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Beyond Integrity

Beyond Integrity - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 978-0310240020

Cover of Beyond Integrity 2ND 04 (ISBN 978-0310240020)
ISBN13: 978-0310240020
ISBN10: 0310240026
Edition: 2ND 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Zondervan Pub. House
Published: 2004
International: No

Beyond Integrity - 2ND 04 edition

ISBN13: 978-0310240020

Scott B. Rae and Kenman L. Wong

ISBN13: 978-0310240020
ISBN10: 0310240026
Edition: 2ND 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Zondervan Pub. House
Published: 2004
International: No

Integrity is essential to Judeo-Christian business ethics. But today's business environment is complex. Those in business, and those preparing to enter the business world, need more than a simple admonition to live and act ethically. They need to struggle with the question of how integrity and biblical principles can be applied in the workplace. They need to go "beyond integrity" in their thinking. All too often, books on business ethics from a Judeo-Christian perspective are either very theoretical or simplistic and dogmatic. Beyond Integrity offers a balanced approach to a number of concrete ethical issues. Readings from a wide range of sources present competing perspectives on each issue, and real-life case studies further help the reader grapple with ethical dilemmas. The authors want to help the reader arrive at his or her own conclusions. To this end they provide a decision-making model. They also present, in addition to several views on each topic, a distinctly Christian perspective on each issue under discussion. A glance at the table of contents of Beyond Integrity will quickly show the reader the scope of readings and case studies, as well as the structure of the book.

Table of Contents

Foundations for Christian ethics in business
Christian ethics in business : tensions and challenges p. 21
Is business bluffing ethical? p. 23
Why be honest if honesty doesn't pay? p. 32
Companies are discovering the value of ethics p. 41
Borland's brave beginning p. 46
Keeping secrets p. 47
Commentary p. 49
Christian engagement in business p. 53
Christ and business : a typology for Christian business ethics p. 55
The entrepreneurial vocation p. 60
Tough business : in deep, swift waters p. 67
Business as a calling p. 71
The assignment p. 72
Commentary p. 73
Christian ethics for business : norms and benchmarks p. 77
The Bible and culture in ethics p. 90
Business ethics p. 109
Ethics, corporations, and the global economy
Corporate social responsibility p. 129
The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits p. 131
Business ethics and stakeholder analysis p. 136
A long term business perspective in a short term world : a conversation with Jim Sinegal p. 146
Violent video games p. 152
Starbucks and fair trade coffee p. 153
Commentary p. 155
Globalization, economics, and Judeo-Christian morality p. 163
The Oxford declaration on Christian faith and economics p. 169
Economic justice : a biblical paradigm p. 180
Downsizing : efficiency or corporate hit men? p. 205
Executive compensation : out of control or market appropriate? p. 206
Selling eggs and embryos p. 207
Commentary p. 209
International business p. 223
Ethical theory and bribery p. 225
Two cheers for sweatshops p. 239
Contemporary ethical issues in business
Human resources management p. 255
The moral foundation of employee rights p. 258
Privacy, the workplace and the Internet p. 265
The double jeopardy of sexual harassment p. 276
Benefits for spousal equivalents p. 280
Conflicts of conscience p. 281
Family-friendly flex policies p. 282
Commentary p. 283
Accounting and finance p. 295
Financial ethics : an overview p. 300
Audit adjustments p. 316
The new insiders p. 317
Stock analysts and investment bankers p. 319
Commentary p. 320
Marketing and advertising p. 337
The morality (?) of advertising p. 340
The making of self and world in advertising p. 348
Making consumers p. 355
Diamonds are forever p. 360
School-based marketing p. 360
Commentary p. 362
Environmental stewardship p. 367
Business and environmental ethics p. 369
The challenge of biocentrism p. 379
Heap-leach mining in Latin America p. 392
Yew trees and cancer cures p. 393
Animal testing for perfumes p. 394
Commentary p. 395
Technology in the workplace p. 407
Is technology (ever) evil? p. 409
Five big issues in today's technological workplace p. 411
LittleBrother is watching you p. 414
Customer service and privacy p. 418
To catch a thief p. 418
Commentary p. 420
Moral leadership in business p. 423
Creating and encouraging ethical corporate structures p. 425
The place of character in corporate ethics p. 433
Why should my conscience bother me? : The aircraft brake scandal p. 441
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