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Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner II - With CD

Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner II - With CD - 03 edition

ISBN13: 978-0471274933

Cover of Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner II - With CD 03 (ISBN 978-0471274933)
ISBN13: 978-0471274933
ISBN10: 0471274933
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Published: 2003
International: No

Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner II - With CD - 03 edition

ISBN13: 978-0471274933

Arthur E. Jongsma, L. Mark Peterson and William P. McInnis

ISBN13: 978-0471274933
ISBN10: 0471274933
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Published: 2003
International: No

Table of Contents

PracticePlanners Series Preface.

Section I-Academic Underachievement.

Exercise I.A: Attitudes about Homework.
Exercise I.B: Identify Steps to Improve School Performance.

Section II-Adoption.

Exercise II.A: Beginning a Search for Birth Parents.
Exercise II.B: Considering a Search for Birth Parents.
Exercise II.C: My Child's Search for Birth Parents.

Section III-Anger Management.

Exercise III.A: Anger Checklist.
Exercise III.B: Recognize the Early Signs of Anger.

Section IV-Anxiety.

Exercise IV.A: Tools for Anxiety.
Exercise IV.B: What Makes Me Anxious.

Section V-Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Exercise V.A: Channel Your Energy in a Positive Direction.
Exercise V.B: Evaluating Medication Effects.
Exercise V.C: Frustrating Symptoms of ADHD.

Section VI-Autism/Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

Exercise VI.A: Moving toward Independence.
Exercise VI.B: Progress: Past, Present, and Future.

Section VII-Blended Family.

Exercise VII.A: Assessing the Fami ly-Present and Future.
Exercise VII.B: Interaction as a Family.

Section VIII-Chemical Dependence.

Exercise VIII.A: Saying Goodbye to My Drug.
Exercise VIII.B: The Many Changes Necessary for Recovery.

Section IX-Conduct Disorder/Delinquency.

Exercise IX.A: Catch Your Teen Being Responsible.
Exercise IX.B: How My Behavior Hurts Others.
Exercise IX.C: Letter to Absent or Uninvolved Parent.

Section X-Depression.

Exercise X.A: Home, School, and Community Activities I Enjoyed.
Exercise X.B: Overcoming Helplessness and Hopelessness.

Section XI-Divorce Reaction.

Exercise XI.A: Impact of Parents' Separation/Divorce.
Exercise XI.B: My Thoughts, Feelings, and Beliefs about Divorce.
Exercise XI.C: Stop the Fighting.

Section XII-Eating Disorder.

Exercise XII.A: Body Image.
Exercise XII.B: Plan and Eat a Meal.

Section XIII-Grief/Loss Unresolved.

Exercise XIII.A: Honoring the Anniversary of the Loss.
Exercise XIII.B: Memorial Collage.
Exercise XIII.C: Moving Closer to Resolution.

Section XIV-Low Self-Esteem.

Exercise XIV.A: Maintaining Your Self-Esteem.
Exercise XIV.B: Recognizing Your Abilities, Traits, and Accomplishments.

Section XV-Mania/Hypomania.

Exercise XV.A: Medication Resistance.
Exercise XV.B: Mood Disorders Symptom List.

Section XVI-Medical Condition.

Exercise XVI.A: Attitudes about Medication or Medical Treatment.
Exercise XVI.B: Coping with Your Illness.

Section XVII-Mental Retardation.

Exercise XVII.A: Hopes and Dreams for Your Child.
Exercise XVII.B: Supportive Services for Your Child.

Section XVIII-Negative Peer Influences.

Exercise XVIII.A: Reasons for Negative Peer Group Involvement.
Exercise XVIII.B: Resist Negative Peer Group Influences.

Section XIX-Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Exercise XIX.A: Changing School Rules.
Exercise XIX.B: Cooperative Activity.

Section XX-Parenting.

Exercise XX.A: Parenting Report Card.
Exercise XX.B: Parents Understand the Roots of Their Parenting Methods.

Section XXI-Peer/Sibling Conflict.

Exercise XXI.A: How Parents Respond to Sibling Rivalry.
Exercise XXI.B: Why I Fight with My Peers.

Section XXII-Physical/Emotional Abuse Victim.

Exercise XXII.A: Identify the Nature of the Abuse.
Exercise XXII.B: Self-Esteem Before, During, and After Abuse.

Section XXIII-Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Exercise XXIII.A: Describe Your PTSD Symptoms.
Exercise XXIII.B: Describe the Trauma and Your Feelings.

Section XXIV-Psychoticism.

Exercise XXIV.A: Describe Your Hallucinations.
Exercise XXIV.B: My Irrational Thoughts.

Section XXV-Runaway.

Exercise XXV.A: Another Place to Live.
Exercise XXV.B: Describe Life on the Run.

Section XXVI-School Violence.

Exercise XXVI.A: Plan and Evaluate a Family Activity.
Exercise XXVI.B: Reasons for Rage.

Section XXVII-Sexual Abuse Perpetrator.

Exercise XXVII.A: Celebrity Style Interview.
Exercise XXVII.B: Evaluating My Treatment Progress.

Section XXVIII-Sexual Abuse Victim.

Exercise XXVIII.A: Denial within the Family.
Exercise XXVIII.B: Negative Effects of the Abuse.
Exercise XXVIII.C: Perpetrator Apology to the Victim.

Section XXIX-Sexual Acting Out.

Exercise XXIX.A: Pros and Cons of Having Sex.
Exercise XXIX.B: Relationship between Sex and Emotional Needs.

Section XXX-Sexual Identity Confusion.

Exercise XXX.A: Disclosing Homosexual Orientation.
Exercise XXX.B: Which Gender Attracts You?

Section XXXI-Social Phobia/Shyness.

Exercise XXXI.A: Develop Conversational Skills.
Exercise XXXI.B: Observe Positive Social Behaviors.

Section XXXII-Specific Phobia.

Exercise XXXII.A: Finding a Strategy to Minimize My Fear.
Exercise XXXII.B: Parent's Response to Child's Phobia.

Section XXXIII-Suicidal Ideation.

Exercise XXXIII.A: Painful Effects of Suicide.
Exercise XXXIII.B: Past and Present Hurt-Hope for the Future.

Appendix: Alternate Assignments for Presenting Problems.
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