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Business of Sports

Business of Sports - 04 edition

ISBN13: 978-0763726218

Cover of Business of Sports 04 (ISBN 978-0763726218)
ISBN13: 978-0763726218
ISBN10: 0763726214

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Published: 2004
International: No

List price: $137.75

Business of Sports - 04 edition

ISBN13: 978-0763726218

Scott R. Rosner and Kenneth L. Shropshire

ISBN13: 978-0763726218
ISBN10: 0763726214

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Published: 2004
International: No

The Business of Sports is the first comprehensive collection of readings to focus on the multibillion-dollar sports industry and the dilemmas faced by today's sports business leaders. This valuable resource provides a complete overview of major sports business issues and is designed for current and future sports business leaders as well as those interested in the inner-workings of the industry. The book covers professional, Olympic, and collegiate sports, and highlights the major issues that impact each of these broad categories.

The readings in The Business of Sports provide insight from a variety of stakeholders in the industry and cover the major business disciplines of management, marketing, finance, information technology, accounting, ethics and law. In addition, the book features concise introductions, a broad range of focused readings and targeted discussion questions, as well as graphs and tables that are used to convey relevant financial data and other statistics.

This first-of-its-kind book makes accessible, in a single location, book excerpts, articles and other materials that students and professionals interested in ''the business of sports'' will find both useful and compelling.

Table of Contents

Reading credits
Professional sports
Ownership p. 1
The rich who own sports p. 5
Hard ball : the abuse of power in pro team sports p. 8
Public ownership of sports franchises : investment, novelty, or fraud? p. 15
Leagues : structure and background p. 21
The sports industry's resistance to bear markets p. 23
The market structure of sports p. 26
Home team p. 34
Open competition in league sports p. 38
Leagues : revenue sharing and self-analysis p. 45
Keeping score : the economics of big-time sports p. 47
Revenue sharing and agency problems in professional team sport : the case of the national football league p. 54
The report of the independent members of the commissioner's Blue Ribbon Panel on baseball economics p. 62
Accounting, taxation, and bankruptcy p. 75
Keeping the financial scorecard : accounting for a sports franchise p. 77
The purchase and sale of a sports team : tax issues and rules p. 81
The challenges of professional sports franchise purchase price allocations p. 96
Reorganization of the professional sports franchise p. 99
Stadiums and arenas p. 111
The stadium game p. 113
The name is the game in facility naming rights p. 127
The sports franchise game : cities in pursuit of sports franchises, events, stadiums, and arenas p. 135
Media p. 139
Sports and television p. 143
Pro leagues' ratings drop; nobody is quite sure why p. 147
The NBA strategy of broadcast television exposure : a legal application p. 152
Vertical integration in sport p. 159
Toward a scheme for football clubs seeking an effective presence on the internet p. 163
Japanese spectator sport industry : cultural changes creating new opportunities p. 173
Licensed products p. 177
Principles and practice of sport management p. 179
The antitrust implications of professional sports' leaguewide licensing and merchandising arrangements p. 183
Examining the importance of brand equity in professional sport p. 188
Understanding brand loyalty in professional sport : examining the link between brand associations and brand loyalty p. 194
Labor matters : unions p. 199
Blue-collar law and basketball p. 201
Major league baseball's labor turmoil : the failure of the counter-revolution p. 208
Creating a win-win situation through collective bargaining : the NFL salary cap p. 217
Labor matters : athlete compensation p. 231
Pay dirt : the business of professional team sports p. 235
The sports business as a labor market laboratory p. 242
When negotiations fail : an analysis of salary arbitration and salary cap systems p. 252
The effect of salary arbitration on major league baseball p. 267
Football may be ill, but don't blame Bosman p. 277
Management abilities, player salaries, and team performance p. 285
Free agent performance in major league baseball : do teams get what they expect? p. 290
The business of sports agents p. 295
Individual sports p. 299
In the fast lane to big bucks : the growth of NASCAR p. 301
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