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Basic Technical Mathematics

Basic Technical Mathematics - 6th edition

ISBN13: 978-0201542387

Cover of Basic Technical Mathematics 6TH 95 (ISBN 978-0201542387)
ISBN13: 978-0201542387
ISBN10: 0201542382
Edition: 6TH 95
Copyright: 1995
Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Co.
Published: 1995
International: No

Basic Technical Mathematics - 6TH 95 edition

ISBN13: 978-0201542387

Allyn J. Washington

ISBN13: 978-0201542387
ISBN10: 0201542382
Edition: 6TH 95
Copyright: 1995
Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Co.
Published: 1995
International: No

Allyn J. Washington's texts are synonymous with excellence in basic technical mathematics. Meticulous attention to accuracy, step-by-step explanations, and the ability to craft realistic technical applications are the keys to his texts' success. The sixth edition of this series features a new, accessible, highly functional design that lets students study and reference material more easily. Other improvements include a greater selection of high-quality applications; more emphasis on problem-solving; and the use of modern teaching and learning methods, including graphing utilities and writing. Washington's texts are the strongest and most respected on the market, giving professors and students alike a high-quality bank of exercises along with applications that enhance learning. TechDisk, the innovative exploration and tutorial-oriented software package developed for the fifth edition, has been completely updated for the sixth edition so as to be more functional and user-friendly.

  • Improvements to the design make the text easier to read and reference.
  • A new chapter on Geometry (an important component of the course) is now included, and is presented early (chapter 2).
  • Includes Graphing Utility Exercises that use the latest technological enhancements.
  • High-quality examples and exercises, and the best quality and quantity of applications of all works of its type, having evolved over more than three decades.
  • The Writing Exercise in each chapter lets students utilize writing skills throughout the curriculum.

Table of Contents

1. Basic Algebraic Operations.
2. Geometry.
3. Functions and Graphs.
4. The Trigonometric Functions.
5. Systems of Linear Equations; Determinants.
6. Factoring and Fractions.
7. Quadratic Equations.
8. Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle.
9. Vectors and Oblique Triangles.
10. Graphs of the Trigonometric Functions.
11. Exponents and Radicals.
12. Complex Numbers.
13. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.
14. Additional Types of Equations and Systems of Equations.
15. Equations of Higher Degree.
16. Determinants and Matrices.
17. Inequalities.
18. Variation.
19. Sequences and the Binomial Theorem.
20. Additional Topics in Trigonometry.
21. Plane Analytic Geometry.
22. Introduction to Statistics and Empirical Curve Fitting.
23. The Derivative.
24. Applications of the Derivative.
25. Integration.
26. Application of Integration.
27. Differentiation of Transcendental Functions.
28. Methods of Integration.
29. Expansion of Functions in Series.
30. Differential Equations.

Supplementary Topics.

Appendix A.
Appendix B.
Appendix C.
Appendix D.

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