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Art : Brief History -Text Only

Art : Brief History -Text Only - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 978-0131955417

Cover of Art : Brief History -Text Only 3RD 07 (ISBN 978-0131955417)
ISBN13: 978-0131955417
ISBN10: 0131955411
Edition: 3RD 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2007
International: No

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Art : Brief History -Text Only - 3RD 07 edition

ISBN13: 978-0131955417

Marilyn Stokstad

ISBN13: 978-0131955417
ISBN10: 0131955411
Edition: 3RD 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2007
International: No

For courses in Art History, World Art, Art Appreciation.

Marilyn Stokstad offers students the most student-friendly, contextual, and inclusive art history survey.

Based on the more than forty years that Marilyn Stokstad has been introducing the history of art to students and to the public, she found that the first goal of an introductory course should be to nurture an educated, enthusiastic public for the arts. She firmly believes that students and lay readers can and should enjoy their introduction to art history. Only then will they learn to appreciate art as the most tangible creation of the human imagination.

The most popular choice for the one-semester survey market, Art: A Brief History is a condensation of her best-seller, Art History.


  • How do you integrate global coverage and an inclusive point of view into your course? The global coverage throughout introduces students to the cultural ancestry of many ethnic groups and treats non-Western art on its own terms:
  • NEW! Coverage of the art of Korea and Cambodia as been added to the Asian chapters. Allows students to experience the art of other cultures.
  • NEW! Even greater depth has been added to the coverage of work by women and minorities. Additions include works by Faith Ringgold, Jacob Lawrence, and Henry Tanner, which enables students to experience art from different cultures and perspectives.
  • NEW! Strengthened treatment of American art. Full chapter on Islamic art reviewed by Jonathan Bloom, one of the leading scholars in the field. Gives students material that has been expanded and updated, in response to recent political events and upgraded interest.
  • Canadian art coverage. Gives students a text that features Canadian art-the only text on the market to do so.
  • A more inclusive point of view. Covers decorative arts and other media neglected in other survey texts such as the Raphael tapestry, timber architecture at Borgund, Georgian silver, a Homer watercolor, Bauhaus silver, digital artist Jennifer Steinkamp and electronic art. Gives students a clear sense of the diversity of artistic production.
  • How do you get your students excited about Art?
  • Stokstad offers student-friendly pedagogy, including boxed features and maps:
    • Closer Look. Examines a single work of art in some detail and enables students to see the richness of art history.
    • NEW! Looking Back. Now at the end of every chapter, provide a review that includes an illustrated timeline and a narrative summary of the chapter.
    • Looking Forward. Illustrations and essays introduce each chapter and capture the imagination of students.
    • Elements of Architectur. -A close-up and detailed look at an important architectural topic, site, or building, with superb line drawings and diagrams.
      • NEW! Maps are now included in every chapter, improved for clarity and accuracy. Helps students with the material they find most difficult.
  • NEW! Improved and updated images. Throughout, black and white images have been replaced with color wherever possible and older reproductions of uncleaned or unrestored works have also been updated whenever new and improved images were available. In some instances, details have also been added to allow for closer inspection. Almost all of the art for this edition was re-obtained from the holding institution and reproduced according to the most exacting standards of quality.
  • NEW scholarship! Reflects the latest thinking and discoveries impacting the field of art history. For example, see the recreations of familiar masterworks such as the new "colorful" Augustus of Prima Porta. Makes students aware of the dynamic nature of the discipline.
  • NEW! More images with vivid, human interest content (prehistoric clay image of a man and woman); domestic scenes (Egyptian family): and secular architecture (Chinese house model; Castle at Dover; Medici Palace).
  • Balances formalist analysis with contextual art history to support the needs of a diverse and fast-changing student population-Treats art history within the essential contexts of history, geography, sociology, politics, religion, and other arts being made at the time. Gives students a broader understanding and appreciation of art; enables instructors to have a wide variety of subject matter.
  • Reflection of the expertise, suggestions, criticisms, and contributions of a distinguished team of scholars and educators. Provides students with an exceptionally accurate text.
  • Many short, boxed, and often illustrated essays. Cover such topics as related ideas and facts, patronage, criticism, and iconography. Gives students the opportunity to explore interesting aspects of topics and artworks, allowing them to delve more deeply into the many dimensions of art history.

Table of Contents

1 Art Before the Written Word

Upper Paleolithic Art
Art in the Neolithic Period Early
Neolithic Communities Architecture
The Meaning(s) of Prehistoric Paintings
Megalithic Architecture Bronze and Iron Ages in Europe
Early Art Outside Europe

2 The Art of Mesopotamia and Egypt

Early Dynastic and Old Kingdom
The Middle Kingdom
The New Kingdom
The Late Period

3 Early Asian Art Looking Forward

The Indian Subcontinent
Gandhara and Mathura Styles
Gupta Period
Southeast Asia

4 Art of Greece and the Aegean World

The Cycladic Islands
Minoan Crete
Mycenaean (Late Bronze Age) Civilization
The Emergence of Greek Civilization
The Geometric Style The Archaic Period
The Early Classical Or Transitional Period
The "Golden Age" of Art
Late Classical Art of The Fourth Century

5 The Spread of Greek Art and Culture

The Hellenistic Greeks
The Neo-Babylonians
The Persians
The Etruscans

6 Roman Art

The Republican Period
The Age of Augustus
The Roman House and Its Decoration
The Empire
Imperial Art and Architecture
Portraits in Sculpture and Painting
The Late Empire

7 Jewish, Early Christian, and Byzantine Art

Jewish Art
Early Christianity
Early Byzantine Art
Icons and Iconoclasm
Later Byzantine Art

8 Islamic Art

Art During the Early Caliphates
Later Islamic Art
The Mughal Empire
The Ottoman Empire

9 Later Asian Art

The South Asian Subcontinent
Rajput Painting
Pictures of the Floating World

10 Early Medieval and Romanesque Art

Early Medieval Art in the British Isles and Scandinavia Carolingian Art
The Carolingian Basilica and Timber Architecture
The Monastery Painting in Christian Spain
The Ottonian Period
The Romanesque Period Architecture Architectural Decoration: Sculpture and Painting The Cloister Crafts

11 Gothic Art

Gothic Art in France
Secular Art
Gothic Art in England
Gothic Art in the Germanic Lands
Gothic Art in Italy
Italian Panel and Mural Painting

12 Early Renaissance Art

Northern Renaissance Art
Second Generation Painters
The Graphic Arts
Renaissance Art in Italy

13 Art of the High Renaissance and Reformation

Italian Art
Venice and the Veneto
Mannerist Architecture
German and English Art
The Reformation and the Arts
Netherlandish and Spanish Art

14 Art for the Counter-Reformation Church: Italy Art in the Habsburg Empire

Protestant England
The Protestant Netherlands
Art for the State: France
The Rococo Style
Art and Science

15 Art of the Americas

The Olmecs
The Maya
The Aztecs
Central America
South America: The Central Andes The Moche Culture The Inca Empire
The Aftermath of the Spanish Conquest
North America
The Southeast
The Southwest
The Eastern Woodlands and the Great Plains
The Northwest Coast

16 African Art

African Art in the Modern Era: Living Traditions and New Trends
Art and the Spirit World
Art and Power
The Masquerade

17 Neoclassicism, Romanticism, and Realism

Neoclassicism and Its Heritage
Portrait Painting
Moralized Genre Painting
Neoclassical Architecture in England and North America
Neoclassical Painting in France
Romantic Landscape Painting
Early Photography
Naturalism and Realism in Europe
Painting in the United States

18 Later Nineteenth-Century Art in Europe and the United States

Academic Art
Reactions Against the Academy
Art Nouveau
Art in the United States
Later Impressionism
Late-Nineteenth-Century French Sculpture

19 Modern Art: Europe and North America in the Early Twentieth Century

Early Modern Art in Europe
Expressionist Movements
Les Fauves
Die Brücke
Der Blaue Reiter
Responses To Cubism
Modern Art Comes to the United States
Art Between the Wars
Constructivism De Stijl Surrealism Sculpture
Art in North America
The United States
The Harlem Renaissance
The Bauhaus

20 Art Since 1945

The "Mainstream" Crosses the Atlantic
Pop Art
Minimalism/Post-Minimalism and Op Art
Conceptual and Performance Art
Earthworks and Site-Specific Art
Feminist Art
Late Modernism/Postmodernism
The Persistence of Modernism
Later Art with Social Impact
Installation and Electronic Art
American Craft Art
Public Memory and Art: The Memorial

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Cover of Art: A Brief History 4th edition

Art: A Brief History - 4th edition

ISBN13: 978-0136059097
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