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Beowulf : An Edition

Beowulf : An Edition - 98 edition

ISBN13: 978-0631172260

Cover of Beowulf : An Edition 98 (ISBN 978-0631172260)
ISBN13: 978-0631172260
ISBN10: 0631172262
Edition: 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
Published: 1998
International: No

Beowulf : An Edition - 98 edition

ISBN13: 978-0631172260

Bruce Ed. Mitchell and Fred C. Ed. Robinson

ISBN13: 978-0631172260
ISBN10: 0631172262
Edition: 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
Published: 1998
International: No

This magnificent new edition, which includes relevant shorter texts and key illustrations, is designed specifically to help those who, while already enjoying some acquaintance with Old English, come to Beowulf for the first time.

As in their celebrated Guide to Old English, Fifth Edition, the editors rarely claim to originality in their emendations and interpretations. Rather they have tried to select what seemed to them the best scholarly view on each point, and usually this has been the view that enjoys a majority consensus among editors and scholars. They adopt a detached and impersonal presentation, resisting interpretation, except in a short section where they individually explain their own differing views about the poem. Concerned to encourage the reader as much as possible, Mitchell and Robinson keep their notes and emendations to a minimum. While they by no means attempt to conceal the existence of phonological and metrical problems, or of variant readings, they actively discuss such problems or readings only where these may affect the meaning of the poem.

Leslie Webster's important contribution to the edition shows too the editors' determination to provide the reader with a contextual account as comprehensive as possible, within the bounds of an affordable edition, as does their discussion of what Klaeber calls the poem's "fabulous" and "historical" elements.

Beowulf : An Edition consists of four parts : an introduction; text and notes; an account of how the editors arrived at their text; and a section devoted to giving the background to the poem. The text of the poem provided is that presented in the manuscript, in Wanley's catalogue, in the Thorkelin transcripts, in Kiernan's report on the state of the manuscript, and the compilation of J. R. Hall, with modern punctuation (used minimally) and modern diacritics.

Author Bio

Mitchell, Bruce (Ed.) : Oxford University

Bruce Mitchell is Fellow Emeritus of St Edmund Hall, Oxford. His many publications include An Invitation to Old English & Anglo-Saxon England (1995), published by Blackwell.

Robinson, Fred C. (Ed.) : Yale University

Fred C. Robinson is Douglas Tracy Smith Professor of English at Yale University. His books include The Tomb of Beowulf, and Other Essays on Old English (1993), also available from Blackwell. Mitchell and Robinson are joint editors of Blackwell's A Guide to Old English, Fifth Edition (1992).

Table of Contents

List of Figures/Illustrations.
Map : The Geography of Beowulf.

Part I. Introduction

1. Manuscript.
2. Date, Place, and Circumstances, of Composition.
3. Language.
4. Structure.
5. Tone, Style, and Metre.
6. Subject Matter.
7. Two Views of Beowulf.

Part II. Text and Notes.

Part III. How We Arrived At Our Text

8. Problems in Editing the Text.
9. Punctuation.

Part IV. The Background

10. Genealogical Tables.
11. The Geatish-Swedish Wars.
12. Archaeology and Beowulf.
13. Some Related Poems In Old English :
14. Widsith.
15. Deor.
16. Waldere.
17. The Battle Of Finnesburh.
18. Maxims I.
19. Documents Bearing on Beowulf :
20. Genealogies.
21. Cain And Abel.
22. The Flood.
23. Letter Of Alcuin To A Mercian Bishop, 797.
24. Hygelac.
25. The Flight Behind The Waterfall.
26. The Dragon Fight.

Short Titles.
Suggestions For Further Reading.
Abbreviations and Symbols.
Notes on the Glossary.
Glossary of Beowulf.
Proper Names.

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