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Burton's Microbiology for Health Science - and CD

Burton's Microbiology for Health Science - and CD - 9th edition

Burton's Microbiology for Health Science - and CD - 9th edition

ISBN13: 9781605476735

ISBN10: 1605476730

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 9TH 11
Copyright: 2011
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Published: 2011
International: No

ISBN13: 9781605476735

ISBN10: 1605476730

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 9TH 11

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This is a reference for health professionals and nursing students who need to learn the basic microbiological concepts involved in the care of patients and protection against infectious diseases.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Section I Introduction to Microbiology

Chapter 1: Microbiology- The Science
Chapter 2: Viewing the Microbial World

Section II Introduction to Microbes and Cellular Biology

Chapter 3: Cell Structure and Taxonomy
Chapter 4: Microbial Diversity, Part 1: Acellular and Procaryotic Microbes
Chapter 5: Microbial Diversity,Part 2: Eucaryotic Microbes

Section III Chemical and Genetic Aspects of Microorganisms

Chapter 6: Biochemistry: The Chemistry of Life
Chapter 7: Microbial Physiology and Genetics

Section IV Controlling the Growth of Microbes

Chapter 8: Controlling Microbial Growth In Vitro
Chapter 9: Controlling Microbial Growth In Vivo Using Antimicrobial Agents

Section V Environmental and Applied Microbiology

Chapter 10: Microbial Ecology and Microbial Biotechnology
Chapter 11: Epidemiology and Public Health

Section VI Microbiology Within Healthcare Facilities

Chapter 12: Healthcare Epidemiology
Chapter 13: Diagnosing Infectious Diseases

Section VII Pathogenesis and Host Defense Mechanisms

Chapter 14: Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseases
Chapter 15: Nonspecific Host Defense Mechanisms
Chapter 16: Specific Host Defense Mechanisms: An Introduction to Immunology

Section VIII Major Infectious Diseases of Humans

Chapter 17: Overview of Infectious Diseases
Chapter 18: Viral Infections
Chapter 19: Bacterial Infections
Chapter 20: Fungal Infections
Chapter 21: Parasitic Infections

Appendix A: Answers to Self-Assessment Exercises

Appendix B: Compendium of Important Bacterial Pathogens of Humans

Appendix C: Useful Conversions

Appendix D: Greek Alphabet