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Advanced Mechanics of Materials

Advanced Mechanics of Materials - 2nd edition

Advanced Mechanics of Materials - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780133969610

ISBN10: 0133969614

Advanced Mechanics of Materials by Robert Cook and Warren Young - ISBN 9780133969610
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 2ND 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 1999
International: No
Advanced Mechanics of Materials by Robert Cook and Warren Young - ISBN 9780133969610

ISBN13: 9780133969610

ISBN10: 0133969614

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 2ND 99

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For a one/two-semester upper-level undergraduate/graduate-level second course in Mechanics of Materials. This text covers all topics usually treated in an advanced mechanics of materials course. Throughout, topics are treated by extending concepts and procedures of elementary mechanics of materials, assisted when necessary by advanced methods such as theory of elasticity.

NEW--Reflects recent developments in fracture mechanics and computer analysis.

NEW--Adds a review chapter.

NEW--Features new topics:

Symmetry considerations.

Rectangular plates in bending.

Plastic action in plates.

Critical speed of rotating shafts.

NEW--Expands discussions of:


The reciprocal theorem.

Semi-inverse problems in elasticity.

Thermal stress.


NEW--Reorganizes content:

Provides later coverage of theory of elasticity, thick-walled cylinders, spinning disks, plate bending, and shells of revolution.

Offers earlier coverage of energy methods, unsymmetric bending, and curved beams.

NEW--Provides 50% new/revised homework exercises.

NEW--Updates references.

Treats topics by going a step or two beyond elementary mechanics of materials and emphasizes the physical view -- mathematical complexity is not used where it is not needed.

Features a simple, unambiguous writing style -- with complete (yet not verbose) explanations, well-referenced formulas, and concepts grounded in practical situations where possible.

Provides 75 clearly-labeled, worked example problems, as well as many additional examples, shorter explanations, and calculations.

Uses notation commonly found in advanced texts and papers about the subject addressed.

Includes an abundance of homework exercises (670 total), varied in type and difficulty -- many multi-part.

Includes a chapter on collapse analysis of beams and frames.

Covers plastic conditions in torsion, thick-walled cylinders, and plates in bending.

Discusses the variety and frequent subtlety of buckling problems to show that buckling may be local or global and that buckling may or may not indicate collapse.

Uses superposition methods to treat discontinuity problems in shells of revolution, such as stresses where an end cap is joined to a cylindrical pressure vessel.

Introduces sectorial area, and uses it in certain problems of shear center and restraint of warping in torsion.

Author Bio

Cook, Robert : University of Wisconsin

Young, Warren : University of Wisconsin

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Orientation, Review of Elementary Mechanics of Materials.
2. Stress, Principal Stresses, Strain Energy.
3. Failure and Failure Criteria.
4. Applications of Energy Methods.
5. Beams on an Elastic Foundation.
6. Curved Beams.
7. Elements of Theory of Elasticity.
8. Pressurized Cylinders and Spinning Disks.
9. Torsion.
10. Unsymmetric Bending and Shear Center.
11. Plasticity in Structural Members. Collapse Analysis.
12. Plate Bending.
13. Shells of Revolution with Axisymmetric Loads.
14. Buckling and Instability.

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Advanced Mechanics of Materials by Robert D. Cook - ISBN 9780023246203
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