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Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals - With CD

Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals - With CD - 5th edition

Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals - With CD - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780735539754

ISBN10: 0735539758

Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals - With CD by David L. Buchbinder - ISBN 9780735539754
Edition: 5TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Aspen Law
Published: 2004
International: No
Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals - With CD by David L. Buchbinder - ISBN 9780735539754

ISBN13: 9780735539754

ISBN10: 0735539758

Edition: 5TH 04


This edition represents the best bankruptcy law text for paralegals available. Emphasizing the Bankruptcy Code Rules as they affect both consumers and business, BASIC BANKRUPSTCY LAW FOR PARALEGALS clearly shows students how to prepare debtor statements and schedules; report on debtors statements and schedules for creditors; prepare proofs of claims for creditors; assist in claims review and objection procedures for trustees; monitor debtors compliance with applicable rules; research exemptions and cramdown issues; investigate facts and documents for litigation; draft preliminary motions, complaints, briefs, and memoranda; and prepare administrative reports for trustees. With reference throughout to the latest Code amendments and rules form districts nationwide, BASIC BANKRUPTCY LAW FOR PARALEGALS offers step--by--step guidance through the paralegal's role at every stage of every bankruptcy proceeding, complete with the documents and timing involved. Abundant examples, checklists of procedures, and questions for discussion all enhance the books value as the most useful and accessible text available.The exceptional teaching package includes a separate Forms Manual to familiarize your students with the forms and documents whey will encounter in practice. In addition, a helpful Instructor's Manual gives you the benefit of the authors own classroom methods.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Pt. I History and Introduction

Ch. 1. A Short History of Bankruptcy
Ch. 2. Introduction to the Bankruptcy Code
Ch. 3. Alternatives to Bankruptcy Under State Law
Ch. 4. Filing a Petition
Ch. 5. Chapter 1 - General Provisions
Ch. 6. Useful Definitions - Section 101

Pt. II Debtor Relief

Ch. 7. Overview of Chapter 7
Ch. 8. Conversion and Dismissal
Ch. 9. Exemptions
Ch. 10. Trustees, Examiners, and Creditors Committees
Ch. 11. Preparing a Proceeding for a Trustee

Pt. III Bankruptcy Litigation

Ch. 12. The Automatic Stay - 11 U.S.C. 362
Ch. 13. Objections to Discharge and Dischargeability of Debts
Ch. 14. Property of the Estate and Turnover Complaints
Ch. 15. Avoiding Powers - Introduction
Ch. 16. Avoidable Preferences - 11 U.S.C. 547
Ch. 17. Fraudulent and Postpetition Transfers

Pt. IV Liquidation and Claims

Ch. 18. Use, Sale, or Lease of Property
Ch. 19. Executory Contracts and Leases
Ch. 20. Miscellaneous Provisions Regarding Property of the Estate
Ch. 21. Claims
Ch. 22. Administration

Pt. V Reorganization Proceedings

Ch. 23. Chapter 13: Reorganization Proceedings
Ch. 24. Chapter 11: Introduction and Administration
Ch. 25. Chapter 11: Elements of a Plan
Ch. 26. Chapter 11: Plan Confirmation
Ch. 27. Chapter 12: Reorganization Proceedings

Pt. VI Review

Ch. 28. Introduction to Courts and Jurisdiction
Ch. 29. Statements and Schedules Tutorial
Ch. 30. Researching Bankruptcy Issues

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