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Business Ethics : Concepts and Cases

Business Ethics : Concepts and Cases - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 978-0130960252

Cover of Business Ethics : Concepts and Cases 3RD 92 (ISBN 978-0130960252)
ISBN13: 978-0130960252
ISBN10: 013096025X
Edition: 3RD 92
Copyright: 1992
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 1992
International: No

Business Ethics : Concepts and Cases - 3RD 92 edition

ISBN13: 978-0130960252

Manuel G. Velasquez

ISBN13: 978-0130960252
ISBN10: 013096025X
Edition: 3RD 92
Copyright: 1992
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 1992
International: No

This book provides readers with a clear, straightforward writing style, an abundance of examples, detailed real-life cases, and current data and statistics. It aims to 1) introduce ethical concepts that are relevant to resolving moral issues in business, 2) develop the reasoning and analytical skills needed to apply ethical concepts to business decisions, 3) identify the moral issues involved in the management of specific problem areas in business, and 4) examine the social and natural environments within which moral issues in business arise. Chapter topics cover ethics and business, ethical principles in business, the business system, ethics in the marketplace, ethics and the environment, the ethics of consumer production and marketing, the ethics of job discrimination, and the individual in the organization. For anyone in business.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Basic Principles

1 Ethics and Business
1.1 The Nature of Business Ethics
1.2 Moral Development and Moral Reasoning
1.3 Arguments for and Against Business Ethics
1.4 Moral Responsibility and Blame
Cases for Discussion
Napster's Revolution
H. B. Fuller and the Street Children of Central America
2 Ethical Principles in Business
2.1 Utilitarianism: Weighing Social Costs and Benefits
2.2 Rights and Duties
2.3 Justice and Fairness
2.4 The Ethics of Care
2.5 Integrating Utility, Rights, Justice, and Caring
2.6 An Alternative to Moral Principles: Virtue Ethics
2.7 Morality in International Contexts
Cases for Discussion
Philip Morris' Troubles
Pepsi's Burma Connection

Part 2 The Market and Business

3 The Business System
3.1 Free Market and Rights: John Locke
3.2 The Utility of Free Markets: Adam Smith
3.3 Marxist Criticisms
3.4 Conclusion: The Mixed Economy
Cases for Discussion
The Health Business
Accolade Versus Sega
Brian's Franchise
4 Ethics in the Marketplace
4.1 Perfect Competition
4.2 Monopoly Competition
4.3 Oligopolistic Competition
4.4 Oligopolies and Public Policy
Cases for Discussion
Playing Monopoly: Microsoft
A Japanese Bribe

Part 3 Business and Its External Exchanges--Ecology and Consumers

5 Ethics and the Environment
5.1 The Dimensions of Pollution and Resource Depletion
5.2 The Ethics of Pollution Control
5.3 The Ethics of Conserving Depletable Resources
Cases for Discussion
Genetic Engineering at Monsanto/Pharmacia
The New Market Opportunity
6 The Ethics of Consumer Production and Marketing
6.1 Markets and Consumer Protection
6.2 The Contract View of Business' Duties to Consumers
6.3 The Due Care Theory
6.4 The Social Costs View of the Manufacturer's Duties
6.5 Advertising Ethics
6.6 Consumer Privacy
Cases for Discussion
AIDS and Needles
Toy Wars

Part 4 Business and Its Internal Constituencies--Employee Issues

7 The Ethics of Job Discrimination
7.1 Job Discrimination: Its Nature
7.2 Discrimination: Its Extent
7.3 Discrimination: Utility, Rights, and Justice
7.4 Affirmative Action
Cases for Discussion
Wage Differences at Robert Hall
Brian Weber
8 The Individual in the Organization
8.1 The Rational Organization
8.2 The Employee's Obligations to the Firm
8.3 The Firm's Duties to the Employee
8.4 The Political Organization
8.5 Employee Rights
8.6 Organizational Politics
8.7 The Caring Organization
Cases for Discussion
The Gap
Working for Eli Lilly & Company

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