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Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English

Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 978-0195420784

Cover of Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English 3RD 05 (ISBN 978-0195420784)
ISBN13: 978-0195420784
ISBN10: 0195420780
Edition: 3RD 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Oxford Canada
Published: 2005
International: No

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Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English - 3RD 05 edition

ISBN13: 978-0195420784

Daniel David Moses and Terry Eds. Goldie

ISBN13: 978-0195420784
ISBN10: 0195420780
Edition: 3RD 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Oxford Canada
Published: 2005
International: No

This volume is a wide-ranging survey of writing in English by Canadian Native authors. Beginning with traditional songs and works by early Native writers such as Joseph Brant and John Brant-Sero, George Copway and Pauline Johnson, the anthology turns to a selection of short stories, plays, poems, and essays by contemporary writers drawn from a wide range of peoples and nations across Canada. The editors have also attempted to showcase a diversity of opinions, voices, and styles.

Table of Contents

NOTE: * indicates new author; # indicates new selection
Traditional Songs - Inuit
Orpingalik: My Breath
Aua: Magic Words
Nakasuk: Magic Words
Ivaluardjuk: Song of the Girl Who Was Turning into Stone
Netsit: Dean Man's Song
Traditional Orature - Southern First Nations
Song for Medicine Hunting
Traditional History of the Confederacy
Song for the Burning of the White Dog
Joseph Brant 1742-1807 Mohawk
Condolence Speech
George Copway 1818-1869 Ojibway
A Word to the Reader
The Life of Kah-Ge-Ga-Gah-Bowh
Catherine Soneegoh Sutton 1822-1865 Ojibway
Letter 26
*Ghandl c. 1851
In His Father's Village, Someone Was Just About To Go Out Hunting Birds
E. Pauline Johnson 1861-1913 Mohawk
The Cattle Thief
Shawdow River
The Corn Husker
The Song My Paddle Sings
We-hro's Sacrifice
John Brant-Sero 1867-1914 Mohawk
Mary Augusta Tappage 1888-c. 1978 Shuswap
Tyee--Big Chief
The Lillooets
Christmas at the Mission
At Birth
Martin Martin 1889-1976 Inuit
We, the Inuit, Are Changing
Alma Greene 1896-1984 Mohawk
From Forbidden Voice: Reflections of a Mohawk Indian
Harry Robinson 1900-1990 Okanagan
Captive in an English Circus
Marion Tuu'luq b. 1910 Inuit
A Story of Starvation
Alexander Wolfe b. 1927 Saulteaux
The Last Grass Dance
Basil H. Johnston b. 1929 Ojibway
The Prophecy
One Generation from Extinction
Is That All There Is? Tribal Literature
Rita Joe b. 1932 Micmac
Today's Learning Child
I Lost My Talk
Micmac Hieroglyphics
The Lament of Donal Marshall Jr.
Anthony Apakark Thrasher 1937-1989 Inuit
Playing with Girls is a Sin
Duke Redbird b. 1939 Chippewa
I am a Canadian
From We Are Metis
Maria Campbell b. 1940 Metis
Joseph's Justice
Richard G. Green b. 1940 Mohawk
The Last Raven
Beth Brant (Degonwadonti) b. 1941 Mohawk
A Long Story
Swimming Upstream
Grandmothers of a New World
Buffy Sainte-Marie b. 1941 Cree
Universal Soldier
My Country 'Tis of Thy People You're Dying
Now That the Buffalo's Gone
Emma Lee Warrior b. 1941 Peigan
Annharte b. 1942 Anishnabe
Coyote Trail
Raced Out to Write This Up
One Way to Keep Track of Who Is Talking
Coyote Columbus Cafe
I Want to Dance Wild Indian Black Face
#Got Something in the Eye
#Exercises in Lip Pointing
#Saskatchewan Indians Were Dancing
#I Shoulda Said Something Political
#Me Tonto Along
#Dad's Zipper
Thomas King b. 1943 Cherokee
The One About Coyote Going West
Harold Cardinal b. 1945 Cree
A Canadian What the Hell It's All About
Wayne Keon b. 1946 Ojibway
howlin at the moon
for donald marshall
i'm not in charge of this ritual
if i ever heard
#my sweet maize
#the apocalypse will begin
#replanting the heritage tree
#back in therapy
#on studying Ojibwa (the people)
#on studying Ojibwa (earth mother)
#on studying Ojibwa (great mystery)
Jeannette C. Armstrong b. 1948 Okanagan
History Lesson
For Tony
Indian Woman
Threads of Old Memory
Fire Madness
Wind Woman
Keepers Words
Blue Against White
The Disempowerment of First North American Native Peoples and Empowerment Through Their Writing
Beth Cuthand b. 1949 Cree
Shake 'N Bake
Zen Indian
He Told Me
Four Songs for the Fifth Generation
Post-Oka Kinda Woman
Lenore Keeshig-Tobias b. 1949 Anishnabe
After Oka--How Has Canada Changed?
From Tickster Beyond 1992: Our Relationship
John McLeod b. 1949 Mississauga
The Shivering Tree
Beatrice Mosionier b. 1949 Metis
From April Raintree
Lee Maracle c. 1950 Metis/Salish
Yin Chin
Sojourner's Truth
Tomson Highway b. 1951 Cree
The Lover Snake
#The Lover Snake
Alootook Ipellie b. 1951 Inuit
Summit with Sedna, the Mother of Sea Beasts
Waking Up
Journey Toward Possibilities
Walking Both Sides of an Invisible Border
Margo Kane b. 1951 Saulteaux/Cree
Duncan Mercredi b. 1951 Inninew/Cree
could be anyone but i call him syd
god shrugged and turned his back
big bear
kiskisin (i remember)
Daniel David Moses b. 1952 Delaware
The Sunbather's Fear of the Moon
The Persistance of Songs
The Line
Hotel Centrale, Rotterdam
Report on Her Remains
Some Grand River Blues
Party Favour
#Witch of Niagara
Ruby Slipperjack b. 1952 Ojibwa
Blueberry Days
*Joan Crate b. 1953
The Poetry Reading
Story teller
Encounter While Fishing
Wife of Son of the Sea
The Year of the Coyote
Sentences: At the Culls'
Loose Feathers on Stone
The Fly and I
and Thank You Card
Louise Halfe b. 1953 Cree
Pa hkahkos
She Told Me
Body Politics
Fog Inside Mama
Idylwyld Crow
My Ledders
for Omeaso
The Heat of My Grandmothers
Sharron Proulx-Turner b. 1953
a horse's nest egg is very large
Monique Mojica b. 1954 Kuna/Rappahannock
From Princess Pocahontas and the Blue Spots
Marilyn Dumont b. 1955 Cree/Metis
Squaw Poems
Let the Ponies Out
Horse-Fly Blue
Circle the Wagons
#monuments, cowboys & indians, tin cans, and red wagons
#the dimness of mothers and daughters
#jig dream
#wrapping the bundle of my dream of you
#throatsong to the four-leggeds
*Marvin Francis b. 1955
word drummer
Armand Garnet Ruffo b. 1955 Ojiway
From Grey Owl: The Mystery of Archie Belaney
Poem For Duncan Campbell Scott
Creating a Country
#Rockin' Chair Lady
#In the Sierra Blanca
#On the Line
Richard Wagamese b. 1955 Ojibway
From Keeper'n Me
*Robert Arthur Alexie b. 1956
From Porcupines and China Dolls
Paul Seesequasis b. 1958 Cree
The Republic of Tricksterism
*Joanne Arnott b. 1960
Wiles of Girlhood
If Honour is Truth
White Belly
Steepy Mountains
Dog Girl Verse
when you
Lorne Joseph Simon 1960-1994 Micmac
From Stones and Switches: The Second Coming
Connie Fife b. 1961 Cree
#I have become so many mountains
#the knowing
#dear walt
#speaking through jagged rock
#and poem for Russell
#For Matthew Shepard
#For James Byrd, Jr.
#and Witnessing
Drew Hayden Taylor b. 1962 Ojibway
Pretty Like a White Boy: The Adventures of a Blue Eyed Ojibway
Joseph A. Dandurand b. 1964 Kwantlen
#dirt of the old ones
#drunks, drifters, and fat robins
Jordan Wheeler b. 1964 Metis
A Mountain Legend
Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm b. 1965 Anishnaabe
the resurrection of desire
words for winter
Grandmother, Grandfather
Why This Woman
#river song
Gregory Scofield b. 1966 Metis
Nothing Sacred
Ayahkwew's Lodge
Cycle (of the black lizard)
Warrior Mask
#Ochim, His Kiss
#Morning in the White Room
#My Drum, His Hands
#Wastepakawi-pisim, September, The Autumn Moon
#Night Train
Randy Lundy b. 1967
Old Man and Old Woman in the Garden
The Gift of the Hawk
Eden Robinson b. 1968 Haisla/Heiltsuk
Terminal Avenue
*David Groulx b. 1969
In the Cold October Waters
Victims of Lashing Under the Hanging Sky
Wouldn't We Be Fucked
The Long Dance
Philip Kevin Paul b. 1971 WSA'NEC'
#The Bare Story of My Life
#The Cost
#Taking the Names Down from the Hills
Richard Van Camp b. 1971 Dogrib
From The Lesser Blessed
#the uranium leaking from port radium and rayrock mines is killing us
#My Fifth Step

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