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Business Communication - With CD and Teams Book and Webtutor

Business Communication - With CD and Teams Book and Webtutor - 14th edition

Business Communication - With CD and Teams Book and Webtutor - 14th edition

ISBN13: 9780324234572

ISBN10: 0324234570

Business Communication - With CD and Teams Book and Webtutor by Carol M. Lehman and Debbie D. DuFrene - ISBN 9780324234572
Edition: 14TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: South-Western Publishing Co.
Published: 2005
International: No
Business Communication - With CD and Teams Book and Webtutor by Carol M. Lehman and Debbie D. DuFrene - ISBN 9780324234572

ISBN13: 9780324234572

ISBN10: 0324234570

Edition: 14TH 05
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While continuing a strong tradition of sound writing principles and abundant model documents, this new edition of Business Communication integrates spoken, electronic, and written communication situations and strategies--the way communication actually occurs in a dynamic workplace. The digital age demands that our students communicate expertly through an ever-expanding number of communication options--from traditional paper documents to e-mail, instant messaging, web communications, voice and wireless technologies, and whatever technology evolves next. You'll see this integrated business strategy applied throughout the text.


  • NEW! Cases: All new video cases and challenging Internet-based cases are provided for every chapter. These cases allow students to learn about key concepts through real companies' experiences.
  • Real-World Application: Each chapter of the text showcases the communication strategies of a real-world successful organization and provides students with an in-depth, multi-part case experience.
  • NEW! Electronic Cafe: The Electronic Café combines four important technology applications into one creative section of the end-of-chapter. This new end-of-chapter element is an attempt to help instructors (a) understand that technology involves more than e-mail and internet activities and (b) require students to use the text's excellent electronic supplements.
  • NEW! Professional Power Pak CD-ROM: The Professional Power Pak CD also ships with each copy of the text and provides students with supplemental resources to promote success during the course and as they enter the workplace.
  • NEW! Instructional Support: This edition also conveniently integrates the textbook and its electronic resources: the text support site, InfoTrac College Edition, WebTutor Advantage, and Professional Power Pak CD. You can quickly develop an optimal instructional mix for your students who likely are comfortable with technology, desire immediate feedback and interactive experiences, and welcome opportunities to explore and discover on their own.
  • Enhanced WebTutor Capabilities: With the authors' expertise in developing text specific content for use with WebTutor Advantage on WebCT and Blackboard, instructors can easily enhance their complete instruction. The WebTutor Advantage for Lehman/DuFrene includes: E-Lectures, Quizbowl, Crossword Puzzles, Quizzes, Discussion Questions and Videos.
  • Expert Author Team: Authors Carol Lehman and Debbie DuFrene are actively involved in teaching and business communication research. As a result, they are able to develop performance packages of classroom-tested learning materials that capture students' interest and challenge their abilities.
  • Exceptional Instructor Resources: In conjunction with the comprehensive instructor ancillary package, the instructor web site also provides valuable online resources to enhance instruction in both distance and traditional classrooms.
  • Contemporary Strategic Approach: This edition integrates the coverage of legal and ethical issues, diversity, teams, and technology as prevailing forces in business communication. This model helps students better understand the interrelationship of these business communication forces while analyzing business communication situations and designing effective spoken, written, and electronic messages.
  • Building High Performance Teams: Generous text coverage of team communication is further expanded in Building High Performance Teams, a handbook that accompanies the text and guides students through the stages and processes of team development.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Establishing a Framework for Business Communication
2. Focusing on Interpersonal and Group Communication


3. Planning Spoken and Written Messages
4. Preparing Spoken and Written Messages


5. Communicating Electronically
6. Delivering Good- and Neutral-News Messages
7. Delivering Bad-News Messages
8. Delivering Persuasive Messages


9. Understanding the Report Process and Research Methods
10. Managing Data and Using Graphics
11. Organizing and Preparing Reports and Proposals
12. Designing and Delivering Business Presentations


13. Preparing Resumes and Application Letters
14. Interviewing for a Job and Preparing Employment Messages


A. Document Format and Layout Guides
B. Referencing Styles
C. Language Review and Exercises
D. Grading Symbols and Proofreader's Marks