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American Politics and Society

American Politics and Society - 6th edition

American Politics and Society - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9781405126038

ISBN10: 1405126035

American Politics and Society by David H. McKay - ISBN 9781405126038
Edition: 6TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
Published: 2005
International: No
American Politics and Society by David H. McKay - ISBN 9781405126038

ISBN13: 9781405126038

ISBN10: 1405126035

Edition: 6TH 05

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Completely revised and updated to take full account of the most recent and dramatic changes in the nature of American government, the sixth edition provides a clear and concise introduction to US politics for all students of political science and American studies. It explains, analyses and interprets the processes of US government and, crucially, appraises them from a non-US perspective. As before McKay fills in the social background to American political and economic life, preparing the ground for the central discussion of the book: the institutions of the federal government, Congress, the Supreme Court and the Constitution, the federal system, the Presidency, the party bandwagons and the electoral system. While maintaining the general structure of the fifth edition, much has changed. There is a reduced emphasis on limited government, and a greater emphasis on foreign and domestic policy linked into the War on Terror. Amongst other things the introduction and conclusion have been strengthened to make the theme and content of the book clearer, and the author uses a lively style with today's student in mind. Throughout, McKay provides an up-to-date survey of the views and criticisms of leading political commentators on the American scene, including commentary on the 2004 presidential election. His considerable writing and teaching experience and the benefits of extensive road-testing with students have been brought to bear on this new edition, including its presentation of illustrative material such as the controversies used as case studies. The chapters have also been reworked to reflect recent developments, with two completely new chapters on The Media and American Politics, and The Security State. The book is supported by a website including information on the book; its detailed contents; the author; controversies; sample chapters; related titles; and links to other web resources. It will be regularly updated to ensure teachers and students have access to the most recent data:

Author Bio

David McKay is Professor of Government at the University of Essex.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Preface to the Sixth Edition


1. Limited Versus Active Government in an Uncertain Age The Chapters to Come

2 Beliefs, Values and American Society The Nature of American Beliefs and Values Values and American Society Social Structure

3. Constitutional Government Origins: A Unique Experiment The American Constitution Ratification The Adaptive Constitution Assessing the Constitution

4. Federalism: Why the States Still Matter Federalism in Theory and Practice The Evolution of American Federalism Fiscal Federalism: the Rise and Fall of the Federal Role A Changing Court Role? The Pressure for National Standards American Federalism Under Pressure

5. The Changing Role of Political Parties The Functions of Parties Crisis and Change in the American Party System Party Decline Explaining Party Change After 2000 - Political Party Revival?

6. Elections and Political Participation Patterns of American Electoral Behaviour The Modern American Voter Model and the New Deal Coalition The Decline of Partisanship and the New Deal Coalition: the 1960s to 1990s Electoral Politics After 2000 Non-electoral Political Participation

7. The Media and American Politics Media organization and structure News, Bias and Political Information Censorship and Control The Media and American Democracy

8. US Legislators and Their Constituents Representation and Congress Congressional Elections Legislators as Rational Actors The Work of Members of Congress Conclusions

9. Congress as Legislature: Functions and Powers The Functions of Congress The Structure of Power in Congress Congress under Fire The Rise of Part Ideology Reform and Change in Congress Can the New Ideological Congress Lead?

10. The Presidency Formal Sources of Power Informal Powers The Presidency in Crisis The Presidency in a Changing America Presidential Abuse of Power and the Congressional Response Presidential Resources Assessing the Presidency: Presidential Power at Home and Abroad

11. Bureaucratic Power: Federal Departments and Agencies The Federal Bureaucracy: Organization and Function The Bureaucracy: How Uncontrollable? The Inherent Power of Bureaucracy The Bureaucratic Hydra: a Uniquely American Phenomenon? Reform Attempts Concluding Remarks

12. The Security State The Rise of the Security State 9/11, The Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security Threats to Civil Liberties The Security State and American Values

13. Organized Interests: the Real Power? Interests, Groups and Lobbyists Economic Groups Professional Groups Promotional Groups Political Action Committees The Washington Lobby Interest Groups: For and Against

14. The Supreme Court and Judicial Politics The American Legal System The Supreme Court: Decision-making The Court and Political Power: the Polarised Rehnquist Court Conclusions: the Court and American Democracy

15. Regulating Morality: Civil Rights, Liberties and the Conscience Issues Introduction Regulating Public Morality Civil Liberties Equality and Civil Rights Conclusions

16. Social Policy in America: Self-reliance and State Dependence The Federal Government and Social Welfare in America: the Reluctant Provider Welfare Reforms Health Care Reforms Conclusions

17. Managing Economic Change State and Economy in the United States Ideology and Economic Policy Institutions and Economic Policy Conclusions: Economic Policy in an Age of Uncertainty

18. The American World Role The Institutional Context American Foreign Policy in the Post 9/11 Era The War on Terrorism Conclusions: Bound to Lead or

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