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Advanced Practice in Human Service Agencies : Issues, Trends, and Treatment Perspectives

Advanced Practice in Human Service Agencies : Issues, Trends, and Treatment Perspectives - 99 edition

Advanced Practice in Human Service Agencies : Issues, Trends, and Treatment Perspectives - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780534348113

ISBN10: 0534348114

Advanced Practice in Human Service Agencies : Issues, Trends, and Treatment Perspectives by Lupe Alle-Corliss and Randy Alle-Corliss - ISBN 9780534348113
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
Published: 1999
International: No
Advanced Practice in Human Service Agencies : Issues, Trends, and Treatment Perspectives by Lupe Alle-Corliss and Randy Alle-Corliss - ISBN 9780534348113

ISBN13: 9780534348113

ISBN10: 0534348114

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 99

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This valuable book addresses the practical hands-on field experience that every student in human services is required to explore. The authors go beyond providing a basic orientation to field course work to zero in on more in-depth skills that the advanced student must master, such as what models of therapy apply to different client populations. A journal-type format with an emphasis on self-awareness makes this book an especially useful tool, whether the student is in the classroom or out in the field in a human service agency.

  • Separate chapters on working with individuals, groups, families, communities and organizations, make this appropriate for generalist practice courses.
  • The authors devote a chapter to the increasingly important issue of diversity within the helping professions.
  • The book contains a chapter that looks at the ethical and legal issues that arise in a human service practice. Problems highlighted in scenarios give students clear-cut examples of ethical dilemmas.
  • The textbook offers clinical perspectives in HMO settings, a practice that is emerging today.
  • Written in a comfortable, easy-to-read style, the text offers very hands-on, practical material for advanced students.
  • A review of each topic is presented in the beginning of every chapter, followed by detailed discussion of effective interventions and treatment considerations.
  • Case applications and exercises are included to give some real life examples to concepts being explored in the internship or beginning practice.
  • The authors offer a unique framework, covering the various levels of care a beginning helping professional might encounter.
  • The authors, who are professors as well as practicing therapists in a managed-care facility, use the theme of self-awareness to help students develop skills they can use in their own lives and apply to practice.
  • The book, intended to be used in the field, is structured in a journal format with perforated pages, so it can become a true tool in courses away from the classroom.
  • The voice of experience in the field can be heard throughout the chapters as the authors bring their combination of teaching skills and hands-on experience to their writing.
  • This book can be shrink-wrapped with the Alle-Corliss' first textbook, Human Service Agencies: An Orientation to Fieldwork. Users of the first book wanted a continuation of its ideas but aimed toward more advanced students, with a more clinical, practice-oriented focus.

"In describing this book to a colleague, I would state that there is a very valuable text soon to be released that we would need to order. I believe this text will be a very valuable tool. I will definitely adopt this book because I believe that it includes well-written, accurate, valuable material for advanced human services students."

"This book would provide students and instructors with a knowledge base, applied practice in fieldwork, and an emphasis on diversity. It is well written, researched and structured. The writing style is professional yet comfortable to read and flows smoothly from one topic to another. . . very pleased with the seventh chapter on ethical and legal issues which now includes information on Codes of Ethics. The problem related areas/vignettes provide a concrete application of ethical dilemmas and issues which are sometimes seen as abstract to students."

Author Bio

Alle-Corliss, Lupe A. : California State University - Fullerton and California State University - San Bernardino

A husband and wife team, Randy and Lupe both possess the wonderful combination of teaching skills and hands-on experience (therapists at HMO, Kaiser Permanente). Lupe has a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California, and is a member of the Society of Clinical Social Workers.

Alle-Corliss, Randall M. : California State University - Fullerton

A husband and wife team, Randy and Lupe both possess the wonderful combination of teaching skills and hands-on experience (therapists at HMO, Kaiser Permanente). Randy is an active member of NOHSE (National Organization of Human Service Educators) as well as the Society for Clinical Social Workers.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Maintaining a Balance: Awareness, Knowledge and Skills.
The Need for Self-Awareness.
The Importance of a Solid Knowledge Base.
Skill Development and Application.
Practice Issues.
The Helper's Role in a Clinical Capacity.
Practice in a Variety of Agency Settings.
Key Ingredients for a Successful Fieldwork Experience.
The Importance of Supervision.
Supervisory Roles, Functions, and Responsibilities.
The Supervisory Relationship.
The Challenges of Supervision within Agency Settings.
Group Supervision.
The Role of the Preceptor, Faculty Liaison, and Fieldwork Instructor.
The Value of Various Learning Methods.
The Benefits of Peer Review and Case Conferences.
Concluding Exercises.


Essential Aspects of Practice.
The Personhood of the Helper.
Communication Techniques.
Multicultural and Gender Issues and Communication.
Interviewing Skills.
Building Core Communication Skills.
Developing Treatment Interventions.
The Role of Theory in Practice.
Challenges of Practice.
Personal Challenges.
Organizational Challenges.
Environmental Challenges.
Interpersonal and Professional Relationships.
Surviving as a Human Service Practitioner.
Preventing Encapsulation and Burnout.
Advantages of Working in Agencies.
Concluding Exercises.


Varied Theoretical Orientations within a Micro Focus.
Choosing a Theoretical Orientation.
Analytic Approaches.
Experiential and Relationship-Oriented Approaches.
Action Approaches.
Systems Perspective.
Use of Multiple Interventions: An "Integrative" Approach.
Different Treatment Modalities.
Crisis Intervention.
Brief Treatment Perspectives.
Long Term Treatment.
Case Management.
Developing Your Own Style.
Concluding Exercises.


Working with Families.
A Historical Focus.
Systems Approach.
Family Assessment.
Varied Treatment Orientations of Family Therapy.
Family Practice Modalities.
The Changing Family Life Cycle and Implications for Practice.
Working with Groups.
Purpose of Group Work.
Key Definitions.
Historical Developments of Group Practice.
Personhood of the Practitioner.
Appreciating Group Dynamics and Group Process.
Overview of Group Planning.
Ethical and Legal Issues.
Diversity Issues in Group Work.
Varied Group Treatment Modalities.
Profiles of Specialized Groups.
Specific Considerations for Conducting Group Work in Agency Settings.
Concluding Exercises.


Working with Organizations and Communities.
Macro Practice Defined.
The Scope of Macro Practice.
A Historical Focus.
Knowledge Base.
Skill Development.
Ethical Issues.
Diversity Issues.
Concluding Exercises.


Practice Issues Related to Race, Culture, and Ethnicity.
Historical Perspectives.
Adaptation, Assimilation, and Acculturation Issues.
Cultural Variations of Family Systems and Social Supports.
Culturally Relevant Treatment Considerations.
Developmental Perspective: A Biopsychosocial Slant.
Gender Issues.
Gender Identity and Gender-Role Stereotypes.
Male-Female Similarities and Differences.
Women's Issues.
Men's Issues.
Socioeconomic Status.
The Poor.
Middle and Upper Class in America.
Sexual Orientation.
Historical Views.
Being Homosexual.
Other Areas of Diversity.
Concluding Exercises.


Ethical Decision Making.
Ethical Decision Making Models.
How to Handle Unethical Behavior.
Informed Consent.
Advanced Treatment Considerations.
Child Abuse.
Other Forms of Abuse: Elder and Dependent Adult Care.
Harm to Self and Others.
Spousal Abuse.
Additional Ethical and Legal Issues.
Dual Relationships.
Ethnic-Sensitive Practice.
Remaining True to Ethical and Legal Issues as a Practitioner.
Concluding Exercises.


Appendix A: Process Recording Form Outline 1, Matrix Format.
Appendix B: Process Recording Form Outline 2, Analytical Type.
Appendix C: Process Recording Form Outline 3, Abbreviated Format.
Appendix D: Process Recording Form Outline 4, Groups.
Appendix E: Process Recording Form Outline 5, Meetings.
Appendix F: Initial Intake.
Appendix G: Initial Evaluation, Long Version.
Appendix H: Initial Evaluation, Short Version.
Appendix I: Cultural Family Assessment.
Appendix J: Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, American Counseling Association (ACA, 1995).
Appendix K: Code of Ethics, National Association of Social Workers (NASW, 1996).
Appendix L: Ethical Standards of Human Service Professionals, National Organization for Human Service Education (NOHSE, 1995).


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