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American Political Ideas and Realities

American Political Ideas and Realities - 00 edition

ISBN13: 978-0321029461

Cover of American Political Ideas and Realities 00 (ISBN 978-0321029461)
ISBN13: 978-0321029461
ISBN10: 0321029461
Edition: 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Longman, Inc.
Published: 2000
International: No

American Political Ideas and Realities - 00 edition

ISBN13: 978-0321029461

Peter Woll and Stephen Rockwell

ISBN13: 978-0321029461
ISBN10: 0321029461
Edition: 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Longman, Inc.
Published: 2000
International: No

This unique new reader moves beyond traditional readers by demonstrating the disparity between democratic ideals and the real dynamics of our political institutions. Selections by top scholars and public leaders outline complexities and constraints facing government, in a framework designed to answer the kinds of basic questions that college students ask about American government. The cornerstones of each chapter are selections written by public officials that tie real-world experience to the topics discussed by scholars. This bridging of the gap between academic debate and realistic decision-making sets Ideals and Realities apart, giving students insight into both the world of academic debate and the world of public service.

Table of Contents

1. Conflict and Governance: Does Politics Have to be so Political?

Federalist 10, Federalist 51, James Madison.
The Disharmonic Policy, Samuel P. Huntington.
Power in Washington, Elliot Richardson.
The Triumph of Politics, David A. Stockman.
Boomerang, Theda Skocpol.

2. Politics and Public Debate: Why Don't the Media Just Report the Facts?

Governing with the News, Timothy E. Cook.
Public Opinion, Walter Lippmann.
Breaking the News, James Fallows.
Behind the Front Page, David S. Broder.

3. Bureaucracy and Administration: Why is Running a Government Tougher than Running a Business?

The Bureaucracy: The Constitutional Ideal and the Reality, Peter Woll.
Bureaucracy: What Government Agencies Do and Why They Do It, James Q. Wilson.
Regulation in Perspective, Michael D. Reagan.
The Day After an AIDS Vaccine is Discovered: Management Matters, Martin A. Levin.
The Politics of AIDS, Sandra Truman.

4. The Separation of Powers: How Independent is the Judiciary?

The American Supreme Court, Robert G. McCloskey.
Courts, Congress, and the Challenges of Goverance, Robert A. Katzmann.
A Perspective on the Court, Lawrence Baum.
The Supreme Court Years, Earl Warren.

5. The Separation of Church and State: Must Public Duty Replace Private Belief?

Religious Belief and Public Morality: A Catholic Governor's Perspective, Mario Cuomo.
Religion in Public Life: A Dilemma for Democracy, Ronald F. Thiemann.
The Culture of Disbelief: How American Law and Politics Trivialize Religious Devotion, Stephen L. Carter.
Abortion: The Clash of Absolutes, Laurence H. Tribe.

6. Campaign Finance: Why Is A Free Country So Expensive?

The Gilded Dome, Greg D. Kubiak.
Honest Graft, Brooks Jackson.
Campaign Finance Reform: Faculty Assumptions and Undemocratic Consequences, Bradley A. Smith.
Bare Knuckles and Back Rooms, Ed Rollins.
Time Present, Time Past, Bill Bradley.

7. Foreign Policy: What's the "Right" Thing To Do, and How Do We Do It?

Diplomacy, Henry Kissinger.
Foreign Policy and Domestic Circumstances, David Gergen.
Why We Need an Incoherent Foreign Policy, Edward N. Luttwak.
To End a War, Richard C. Holbrooke.

8. Civil Society and Community: Who Are We and What Do We Want From Each Other?

Individualism, Self-Interest, and Community, Alexis De Tocqueville.
The De-Valuing of America, William J. Bennett.
American Exceptionalism, Seymour Martin Lipset.
The New Telecommunications Technology: Endless Frontier or the End of Democracy? Benjamin R. Barber.
The Electronic Republic, Lawrence K, Grossman.

9. Pluralism, Diversity, and Immigration: How Do We All Get Along?

Ethnic Pluralism in American Thought and Practice, John Higham.
America in Black and White, Stephen Thernstrom and Abigail Thernstrom.
The Open Society, Peter H. Schuck.
The Debate on Aliens Flares Beyond the Melting Pot, Nathan Glazer.
The Struggle for Indian Civil Rights, W. Richard West, Jr. and Ken Grover.
Tolerating Intolerance in American Politics, Peter Skerry.

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