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American Rhetorical Discourse

American Rhetorical Discourse - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 978-1577663676

Cover of American Rhetorical Discourse 3RD 05 (ISBN 978-1577663676)
ISBN13: 978-1577663676
ISBN10: 1577663675

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Waveland Press, Inc.
Published: 2005
International: No

List price: $56.95

American Rhetorical Discourse - 3RD 05 edition

ISBN13: 978-1577663676

Ronald F. Reid and James F. Klumpp

ISBN13: 978-1577663676
ISBN10: 1577663675

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Waveland Press, Inc.
Published: 2005
International: No

The most complete compendium of American oratory now available! This expansive anthology covers a broad range of discourses dealing with civic affairs. The collection reflects the diversity of speakers throughout American history. Not only do history's ''winners'' appear among the selections, but its important ''losers'' appear as well. Each of the 100 discourses is preceded by a commentary section. These editor commentaries, most useful for students who lack sufficient historical background to appreciate the context of individual discourses, are organized by first sketching the general context and then outlining the immediate situation. Enough material has been provided for students to enlarge their understanding of history, broaden their perspective of rhetorical theory and improve their own rhetorical skills, including their skills as practitioners of various kinds of Aristotelian criticism.

Table of Contents

A model of Christian charity p. 24
A brief recognition of New-England[']s errand into the wilderness p. 37
Abraham's offering up his son Isaac p. 54
Sinners in the hands of an angry god p. 65
Excerpt from Joy and salvation by Christ; his arm displayed in the Protestant cause (peace of 1763) p. 79
Declarations p. 86
Letter II in letters from a farmer in Pennsylvania to the inhabitants of the British colonies p. 92
Boston Massacre oration - March 5, 1774 p. 98
Liberty or death p. 108
Excerpt from Common sense p. 112
To the people of Pennsylvania, excerpt from letter III p. 128
Censure of John Pigg p. 133
Opening speech at the constitutional convention p. 138
Exchange at the constitutional convention regarding a proposed second convention p. 142
Closing speech at the constitutional convention p. 145
Exchange at the Virginia ratifying convention p. 148
First State of the Union address p. 174
Excerpts from Memoranda on the constitutionality of the National Bank p. 179
Farewell address p. 186
First inaugural address p. 203
The role of government in internal improvement p. 208
The protective tariff : excerpt from The American system and excerpts from South Carolina exposition and Protest (original draft) p. 213
Bunker Hill monument address p. 227
Speech at Fort Meigs p. 246
Campaigning in madison county (1823) and comments on King Andrew p. 256
Tormented by mockers p. 261
Debate before the Choctaw and Chickasaw council p. 266
Farewell to Black Hawk p. 274
The evils of intemperance p. 278
To the public p. 286
Excerpt from Abolition of negro slavery p. 291
Declaration of sentiments p. 309
Pastoral letter and response to the pastoral letter p. 315
The murder of Lovejoy p. 324
Declaration of sentiments p. 331
Protest p. 335
What to the slave is the Fourth of July? : excerpt from an Oration, at Rochester, July 5, 1852 p. 338
Webster-Hayne debate on Foot's resolution p. 346
Excerpts from Senate speeches on the compromise of 1850 p. 371
House divided p. 396
Excerpts from The Lincoln-Douglas debate at Freeport p. 407
Excerpt from The character of Washington p. 422
Cooper union address p. 426
First inaugural address p. 442
First inaugural address p. 448
Gettysburg Address p. 456
Second inaugural address p. 460
Congressional debate over reconstruction policy p. 463
Senate speech introducing and excerpts from The Senate debate on the Fifteenth aAmendment p. 479
The new south p. 492
Excerpt from Oration on the life, character and public service of the Hon. John C. Calhoun p. 501
Cotton states exposition address p. 504
Or Mr. Booker T. Washington and others p. 509
Acres of diamonds p. 520
Standard Oil and foreign missions p. 534
The forgotten man (abridged) p. 544
Wealth p. 559
Old-time political speeches p. 568
Populist songs : ''the independent man'' and ''good-bye, my party, good-bye'' p. 572
Cross of gold p. 577
The man with the muck rake p. 586
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