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Being a Nursing Assistant - With CD

Being a Nursing Assistant - With CD - 9th edition

ISBN13: 978-0131828735

Cover of Being a Nursing Assistant - With CD 9TH 05 (ISBN 978-0131828735)
ISBN13: 978-0131828735
ISBN10: 0131828738
Edition: 9TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2005
International: No

Being a Nursing Assistant - With CD - 9TH 05 edition

ISBN13: 978-0131828735

Francie Wolgin

ISBN13: 978-0131828735
ISBN10: 0131828738
Edition: 9TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2005
International: No


  • NEW--Rationales and Charting Examples.
    • Helps students understand the "why" behind their patient care actions.
  • NEW--Additional Guidelines.
    • Helps students gain easier access to key principles of care.
  • NEW--Expanded chapter on Infection Control (Ch. 5)--Includes coverage of hand hygiene, hepatitis C, and an introduction to sterile and aseptic techniques.
  • NEW--Applying Critical Thinking--In the end-of-chapter material. Focuses on 3 key topics: Customer Service, Cultural Care, Cooperation Within the Team.
    • Helps prepare students to be successful employees, caregivers, and colleagues.
    • Reinforces the importance of recognizing and meeting the needs of individuals for whom care is provided.
    • Encourages students to become culturally competent and sensitive to team issues.
  • NEW--"Nursing Assistant in Action" end of chapter activities--All new scenarios created for this new edition. Presents thought-provoking and challenging situations faced by real-life nursing assistants.
    • Adds a human touch to students' study and helps them learn through the experience of others.
    • Enables students to incorporate critical thinking and be better prepared to problem solve when personal and work-related conflicts arise.
  • NEW--Student CD-ROM with video clips.
    • Nurses model key procedures so that students see the correct techniques to use for client comfort and safety.
  • NEW--EXPLOREMediaLink--At the end of each chapter.
    • Enables students with different learning needs and styles to better understand, review, and retain material via the free CD-Rom that accompanies the book and the free Companion Website found online at
  • NEW--Tear-Out Clinical Pocket Translator--To assist communication on-the-job.
    • Provides Spanish translations of commonly encountered words and phrases.
  • NEW--A wealth of new and updated material--Particular attention is paid to the new regulations on restraints and the impact on facility policies and day-to-day practice for the Nursing Assistant. HIPAA, SARS precautions, noninvasive blood pressure monitoring, restorative care, skin care and pressure sores, care of the patient with a total hip or knee replacement, the confused resident, sun downing syndrome and the depressed resident are all covered in this new edition.
    • Keeps students well-informed and on the cutting-edge of the field.
  • NEW--Advanced Skills for Nursing Assistants (ISBN: 0-13-177985-0)--Over fifty advanced skills procedures are presented step-by-step in a separate student supplement.
    • Enables students to expand their skills sets in keeping with institution and state practices.
    • Increases the book's usefulness as a reference for practicing nursing assistants.
  • Expanded Website found at
    • Provides more opportunities for students to preview and review materials and to prepare for the certification exam.
  • Hallmark Features
  • "Age-Specific Considerations"--Cutting edge topic.
    • Prepares students for age-specific adjustments or modifications in patient care.
  • "Key Idea"--Identifies the most important concepts in each section.
    • Assists students in learning and reviewing the text material.
  • Margin Glossary --Key terms and their definitions are positioned in the margin.
    • Helps students to learn new vocabulary, enhancing reading skills.
    • Students can listen to the correct pronunciation of the terms on the website or on their CD.
  • NEW--Instructor Resource CD-ROM--With test bank, electronic version of the print Instructor's Resource Manual, Skills Videos, and PowerPoint slides.

Table of Contents

The health care system p. 1
Your role as a nursing assistant p. 13
Communication skills p. 32
Patients, residents, and clients p. 62
Infection control p. 75
Safety p. 112
Body mechanics : positioning, moving, and transporting patients p. 154
Admitting, transferring, and discharging a patient p. 184
The patient's room p. 201
Bedmaking p. 212
Home health care p. 227
Personal care of the patient p. 248
Emergency care p. 285
The human body p. 306
Growth and development p. 318
The musculoskeletal system and related care p. 329
The integumentary system and related care p. 345
The circulatory and respiratory systems and related care p. 365
Measuring vital signs p. 382
The gastrointestinal system and related care p. 412
Nutrition for the patient p. 443
The urinary system and related care p. 458
Specimen collection p. 486
The endocrine system and related care of diabetics p. 501
The reproductive system and related care p. 513
The nervous system and related care p. 529
Warm and cold applications p. 548
Care of the surgical patient p. 571
Special procedures p. 589
Other patients with special needs p. 599
Neonatal and pediatric care p. 612
The older adult patient and long-term care p. 630
Rehabilitation and return to self-care p. 650
The terminally ill patient and postmortem care p. 674
Beginning your career as a nursing assistant p. 687
Medical terms, abbreviations, and specialties p. 707
What's new in patient restraints p. 715
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