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Africa in World History

Africa in World History - 2nd edition

Africa in World History - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780136154389

ISBN10: 0136154387

Africa in World History by Erik Gilbert - ISBN 9780136154389
Edition: 2ND 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2008
International: No
Africa in World History by Erik Gilbert - ISBN 9780136154389

ISBN13: 9780136154389

ISBN10: 0136154387

Edition: 2ND 08


This comprehensive survey is the first to provide a view of African history in the wider context of World History. The book illustrates how Africans have influenced regions beyond the continent's borders, how they have been influenced from outside, and how internal African developments can be compared and contrasted to those elsewhere in the world. Identifying and presenting key debates within the field of African history, this volume encourages students to address the many oversimplified myths regarding the continent and its people.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

PART 1 Africa up to 1500 c.e.

Chapter 1 Africa and Human Origins

Chapter 2 Physical Context of African History: Geography and Environment

Chapter 3 Settled Life: Food Production, Technology and Migrations

Chapter 4 North and Northeast Africa in Early World History

Chapter5 Africa and the Early Christian World

Chapter 6 North and West Africa and the Spread of Islam

Chapter 7 East Africa and the Advent of Islam

PART 2 Africa Since 1500 C.E.

Chapter 8 Slavery and the Creation of the Atlantic World

Chapter 9 West and West-Central Africa: 1500-1880

Chapter 10 North Africa and the Soudan: 1500-1880

Chapter 11 East Africa, 1500-1850

Chapter 12 Southern Africa, 1500-1870

Chapter 13 Colonialism and African Resistance

Chapter 14 Economic Change in Modern Africa: Forced Integration into the World System

Chapter 15 Political Change in the Time of Colonialism

Chapter 16 African Culture in the Modern World

Chapter 17 Politics in the Era of Decolonization and Independence

Chapter 18 Contemporary Africa

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