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Aviation Psychology in Practice

Aviation Psychology in Practice - 97 edition

Aviation Psychology in Practice - 97 edition

ISBN13: 9781840141337

ISBN10: 1840141336

Aviation Psychology in Practice by Neil Johnston, Nick McDonald and Ray Fuller - ISBN 9781840141337
Edition: 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Co.
Published: 1997
International: No
Aviation Psychology in Practice by Neil Johnston, Nick McDonald and Ray Fuller - ISBN 9781840141337

ISBN13: 9781840141337

ISBN10: 1840141336


This book seeks to extend the boundaries of aviation psychology in two interrelated ways: by broadening the focus of aviation psychology beyond the flight deck to the whole aviation system, and by discussing new theoretical developments that have an impact on this applied discipline. A key feature of these theoretical advances is that they are grounded in a more developed, ecologically valid understanding of practice.

Among the issues addressed in this new integration of theory and practice are the following: what goes on in the flight deck is dependent on the wider organizational context; human factors issues in aircraft maintenance and grounding are critical to aviation safety; our capacity to learn from aviation accidents and incidents needs to be supported by more systematic human factors investigation and research; our understanding of the human factors of accident survival as well as accident prevention must be developed; theories of crew coordination and decision making must be supported by an analysis and constraints; and training should be grounded in a thoroughgoing analysis of the complexity of the job and a full understanding of the training process itself.

This book will be of interest to human factors researchers and practitioners in aviation and related areas. It has particular relevance for those who have a role in training, management or regulation throughout the aviation system.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of contributors
List of abbreviations

Applied psychology and aviation: Issues of theory and practice

Part 1, The Aviation Socio-technical System: Organizational safety culture: Implications for aviation practice

Philosophy, policies, procedures and practice: The four 'P's of flight deck operations
The management of safety on the airport ramp
Human error in aircraft maintenance
Passenger safety

Part 2, Learning from Accidents and Incidents: Investigation of human factors: The link to accident prevention

Using voluntary incident reports for human factors evaluations

Part 3, New Theoretical Models: Behaviour analysis and aviation safety

Cognitive Task Analysis in air traffic controller and aviation crew training
Aeronautical Decision Making: The next generation
Shared problem models and flight crew performance
Stress and crew performance: Challenges for aeronautical decision making training

Part 4, The Delivery of Training: Crew Resource management: Achieving enhanced flight operations

Improving aviation instruction


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