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Analysis of Biological Development

Analysis of Biological Development - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 978-0070920378

Cover of Analysis of Biological Development 2ND 01 (ISBN 978-0070920378)
ISBN13: 978-0070920378
ISBN10: 0070920370
Edition: 2ND 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
Published: 2001
International: No

Analysis of Biological Development - 2ND 01 edition

ISBN13: 978-0070920378

Klaus O. Kalthoff

ISBN13: 978-0070920378
ISBN10: 0070920370
Edition: 2ND 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
Published: 2001
International: No

This text, now available in FULL COLOR, presents developmental biology as an ongoing process of enquiry, giving students a sense of the ways developmental biologists gain knowledge and a taste of the challenges ahead. The first part of the text focuses on the classical methods of analysis and the stages of embryonic development from gametogenesis to histogenesis. Part Two introduces the genetic and molecular analysis of development. The final part combines classical and modern types of analysis towards the investigation of long standing problems in development. Key experiments are described throughout to reinforce the relationship between scientific models and experimental data.

  • Significant Enhancements to New Edition:

- Full-color line art
- New chapter on the evolutionary theory of senescence and some of its proximate causes
- Complete updating of the research and discoveries in this fast-paced field
- Cell adhesion and extracellular matrix chapters combined and moved to Part One where they fit more naturally with gastrulation and organogenesis
- New Critical Thinking Questions follow the discussion of key experiments and test the students' understanding of the analytical process
- A robust new website with jpeg files for all line art and tables, access to movies and animations of interest to the developmental biologist, content updates, and exam questions.

  • An approach to developmental biology that recognizes the importance of classical and modern methods of analysis.
  • Chapter organization that recognizes the chronological order of developmental events, from gametogenesis to histogenesis.
  • A textbook explicitly designed and written for today's students:

--A teaching philosophy espousing science as a dynamic process for gaining understanding, rather than an overload of facts and results.
--Readable, concise and modern.
--An emphasis on Principles, the major developmental mechanisms (12 integrated in text ); Strategies, the fundamental experimental procedures used in developmental biology (7 integrated in text); and Methods, the labaratory tools most commonly used in developmental biology (11 Methods Boxes). The emphasis on recurring Principles, Stategies and Methods provides a sense of continuity and structure for the student faced with a plethora of new details and results.

  • Descriptions of experiments designed to test basic hypothesis on development are integrated throughout the text. Short explanations of key research methods are found in ''methods'' boxes.
  • A wide variety of organisms are used as illustrative examples, including those that lend themselves to genetic analysis.
  • Comprehensive treatment of growth control and cancer.
  • A complete chapter on plant pattern formation.

Author Bio

Kalthoff, Klaus O. : University of Texas at Austin

Table of Contents

Part I From Gametogenesis to Histogenesis

1 Analysis of Development
2 The Role of Cells in Development
3 Gametogenesis
4 Fertilization
5 Cleavage
6 Cell Fate, Potency and Determination
7 Genomic Equivalence and the Cytoplasmic Environment
8 Localized Cytoplasmic Determinants
9 Axis Formation and Mesoderm Induction
10 Gastrulation
11 Cell Adhesion and Morphogenesis
12 Neurulation and Axis Induction
13 Ectodermal Organs
14 Endodermal and Mesodermal Organs

Part II Control of Gene Expression in Development

15 The Use of Mutants and Transgenic Organisms in the Analysis of Development
16 Transcriptional Control
17 RNA Processing
18 Translational Control and Posttranslational Modifications
19 Genetic and Paragenetic Information

Part III Selected Topics in Developmental Biology

20 Cell Differentiation
21 Pattern Formation and Embryonic Fields
22 Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Pattern Formation in the Drosophila Embryo
23 The Role of Hox Genes in Vertebrate Development
24 Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Pattern Formation in Plants
25 Experimental and Genetic Analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans Development
26 Sex Determination
27 Hormonal Control of Development
28 Organismic Growth and Oncogenes
29 Senescence

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