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Album - With In-Text Audio CDs

Album - With In-Text Audio CDs - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 978-0618512904

Cover of Album - With In-Text Audio CDs 3RD 05 (ISBN 978-0618512904)
ISBN13: 978-0618512904
ISBN10: 061851290X
Edition: 3RD 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Published: 2005
International: No

Album - With In-Text Audio CDs - 3RD 05 edition

ISBN13: 978-0618512904

Joy Renjilian-Burgy and Rebecca Valette

ISBN13: 978-0618512904
ISBN10: 061851290X
Edition: 3RD 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Published: 2005
International: No

This best-selling reader is designed to transition students from reading highly controlled elementary-level materials to appreciating authentic literature. Written primarily in the twentieth century by authors from Spain, Latin America, and the United States, the 29 short stories in Album appear in order of increasing difficulty. Many features, including generous notes and glosses and a range of varied activities, aid comprehension, encourage oral and written self-expression, and promote cooperative learning, as well as critical thinking about the selections.

  • New! A lively design and new art enhance the text's visual appeal, while a new world map helps students situate Spanish-speaking countries in a global context.
  • Expanded! The number of selections has been increased to 29 stories--12 of which are new--and features a stronger representation of female and US Latino writers including Esmeralda Santiago, Marjorie Agosin, Antonio Benitez Rojo, Claribel Alegría, Francisco Jiménez, and Isabel Allende.
  • Revised! A range of practice reflects the new readings, with varied exercises for each selection--from comprehension checks to directed, interpretive, and comparative writing assignments, as well as pair and small group activities. This allows instructors to customize the materials to meet individual course objectives while addressing students' interests and abilities. All of the post-reading activities have been revised to elicit broader discussion and analysis, including the entirely new Comparaciones y contrastes topics, which foster critical-thinking skills and help prepare students for more advanced studies.
  • New! Two audio CDs, recorded by native speakers, feature dramatic readings of each selection in the Third Edition. Correlated to the dramatic readings, practice in the all-new Audio section assesses students' listening comprehension through a series of true/false questions.
  • Revised! Resources for enrichment and support in the Appendices have been revised and expanded. Apéndice A: Comparaciones y contrastes contains an expanded set of discussion topics that are divided into five parts: Personajes, Temas, Simbolismo/Estilo, and Ambiente, plus a new category called Perspectivas which suggests topics on which students may create their own comparative questions for analytical discussion or critical writing. Apéndice B: Al cine proposes thematically related feature-length or documentary films; Apéndice C: Términos literarios provides a bilingual list of literary terms; and Apéndice D: Respuestas de Otra vez contains the answers to the revised Otra vez activities which summarize the plot of the story.
  • New! A password-protected Instructor Web Site provides additional resources to aid classroom instruction, including the audioscript for the dramatic readings and the answer key to the Audio activities. A new Internet section in each chapter directs students to the Student Web Site for links that provide additional information about each featured author, his/her work, relevant historical events and social movements of the time period, as well as information about the country or region featured in the work or in which the writer resides.

Table of Contents

1. Una carta a Dios, Gregorio López y Fuentes, México
2. La mala racha, Eduardo Galeano, Uruguay
3. Preguntas, Esmeralda Santiago, USA: Puerto Rico
4. Sala de espera, Enrique Anderson Imbert, Argentina
5. Emma, Marjorie Agosin, USA/Chile
6. Noche de fuga, María Manuela Dolón, España
7. El nacimiento de la col, Rubén Darío, Nicaragua
8. El tiempo borra, Javier de Viana, Uruguay
9. El general Rueda, Nellie Campobello, México
10. Leyenda, Jorge Luis Borges, Argentina
11. El nieto, Antonio Benítez Rojo, Cuba/USA
12. Apocalipsis, Marco Denevi, Argentina
13. La abuelita y el Puente de Oro, Claribel Alegría, El Salvador/Nicaragua
14. Prisa, Octavio Paz, México
15. La conciencia, Ana María Matute, España
16. El hijo, Horacio Quiroga, Uruguay
17. Cajas de cartón, Francisco Jiménez, USA: Chicano
18. La vieja casona, Julieta Pinto, Costa Rica
19. Al correr los años, Miguel de Unamuno, España
20. El Beso de la Patria, Sonia Rivera-Valdés, Cuba/USA
21. Mi caballo mago, Sabine Ulibarrí, USA: Chicano
22. Casa tomada, Julio Cortázar, Argentina
23. Bernardino, Ana María Matute, España
24. Un día de estos, Gabriel García Márquez, Colombia
25. Un perro, un niño, la noche, Amalia Rendic, Chile
26. Continuidad de los parques, Julio Cortázar, Argentina
27. No oyes ladrar los perros, Juan Rulfo, México
28. Las medias rojas, Emilia Rardo Bazán, España
29. Dos palabras, Isabel Allende, Chile/USA
Apéndice A. Comparaciones y contrastes
Apéndice B. Términos literarios
Apéndice C. Expresiones cinematográficas
Apéndice D. Respuestas de Resumen
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