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Art in Theory, 1900-1990

Art in Theory, 1900-1990 - 92 edition

Art in Theory, 1900-1990 - 92 edition

ISBN13: 9780631165750

ISBN10: 0631165754

Art in Theory, 1900-1990 by Charles Harrison - ISBN 9780631165750
Edition: 92
Copyright: 1992
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
Published: 1992
International: No
Art in Theory, 1900-1990 by Charles Harrison - ISBN 9780631165750

ISBN13: 9780631165750

ISBN10: 0631165754

Edition: 92

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This is the first scholarly anthology exclusively devoted to the art and art-critical theory of the twentieth century. It is designed to equip the student and teacher with the necessary materials for an up-to-date understanding of twentieth-century art at a time when current debates about the status of Modernism have led to an increasing interest in critical and aesthetic theories, and to a questioning of some of the traditional assumptions and limits of art history. Besides the writings of the century´s major artists, Art in Theory includes relevant texts by critics, philosophers, politicians and literary figures. It is organized into eight sections, from the legacy of Symbolism at the turn of the century to contemporary debates about the Postmodern. Each section is prefaced by a brief essay. There are introductions for all of the 300-plus texts, which serve to place theories and critical approaches in context. The result is both a comprehensive collection of documents on twentieth century art and an encyclopaedic history of relevant theory.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I: The Legacy of Symbolism:

a. Classicism and Originality.
b. Expression and the Primitive.

Part II: The Idea of the Modern World:

a. Modernity.
b. Cubism.

Part III: Rationalization and Transformation:

a. Neo-Classicism and the Call to Order.
b. Dissent and Disorder.
c. Abstraction and Form.
d. Utility and Construction.

Part IV: Freedom, Responsibility and Power:

a. The Modern as Ideal.
b. Realism as Figuration.
c. Realism as Critique.
d. Modernism as Critique.

Part V: The Individual and the Social:

a. The American Avant-Garde.
b. Individualism in Europe.
c. Art and Society.

Part VI: Modernisation and Modernism:

a. Art and Modern Life.
b. Modernist Art.

Part VII: Institutions and Objections:

a. Objecthood and Reductivism.
b. Attitudes to Form.
c. Political Aspects.
d. Critical Revisions.

Part VIII: Ideas of the Postmodern:

a. The Condition of History.
b. The Critique of Originality.
c. Figures of Difference.



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