444226
Edition: 5TH 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
Published: 1998
International: No

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Adolescent Behavior and Society : A Book of Readings - 5TH 98 edition

ISBN13: 978-0070444225

Rolf E. Muuss and Harriet D. Porton

ISBN13: 978-0070444225
ISBN10: 0070444226
Edition: 5TH 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
Published: 1998
International: No

Adolescent Behavior and Society: A Book of Readings, 5th edition by Rolf E. Muuss and Harriet D. Porton offers a collection of articles written by some of the most respected scholars in the field of adolescent development and psychology. A selection of both classical and contemporary articles, this anthology enhances students understanding of the needs and problems of adolescence. A variety of theories, perspectives and topics are included and enable this anthology to be used effectively in a variety of instructional settings.

The 5th edition of Adolescent Behavior and Society has been carefully edited to include many new selections that represent some of the currently most discussed topics in Adolescent Development. Authors from a variety of academic backgrounds and theoretical perspectives provide interesting and sometimes opposing views of both conceptual and applied issues.

-75% of articles are new to this edition!
-Includes several readings containing previously unpublished material such as M. R. Stone and B. B. Brown's In the Eye of the Beholder, and K.A. Schonert-Reichl and K. Beaudoins's paper Socially -Cognitive Development and Psychopathology during Adolescence
-13 chapters/40 readings represent the most common topics covered in Adolescent Development/Psychology courses
-Readings offer both conceptual and applied perspectives
-Selections represent a variety of theories and approaches and include different perspectives on each topic
-Many readings relate to student's personal life experiences, making them especially useful tools for learning and discussion
-Authors of readings are experts in their fields
-Original articles by many major theorists: Piaget, Elkind, Erikson, Kohlberg, Loevinger, Gilligan, Lerner and others!
-Introductions to each chapter provide an overview and summary of the material that follows

Author Bio

Muuss, Rolf E. : Goucher College

Porton, Harriet D. : Goucher College

Table of Contents

Part One: Adolescence as a Social Transition

1. Preparing for Life: The Critical Transition of Adolescence David A. Hamburg (1986)
2. A Cross-Cultural Approach to Adolescence Alice Schlegel (1995)
3. Developmental Contextualism, and the Further Enhancement of Theory About Puberty and Psychosocial Development Richard M. Lerner (1992)

Part Two: Adolescence as a Biological Transition

4. Sequence, Tempo, and Individual Variation in Growth and Development of Boys and Girls Aged Twelve to Sixteen J. M. Tanner (1971)
5. Interactive Effects of Menarcheal Status and Dating on Dieting and Disordered Eating Elizabeth Cauffman and Laurence Steinberg (1996)
6. A Study of White Middle-Class Adolescent Boys' Responses to "Semenarche" James H. Stein and Lynn Whisnant Reiser (1994)

Part Three: Adolescence as a Cognitive Transition

7. Intellectual Evolution from Adolescence to Adulthood Jean Piaget (1972)
8. Inhelder and Piaget on Adolescence and Adulthood: A Postmodern Appraisal David Elkind (1996)
9. Ethnicity, Class, Cognitive and Motivational Styles James A. Banks (1988)
10. Egocentrism in Adolescence David Elkind (1967)

Part Four: The Family

11. Parents and Adolescents in Conflict Raymond Montemayor (1983)
12. Urban Poverty and the Family Context of Delinquency: A New Look at Structure and Process in a Class Study Robert J. Sampson and John H. Laub (1994)
13. Adolescents' Intimacy with Parents and Friends Tiffany Field, Claudia Lang, Regina Yando, and Debra Bendell (1995)

Part Five: Peers

14. The Company They Keep: Friendships and Their Developmental Significance W. Hartup Willard (1996)
15. In the Eye of the Beholder: Adolescents' Perceptions of Peer Crowd Stereotypes Margaret R. Stone and B. Bradford Brown (1997)
16. Friendship and Friends' Influence in Adolescence Thomas J. Berndt (1992)

Part Six: The School

17. The Adjustment of Early Adolescents to School Transitions Dale A. Blyth, Roberta G. Simmons and Steven Carlton-Ford (1983)
18. Black Students' School Success: Coping with the "Burden of "Acting Whit'" Signithia Fordham and John U. Ogbu (1986)
19. Ethnic Differences in Adolescent Achievement: An Ecological Perspective Laurence Steinberg, Stanford M. Dornbusch and B. Bradford Brown (1992)

Part Seven: Moral Judgment---Ego Development

20. The Cognitive-Developmental Approach to Moral Education Lawrence Kohlberg (1975)
21. Ego Development in Adolescence Jane Loevinger (1990)
22. Two Moral Orientations Carol Gilligan and Jane Attanucci (1988)

Part Eight: Identity Development

23. Youth and The Life Cycle Erik H. Erikson (1960)
24. Marcia's Expansion of Erikson's Theory of Identity Formation Rolf E. Muuss (1996)
25. Stages of Ethnic Identity Development in Minority Group Adolescents Jean S. Phinney (1989)

Part Nine: Dating and Sexuality

26. Steady Dating and Self-Esteem in High School Students Donna L. McDonald and John Paul McKinney (1994)
27. Unwanted and Illegal Sexual Experiences in Childhood and Adolescence Nancy D. Kellogg and Thomas J. Hoffman (1995)
28. Verbal and Physical Abuse and Stressors in the Lives of Lesbian, Gay Male, and Bisexual Youths: Associations with School Problems, Running Away, Substance Abuse, Prostitution and Suicide Ritch C. Savin-Williams (1994)

Part Ten: Diversity in Adolescence

29. Challenges in Studying Minority Youth Margaret Beale Spencer and Sanford M. Dornbusch (1990)
30. Diversity Richard M. Lerner (1992)
31. At the Interface of Cultures: Multiethnic/Multiracial High School and College Students Jean S. Phinney and Linda L. Alipuria (1996)

Part Eleven: Gender Roles and Gender Differences

32. Exit- Voice Dilemmas in Adolescent Development Carol Gilligan (1988)
33. Football, Fast Cars, and Cheerleading: Adolescent Gender Norms, 1978-1989 J. Jill Sutior and Rebel Reavis (1995)
34. Social Cognitive Development and Psychopathology During Adolescence Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl and Kathleen Beaudoin (1994)

Part Twelve: Health Issues Related to Adolescents

35. Protecting Adolescents from Harm: Findings from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health Michael D. Resnick, et al. (1997)
36. Eating Disorder: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Rolf E. Muuss (1990)
37. Street Youth in Los Angeles: Profile of a Group at High Risk for Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Michele D. Kipke, Susan O'Connor, Ray Palmer, and Richard MacKenzie (1995)

Part Thirteen: Psychosocial Problems and Risk-Taking

38. Increasing Risk Behavior Among Adolescents Rolf E. Muuss and Harriet D. Porton
39. Ethnic and Gender Differences in Risk for Early Adolescent Substance Use Daniel J. Flannery, Alexander T. Vazsonyi, Julia Torquati, and Angela Fridrich (1994)
40. Early Risk Factor for Serious Antisocial Behavior at Age 21 Bilge Pakiz, Helen Z. Reinherz, and Rose M. Giaconia (1997)

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