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Basic Practic of Statistics / With CD-ROM

Basic Practic of Statistics / With CD-ROM - 3rd edition

Basic Practic of Statistics / With CD-ROM - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780716758815

ISBN10: 0716758814

Basic Practic of Statistics / With CD-ROM by David S. Moore - ISBN 9780716758815
Edition: 3RD 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: W.H. Freeman
Published: 2004
International: No
Basic Practic of Statistics / With CD-ROM by David S. Moore - ISBN 9780716758815

ISBN13: 9780716758815

ISBN10: 0716758814

Edition: 3RD 04


You can make statistics meaningful and memorable by moving away from the stale plug-and-chug of formulas and computation and engaging students with real data, critical thinking, and judicious use of technology. That is the data analysis approach pioneered by David Moore, an approach that reinvigorated the statistics classroom. With his texts, students go beyond crunching numbers to gain a lasting understanding of how powerful a tool statistics can be.

In the #1 bestselling brief text, The Basic Practice of Statistics (BPS), Moore brings the data analysis approach to the one-term course, with an accessible, fun style that helps students with limited mathematical backgrounds utilize the same tools, techniques, and interpretive skills working statisticians rely on everyday.

Author Bio

Moore, David S. : Purdue University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Exploring Data: Variables and Distributions

1. Picturing Distributions with Graphs
New student-friendly data here (cost of college, favorite new car colors) and throughout; more
ecological and environmental examples

2. Describing Distributions with Numbers
3. Normal Distributions

Exploring Data: Relationships

4. Scatterplots and Correlation
5. Regression
Reduced attention to residuals (valuable mainly in multiple regression) simplifies material; clearer
treatment of outliers and influence--the corresponding applet is especially helpful for this topic; more
attention to association versus causation

6. Two-Way Tables

Exploring Data Review Chapter

Unified outline list of skills helps students see the part content (data analysis) as a whole;
straightforward Review Exercises and more challenging Supplementary Exercises


Producing Data

7. Producing Data: Sampling
Briefer treatment of complex samples simplifies material;
new discussion of the census undercount

8. Producing Data: Experiments

Probability and Sampling Distributions

9. Introducing Probability
Interactive applet helps students grasp the ideas;
new brief discussion of probability

10. Sampling Distributions
New: Basics of x-bar control charts and a section on control charts
11. Probability in Detail (optional)
New: Tree diagrams
12. Binomial Distributions (optional)
Includes a new "Using Technology" figure

Introducing Inference

13. Confidence Intervals: The Basics
14. Tests of Significance: The Basics
Shorter, clearer exposition in these key chapters
15. Inference in Practice
Unified discussion of real-world challenges

Exploration to Inference Review Chapter


Quantitative Response Variable

16. Inference About One Mean
17. Comparing Two Means

Categorical Response Variable

18. Inference About One Proportion
Optional: more accurate intervals through simple new methods
19. Comparing Two Proportions
Optional: more accurate intervals through simple new methods

Inference About Variables Review Chapter


20. Two Categorical Variables: Chi-Square
New: Chi-square test of fit
21. Two Quantitative Variables: Regression
22. Categorical Explanatory, Quantitative Response: ANOVA


23. Noparametric tests
24. Statistics for quality: control and capability