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Behavior and Medicine

Behavior and Medicine - 4th edition

Behavior and Medicine - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780889373051

ISBN10: 0889373051

Behavior and Medicine by D. Wedding and M. L. Stuber - ISBN 9780889373051
Edition: 4TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Hogrefe & Huber Publishers
Published: 2006
International: No
Behavior and Medicine by D. Wedding and M. L. Stuber - ISBN 9780889373051

ISBN13: 9780889373051

ISBN10: 0889373051

Edition: 4TH 06

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part 1. Mind-Body Interactions in Health and Disease

Mind, Brain, and Behavior by Daniel J. Siegel, Alex W. Siegel, & Jack B. Amiel
Families, Relationships, and Health by Margaret L. Stuber
Birth, Childhood, and Adolescence by Harsh K. Trivedi & Pamela J. Beasley
Early Adulthood and the Middle Years by Joseph D. LaBarbera, Sharon Turnbull, & Barry Nurcombe
Old Age by Randall Espinoza & Randy Mervis
Death, Dying, and Grief by John E. Ruark
Chronic Benign Pain by Laurence A. Bradley

Part 2. Patient Behavior

Stress and Illness by John E. Carr
Addictions by Thomas F. Newton
Psychodynamic Approaches to Human Behavior by Peter B. Zeldow
Facilitating Health Behavior Change by Adam Arechiga
Human Sexuality by Jeannine Rahimian, Jonathan Bergman, George R. Brown, & Salvador Ceniceros

Part 3. The Physician's Role

Medical Student and PhysicianWell-Being by Margaret L. Stuber
Working with Other Professionals, Organizations, and Communities by Iris Cohen Fineberg

Part 4. Physician-Patient Interactions

The Physician-Patient Relationship by Howard Brody
Communicating with Patients by Peter B. Zeldow & Gregory Makoul
Diagnostic Reasoning in Medicine by Barry Nurcombe
Patient Assessment by John C. Linton & Steve Cody
Recognizing and Treating Psychopathology in Primary Care by Debra Bendell Estroff & Pilar Bernal
Managing Difficult Patients by Brenda Bursch
The Humanities and the Practice of Medicine by Steven C. Schlozman

Part 5. Social and Cultural Issues in Health Care

Culturally Competent Health Care by David M. Snyder & Peter Kunstadter
Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Marc Brodsky & Ka-Kit Hui
The Impact of Social Inequalities on Health Care by Russell F. Lim, Francis G. Lu, & Donald M. Hilty

Part 6. Health Policy and Economics

Health Services in the United States by E. Andrew Balas
American Medicine is Sick by David T. Feinberg


A. Behavioral and Social Science Topics of High and Medium Priority for Inclusion in Medical School Curricula from the Institute of Medicine Report on Improving Medical Education. Enhancing the Behavioral and Social Science Content of Medical School Curricula
B. Medical Statistics & Research Design by Fredric M. Wolf
C. Abridged Directory of Humanities Resources for Medical Education and Practice by Carol C. Donley, Martin Kohn, & Steven C. Schlozman
D. USMLE Practice Questions
E. Answer Key to USMLE Practice Questions
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