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Big Math Activities for Young Children

Big Math Activities for Young Children - 99 edition

ISBN13: 978-0766800182

Cover of Big Math Activities for Young Children 99 (ISBN 978-0766800182)
ISBN13: 978-0766800182
ISBN10: 0766800180
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Delmar Publications
Published: 1999
International: No

Big Math Activities for Young Children - 99 edition

ISBN13: 978-0766800182

James L. Overholt, Jackie White-Holtz and Sydney S. Dickson

ISBN13: 978-0766800182
ISBN10: 0766800180
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Delmar Publications
Published: 1999
International: No

This practical guide to math related education for young children is a reality based text that provides a wide selection of activities and investigations for young children. Activities are easy to understand and use inexpensive and readily available materials. Multilevel activities provide increasingly advanced skills for preschool through third grade and have been designed to promote mathematical reasoning, communication and problem solving skills which can excite young learners about math.

  • Math related experiences for very young children encourage learning without pressure
  • "Hands-on" activities help parents, students, and teachers conceptualize abstract ideas
  • Materials for activities are household items or readily available
  • "Why" Do It statements explain the objective of each activity
  • "Here's How!" statements provide information on materials needed and steps on how to complete each activity
  • Appendix includes simple directions and black line masters for all activities
  • Activities include advanced and easier variations for use with preschoolers to older students
  • Problem solving skills are developed through hands-on activities
  • Activities and investigations provide practice opportunities for mathematic concepts

Author Bio

Overholt, James L. : California State University-Chico

White-Holtz, Jackie : California State University-Chico

Dickson, Sydney : California State University-Chico

Table of Contents



Number Search Walk.
Find That Number.
Number Write.
Number Bake.
Number Book.
Calendar Game.
Leg Count.
Musical Count.
Hang That Number.
Table Math.
Eatable Math.
Capture the Critter.
Before and After.
Number Bowling.
More or Less.
Cereal Count.
Fraction Play Dough.
Rocks in Hand.
Teen Recognition.
Fraction Plates.
Birthday List.
Order Race.
Counting with Glasses.
Finding Fractions.
Right On/Before/After.
Closer is Better.
Fractions Can Be Tricky.


Combinations in the Hand.
Cover That Number.
Rollin' Math Beans.
Get Ten.
Add'Em and Eat'Em.
Animal Adoption.
Above, Below, Left, Right.
Before/After Roll.
Drop the Money.
Coin Trade.
Money Match Math.
What Price?
Number Mystery Puzzle.
Calculation Shopping.
Under Cover Art.
Math Tic-Tac-Toe.
Plus and Minus.
Add It Up.
Do This.
Milk Carton Calculators.
Five Fact flower.
Addition Partners.


Line Up.
Stick Walk.
Rock 'N Roll Measures.
People Compare.
Hand Guess.
Footsteps for Fun.
Leaf Relief.
Fill the Pan.
Spoonful of Sugar.
Mouth Full.
Up and Down Weights.
What's Heavier?
Time Stunts.
Collecting Clocks.
It's Time.
Time It and Graph It.
Dressed for the Weather.
Hot and Cold.
Measure Me.


Food Patterns.
Search for a Shape.
Shape Draw.
Traffic Sign Shapes.
Shape Picture.
Is It Symmetrical?
Alphabet Symmetry.
Pattern Production.
Shape Design.
Using Right Triangles.
Which Way Is Right?
All Around Walk.
Hide and Seek.
3-D Shape Search.
2-D, 3-D.
Building Frameworks.


Toy Sort.
Follow the Leader.
Sound Patterns.
Pine Needle-ly Patterns.
Silverware Sort.
Classifying Collections.
Attributes in Common.
Cupboard Rearrange.
What's Missing.
Scavenger Hunt.
Across the Board.
The Critter Crawl.
Penny Pickup.
Last Is Best.
Candy Graph.
People Graphs.
Candy Estimate.
Cereal Guess.
Pocketful of Change.
I Predict.
Peek Boxes.
My Lucky Number.
Colorful "Squiggle" Designs.
Build A Network.

Simple Equipment to Make of Acquire.
Selected Resources for Use With Young Children.
Selected Sources for Parents and Teachers.
Recommended Developmental Experiences.

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