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Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner - With CD

Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner - With CD - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 978-0471785378

Cover of Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner - With CD 2ND 06 (ISBN 978-0471785378)
ISBN13: 978-0471785378
ISBN10: 0471785377
Edition: 2ND 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Published: 2006
International: No

Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner - With CD - 2ND 06 edition

ISBN13: 978-0471785378

Arthur E. Jongsma, L. Mark Peterson and William P. McInnis

ISBN13: 978-0471785378
ISBN10: 0471785377
Edition: 2ND 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Published: 2006
International: No

Features new and updated assignments and exercises to meet the changing needs of mental health professionals

The Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner, Second Edition provides you with an array of ready-to-use, between-session assignments designed to fit virtually every therapeutic mode. This easy-to-use sourcebook features:

  • 83 ready-to-copy exercises covering the most common issues encountered by adolescent clients, such as eating disorders, suicidal ideation, and chemical dependence
  • A quick-reference format--the interactive assignments are grouped by behavioral problems including anger management, blended family conflicts, low self-esteem, and sexual acting out
  • Expert guidance on how and when to make the most efficient use of the exercises
  • Assignments that are cross-referenced to The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Fourth Edition--so you can quickly identify the right exercise for a given situation or problem
  • A CD-ROM that contains all the exercises in a word-processing format--allowing you to customize them to suit you and your clients' unique styles and needs

Table of Contents

Practice Planners Series Preface.
Homework Planners Introduction.

SECTION I--Academic Underachievement.

Exercise I.A Break It Down Into Small Steps.
Exercise I.B Good Grade / Bad Grade Incident Reports.

SECTION II--Adoption.

Exercise II.A Questions and Concerns Around Being Adopted.
Exercise II.B Some Things I'd Like You to Know.

SECTION III--Anger Management.

Exercise III.A Anger Control.
Exercise III.B Stop Yelling.

SECTION IV--Anxiety.

Exercise IV.A Finding and Losing Your Anxiety.

SECTION V--Attention- Defi cit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Exercise V.A Getting It Done.
Exercise V.B Social Skills Exercise.
Exercise V.C Stop, Think, and Act.

SECTION VI--Autism / Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

Exercise VI.A Managing the Meltdowns.
Exercise VI.B Progress Survey.

SECTION VII--Blended Family.

Exercise VII.A A Few Things About Me.
Exercise VII.B Stepparent and Sibling Questionnaire.

SECTION VIII--Chemical Dependence.

Exercise VIII.A Keeping Straight.
Exercise VIII.B Taking Your First Step.
Exercise VIII.C Welcome to Recovery.

SECTION IX--Conduct Disorder / Delinquency.

Exercise IX.A Headed in the Right Direction.
Exercise IX.B My Behavior and Its Full Impact.
Exercise IX.C Patterns of Stealing.

SECTION X--Depression.

Exercise X.A Bad Thoughts Lead to Depressed Feelings.
Exercise X.B Surface Behavior / Inner Feelings.
Exercise X.C Three Ways to Change the World.
Exercise X.D Unmet Emotional Needs--Identifi cation and Satisfaction.

SECTION XI--Divorce Reaction.

Exercise XI.A Identify a Change Resulting from Parents' Divorce.
Exercise XI.B Initial Reaction to Parents' Separation.

SECTION XII--Eating Disorder.

Exercise XII.A Fears Beneath the Eating Disorder.
Exercise XII.B Reality: Food Intake, Weight, Thoughts, and Feelings.

SECTION XIII--Grief / Loss Unresolved.

Exercise XIII.A Create a Memory Album.
Exercise XIII.B Grief Letter.

SECTION XIV--Low Self- Esteem.

Exercise XIV.A Three Ways to Change Yourself.
Exercise XIV.B Three Wishes Game.

SECTION XV--Mania / Hypomania.

Exercise XV.A Action Minus Thought Equals Painful Consequences.
Exercise XV.B Clear Rules, Positive Reinforcement, Appropriate Consequences.
Exercise XV.C I Am a Good Person.

SECTION XVI--Medical Condition.

Exercise XVI.A Coping with a Sibling's Health Problems.
Exercise XVI.B Effects of Physical Handicap or Illness on Self- Esteem and Peer Relations.

SECTION XVII--Mental Retardation.

Exercise XVII.A Activities of Daily Living Program.
Exercise XVII.B You Belong Here.

SECTION XVIII--Negative Peer Infl uences.

Exercise XVIII.A Choice of Friends Survey.
Exercise XVIII.B I Want To Be Like . . . .

SECTION XIX--Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Exercise XIX.A Decreasing What You Save and Collect.
Exercise XIX.B Refocus Attention Away from Obsessions and Compulsions.

SECTION XX--Oppositional Defiant.

Exercise XX.A Filing a Complaint.
Exercise XX.B If I Could Run My Family.
Exercise XX.C Switching from Defense to Offense.

SECTION XXI--Panic / Agoraphobia.

Exercise XXI.A Panic Attack Rating Form.
Exercise XXI.B Panic Survey.

SECTION XXII--Parenting.

Exercise XXII.A Evaluating the Strength of Your Parenting Team.
Exercise XXII.B One- on- One.
Exercise XXII.C Transitioning from Parenting a Child to Parenting a Teen.

SECTION XXIII--Peer / Sibling Conflict.

Exercise XXIII.A Cloning the Perfect Sibling.
Exercise XXIII.B Joseph, ''His Amazing Technicolor Coat,'' and More.
Exercise XXIII.C Negotiating a Peace Treaty,

SECTION XXIV--Physical / Emotional Abuse Victim.

Exercise XXIV.A Letter of Empowerment.
Exercise XXIV.B My Thoughts and Feelings.
Exercise XXIV.C Take the First Step.

SECTION XXV--Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Exercise XXV.A Effects of Chronic or Long- Term Trauma / Stress.
Exercise XXV.B Impact of Frightening or Dangerous Event.

SECTION XXVI--Psychoticism.

Exercise XXVI.A Recognizing Early Warning Signs.


Exercise XXVII.A Airing Your Grievances.
Exercise XXVII.B Home by Another Name.
Exercise XXVII.C Undercover Assignment.

SECTION XXVIII--School Violence.

Exercise XXVIII.A My Pent- Up Anger at School.
Exercise XXVIII.B School Violence Incident Report.

SECTION XXIX--Sexual Abuse Perpetrator.

Exercise XXIX.A Getting Started.
Exercise XXIX.B Opening the Door to Forgiveness.
Exercise XXIX.C Your Feelings and Beyond.

SECTION XXX--Sexual Abuse Victim.

Exercise XXX.A Letter of Forgiveness.
Exercise XXX.B My Story.
Exercise XXX.C You Are Not Alone.

SECTION XXXI--Sexual Acting Out.

Exercise XXXI.A Connecting Sexual Behavior with Needs.
Exercise XXXI.B Looking Closer at My Sexual Behavior.

SECTION XXXII--Sexual Identity Confusion.

Exercise XXXII.A Parents' Thoughts and Feelings About Son / Daughter's Sexual Orientation.
Exercise XXXII.B Unsure.

SECTION XXXIII--Social Phobia / Shyness.

Exercise XXXIII.A Greeting Peers.
Exercise XXXIII.B Reach Out and Call.
Exercise XXXIII.C Show Your Strengths.

SECTION XXXIV--Specifi c Phobia.

Exercise XXXIV.A Gradually Facing a Phobic Fear.
Exercise XXXIV.B School Fear Reduction.

SECTION XXXV--Suicidal Ideation.

Exercise XXXV.A No Self- Harm Contract.
Exercise XXXV.B Renewed Hope.
Exercise XXXV.C Symbols of Self- Worth.

Appendix: Alternate Assignments for Presenting Problems.
About the CD- ROM.

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