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Statistics : An Introduction - (Cloth) -Text Only

Statistics : An Introduction - (Cloth) -Text Only - 5th edition

Statistics : An Introduction - (Cloth) -Text Only - 5th edition

Statistics : An Introduction - (Cloth) -Text Only by Robert D. Mason, Douglas A. Lind and William G. Marchal - ISBN
Edition: 5TH 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Duxbury Press
Published: 1998
International: No
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This book provides a vivid and meaningful introduction to statistics. The principles of both descriptive and inferential statistics are illustrated in situations that are close to students' own experience. The authors provide illustrations and exercises drawn from disciplines as varied as sociology, education, business, sports, demography, meteorology, politics, and mathematics.

Author Bio

Mason, Robert D. : University of Toledo

Lind, Douglas A. : University of Toledo

Marchal, William G. : University of Toledo

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. An Introduction to Statistics.
2. Summarizing Data: Frequency Distributions and Graphic Presentations.
3. Descriptive Statistics: Measures of Central Tendency.
4. Descriptive Statistics: Measures of Dispersion and Skewness.
5. An Introduction to Probability.
6. Probability Distributions.
7. The Normal Probability Distribution.
8. Sampling Methods and Sampling Distributions.
9. The Central Limit Theorem and Confidence Intervals.
10. Hypothesis Tests: Large-Sample Methods.
11. Hypothesis Tests: Small-Sample Method.
12. An Analysis of Variance.
13. Correlation Analysis.
14. Regression Analysis.
15. Multiple Regression and Correlation Analysis.
16. Analysis of Nominal-Level Data: The Chi-Square Distribution.
17. Nonparametric Methods: Analysis of Ranked Data.
18. Quality Charting.

Data Sets.
Answers to Chapter Achievement Tests.