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American Puritans : Their Prose and Poetry

American Puritans : Their Prose and Poetry - 56 edition

American Puritans : Their Prose and Poetry - 56 edition

ISBN13: 9780231054195

ISBN10: 023105419X

American Puritans : Their Prose and Poetry by Perry Miller - ISBN 9780231054195
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 56
Copyright: 1956
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Published: 1956
International: No
American Puritans : Their Prose and Poetry by Perry Miller - ISBN 9780231054195

ISBN13: 9780231054195

ISBN10: 023105419X

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 56

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The best collection of American Puritan writings, selected by the foremost American intellectual historian of our century.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter One: History

1. Of Plymouth Plantation; William Bradford
2. A Defense of the Answer; Thomas Shepard
3. Wonder-Working Providence of Sion's Savior; Edward Johnson
4. Journal; John Winthrop
5. The Antinomian Crisis; John Winthrop
6. A General Introduction; Cotton Mather

Chapter Two: State and Society

1. A Model of Christian Charity; John Winthrop
2. Limitation of Government; John Cotton
3. Hartford Election Sermon; Thomas Hooker
4. Speech to the General Court; John Winthrop
5. The Simple Cobler of Aggawam; Nathaniel Ward
6. Nehemiah on the Wall; Jonathan Mitchell
7. New England's True Interest; William Stoughton
8. The Happiness of a People; William Hubbard
9. Vindication of the Government of New England Churches; John Wise
10. A Discourse Concerning Unlimited Submission; Jonathan Mayhew

Chapter Three: This World and the Next

1. The Covenant of Grace; Thomas Shepard
2. The Lesson of the Covenant, for England and New England; Peter Bulkeley
3. A True Sight of Sin; Thomas Hooker
4. Repentant Sinners and Their Ministers; Thomas Hooker
5. Christian Calling; John Cotton
6. Man Knows Not His Time; Increase Mather
7. The Sovereign Efficacy of Divine Providence; Urian Oakes
8. Phaenomena; Samuel Sewall
9. Bonifacius; Cotton Mather
10. Concerning Ancestors; Solomon Stoddard

Chapter Four: Personal Narrative

1. Autobiography; Thomas Shepard
2. Richard Mather; Increase Mather
3. Diary; Samuel Sewall
4. The Redeemed Captive; John Williams

Chapter Five: Poetry

1. Several Poems; Anne Bradstreet
2. Meditations; Anne Bradstreet
3. The Day of Doom; Michael Wigglesworth
4. God's Controversy with New England; Michael Wigglesworth
5. A Threnodia; E.B.
6. God's Determinations Touching His Elect; Edward Taylor
7. Poems and Sacramental Meditations; Edward Taylor

Chapter Six: Literary and Educational Ideals

1. The Bay Psalm Book; Richard Mather
2. New England's First Fruits
3. The Praise of Eloquence; Michael Wigglesworth
4. Of Style; Cotton Mather