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Buddhism In Practice

Buddhism In Practice - 95 edition

ISBN13: 978-0691044415

Cover of Buddhism In Practice 95 (ISBN 978-0691044415)
ISBN13: 978-0691044415
ISBN10: 0691044414
Edition: 95
Copyright: 1995
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Published: 1995
International: No

Buddhism In Practice - 95 edition

ISBN13: 978-0691044415

Donald S. Jr. Ed. Lopez

ISBN13: 978-0691044415
ISBN10: 0691044414
Edition: 95
Copyright: 1995
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Published: 1995
International: No

This anthology illustrates the vast scope of Buddhist practice in Asia, past and present, by presenting a selection of forty-eight translated texts including hagiographies, monastic rules, pilgrimage songs, apocryphal sutras, and didactic tales from India, China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Burma. Most of these pieces have never before been translated into a Western language, and each is preceded by a substantial introduction by its translator. Together they are designed to do nothing less than reshape the way in which Buddhism is understood.

These unusual sources provide the reader with a sense of the remarkable diversity of the practices of persons who over the course of 2,500 years have been identified, by themselves or by others, as Buddhists. In this rich variety there are often contradictions, such that the practices of one Buddhist community might seem strange or unfamiliar to another. At the same time, however, there is evidence here of many continuities among the practices of Buddhist cultures widely separated by both history and topography. From "A Hymn of Praise to the Buddha's Good Qualities" through "On Becoming a Buddhist Wizard" to "Death-Bed Testimonials of the Pure Land Faithful," the selections here are an ideal introduction to Buddhism and a source of new insights for scholars.

Author Bio

Lopez, Donald S. Jr. : University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Donald S. Lopez, Jr., is Professor of Buddhist and Tibetan Studies in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Michigan.

Table of Contents

Princeton Readings in Religions
Note on Transliteration
Contents by Vehicle
Contents by Country

1 A Hymn of Praise to the Buddha's Good Qualities
2 Consecrating the Buddha
3 Sutra on the Merit of Bathing the Buddha
4 Reading Others' Minds
5 The Prayer of the Original Buddha
6 Myoe's Letter to the Island
7 The Tathagatagarbha Sutra
8 The Whole Universe as a Sutra
9 Gotami's Story
10 The Great Bliss Queen
11 Story of Simhala, the Caravan Leader
12 A Prayer for the Long Life of the Dalai Lama
13 Chinese Women Pilgrims' Songs Glorifying Guanyin
14 A Mahayana Liturgy
15 A Discussion of Seated Zen
16 The Way to Meditation
17 Buddhism and the State in Early Japan
18 Original Enlightenment Thought in the Nichiren Tradition
19 The Matsumoto Debate
20 A Prophecy of the Death of the Dharma
21 The Book of Resolving Doubts Concerning the Semblance Dharma
22 A Heretical Chinese Buddhist Text
23 Eschatology in the Wheel of Time Tantra
24 Atisa's A Lamp for the Path to Awakening
25 The Advice to Layman Tundila
26 The Legend of the Iron Stupa
27 Two Tantric Meditations: Visualizing the Deity
28 The Story of the Horn Blowing
29 A Summary of the Seven Books of the Abhidhamma
30 On Becoming a Buddhist Wizard
31 Pure Land Buddhist Worship and Meditation in China
32 Aryadeva and Candrakirti on Self and Selfishness
33 A Modern Sermon on Merit Making
34 Saramati's Entering into the Great Vehicle
35 Auspicious Things
36 Tales of the Lotus Sutra
37 Daily Life in the Assembly
38 Deaths, Funerals, and the Division of Property in a Monastic Code
39 A Rite for Restoring the Bodhisattva and Tantric Vows
40 Awakening Stories of Zen Buddhist Women
41 The Chinese Life of Nagarjuna
42 Atisa's Journey to Sumatra
43 Bimba's Lament
44 Hagiographies of the Korean Monk Wonhyo
45 The Illustrated Biography of Ippen
46 Account of the Buddhist Thaumaturge Baozhi
47 Buddhist Chaplains in the Field of Battle
48 Death-Bed Testimonials of the Pure Land Faithful


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