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Adventures in Social Research / With 3.5" Disk

Adventures in Social Research / With 3.5" Disk - 4th edition

Adventures in Social Research / With 3.5" Disk - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780761986768

ISBN10: 0761986766

Adventures in Social Research / With 3.5" Disk by Earl R. Babbie, Fred Halley and Jeanne Zaino - ISBN 9780761986768
Edition: 4TH 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Pine Forge Press
Published: 2000
International: No
Adventures in Social Research / With 3.5" Disk by Earl R. Babbie, Fred Halley and Jeanne Zaino - ISBN 9780761986768

ISBN13: 9780761986768

ISBN10: 0761986766

Edition: 4TH 00


Adventures in Social Research is the only book available that teaches students not only how to analyze issues in social science research using current General Social Survey data, but also how to use SPSS, the most widely used professional program. It is perfect for adding a computer skills and data analysis component to a research methods or statistics course taught in sociology, social work, criminal justice, political science, communication science, health studies, or other discipline that uses survey methods. This book builds on the national success already established by the Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 based versions of Adventures in Social Research by Babbie and Halley. It is useful for both the more experienced students who want to learn how to use the latest version of SPSS, as well as students with no experience with computers, Windows, SPSS, statistics or social research. In addition, this book provides step-by-step instructions and numerous demonstrations illustrated with more than 200 Windows screens so students always know what they should be seeing on the computer. It includes exercises and review questions, and is perfect for lab or homework assignments, which allow students to test the skills they have learned using real world data. It also enables students to analyze and write a data-based paper. As a set of optional activities, students are given their own questionnaire so that they can gather, code, enter, and analyze their own data and compare it to the GSS data already provided.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



1. Introduction
2. Theory and Research
3. The Logic of Measurement


4. Description of Your Data Sets
5. Using SPSS


6. Describing Your Data: Religiosity
7. Presenting Your Data in Graphic Form: Political Orientations
8. Cross-Tabulating Abortion Responses: Moving From Univariate to Bivariate Analysis
9. Creating Composite Measures: Exploring Attitudes Toward Abortion in More Depth
10. Suggestions for Further Univariate Analyses PART IV: BIVARIATE ANALYSIS
11. Examining the Sources of Religiosity
12. Political Orientations as Cause and as Effect
13. What Causes Different Attitudes Toward Abortion?
14. Measures of Association
15. Tests of Significance
16. Suggestions for Further Bivariate Analyses


17. Multiple Causation: Examining Religiosity in Greater Depth
18. Dissecting the Political Factor
19. A Powerful Prediction of Attitudes Toward Abortion
20. Suggestions for Further Multivariate Analyses


21. Designing and Executing Your Own Survey
22. Further Opportunities for Social Research

Appendix A The Research Proposal
Appendix B SPSS Survey Tips
Appendix C Sample Questionnaire
Appendix D The Research Report
Appendix E SPSS Commands Introduced in This Book
Appendix F Answers to Selected SPSS Lab Exercises
Appendix G Readings References Index/Glossary

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