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America: Narrative History, Brief - Volume Two

America: Narrative History, Brief - Volume Two - 9th edition

America: Narrative History, Brief - Volume Two - 9th edition

ISBN13: 9780393912678

ISBN10: 0393912671

America: Narrative History, Brief - Volume Two by George Brown Tindall - ISBN 9780393912678
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 9TH 13
Copyright: 2013
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co.
Published: 2013
International: No
America: Narrative History, Brief - Volume Two by George Brown Tindall - ISBN 9780393912678

ISBN13: 9780393912678

ISBN10: 0393912671

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 9TH 13

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America has sold more than 1.8 million copies over the past eight editions because it's a book that students enjoy reading. Effective storytelling, colorful anecdotes, and biographical sketches make the narrative absorbing and the material more memorable. The Brief Ninth Edition is 20% shorter, and includes refreshed and updated coverage of African American history, and has been streamlined from 37 to 34 chapters.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Maps xiii

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xix

17 Reconstruction: North and South 538

The War's Aftermath 539

The Battle Over Political Reconstruction 543

Reconstructing the South 549

The Reconstructed South 553

The Grant Years 560

Part 5 Growing Pains

18 Big Business and Organized Labor 577

The Rise of Big Business 577

Entrepreneurs 584

The Working Class 589

19 The South and the West Transformed 606

The Myth of the New South 607

The New West 612

20 The Emergence of Urban America 628

America's Move to Town 629

The New Immigration 634

Popular Culture 639

Education and Social Thought 646

21 Gilded Age Politics and Agrarian Revolt 652

Paradoxical Politics 653

Corruption and Reform: Hayes to Harrison 656

The Farm Problem and Agrarian Protest Movements 665

The Economy and the Silver Solution 670

Race Relations During

The 1890s 676

Part 6 Modern America

22 Seizing an American Empire 693

Toward the New Imperialism 694

Expansion in the Pacific 695

The War of 1898 698

Imperial Rivalries in East Asia 708

Big-Stick Diplomacy 709

23 ''Making the World Over'': The Progressive Era 718

Elements of Reform 719

The Social Gospel 721

Early Efforts at Urban Reform 722

Features of Progressive 725

Roosevelt's Progressivism 731

Roosevelt's Second Term 733

From Roosevelt to Taft 737

Woodrow Wilson's Progressivism 741

Limits of Progressivism 753

24 America and the Great War 756

Wilson and Foreign Affairs 756

An Uneasy Neutrality 759

America's Entry into the War 767

America at War 772

The Fight for the Peace 777

Lurching From War to Peace 784

25 The Modern Temper 790

The Reactionary Twenties 792

The ''Jazz Age'' During the ''Roaring Twenties'' 800

Mass Culture 810

The Modernist Revolt 815

26 Republican Resurgence and Decline 822

''Normalcy'' 823

Isolationism in Foreign Affairs 827

The Harding Scandals 831

The New Era 835

President Hoover, the Engineer 839

Global Concerns 850

From Hooverism to the New Deal 851

27 New Deal America 858

Regulatory Efforts 862

The Social Cost of the Depression 864

The New Deal Matures 870

Roosevelt's Second Term 878

The Legacy of the New Deal 883

28 The Second World War 888

From Isolationism to Intervention 888

Foreign Crises 889

War Clouds 895

The Storm in Europe 896

The Storm in the Pacific 901

A World War 905

Mobilization at Home 907

Social Effects of the War 910

The Allied Drive Toward Berlin 916

Leapfrogging to Tokyo 924

A New Age is Born 925

The Final Ledger 936

Part 7 The American Age

29 The Fair Deal and Containment 945

Demobilization Under Truman 946

The Cold War 949

Civil Rights During the 1940s 957

The Cold War Heats Up 963

30 The 1950s: Affluence and Anxiety in An Atomic Age 974

A People of Plenty 975

A Conformist Culture 982

Cracks in the Picture Window 984

Alienation and Liberation 984

Moderate Republicanism-The Eisenhower Years 987

The Early Years of the Civil Rights Movement 992

Foreign Policy in the 1950s 998

Foreign Interventions 1001

Reflection and Foreign Crises 1005

Festering Problems Abroad 1009

Assessing the Eisenhower Presidency 1010

31 New Frontiers: Politics and Social Change in the 1960s 1014

The New Frontier 1014

Expansion of the Civil Rights Movement 1019

Foreign Frontiers 1025

Lyndon B. Johnson and the Great Society 1028

From Civil Rights to Black Power 1036

The Tragedy of Vietnam 1040

Sixties Crescendo 1046

32 Rebellion and Reaction: The 1960s and 1970s 1052

The Roots of Rebellion 1053

Nixon and Middle America 1064

Nixon and Vietnam 1070

Nixon Triumphant 1072

Watergate 1078

An Unelected President 1083

33 A Conservative Realignment: 1977-1990 1090

The Carter Presidency 1091

The Reagan Revolution 1098

Reagan's First Term 1103

Reagan's Second Term 1108

The Changing Social Landscape 1111

The Bush Administration 1118

Cultural Conservatism 1125

34 America in a New Millennium 1128

America's Changing Mosaic 1129

Bush to Clinton 1130

Domestic Policy in Clinton's First Term 1133

Republican Insurgency 1135

The Clinton Years at Home 1138

Foreign-Policy Challenges 1142

The Election of 2000 1144

Compassionate Conservatism 1146

Global Terrorism 1147

Second-Term Blues 1155

A Historic Election 1158

Obama's First Term 1160

Glossary A1

Appendix A59

The Declaration of Independence A61

Articles of Confederation A66

The Constitution of the United States A74

Amendments to the Constitution A86

Presidential Elections A96

Admission of States A104

Population of the United States A105

Immigration to the United States, Fiscal Years 1820-2011 A106

Immigration by Region and Selected Country of Last Residence, Fiscal Years 1820-2011 A108

Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Secretaries of State A117

Further Readings A123

Credits A137

Index A141

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