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Calculus - 6th edition

ISBN13: 978-0534936242

Cover of Calculus 6TH 94 (ISBN 978-0534936242)
ISBN13: 978-0534936242
ISBN10: 0534936245
Edition: 6TH 94
Copyright: 1994
Publisher: PWS-Kent Publishing Co.
Published: 1994
International: No

Calculus - 6TH 94 edition

ISBN13: 978-0534936242

Earl W. Swokowski

ISBN13: 978-0534936242
ISBN10: 0534936245
Edition: 6TH 94
Copyright: 1994
Publisher: PWS-Kent Publishing Co.
Published: 1994
International: No

This Sixth Edition preserves the strengths that characterize the entire Swokowski series of Mathematical texts--mathematical integrity, comprehensive discussions of the concepts of calculus, and an impressively large collection of worked examples and illustrative figures. The text is written for the standard three-semester calculus course and allows instructors maximum flexibility in designing their courses. This edition incorporates a number of new elements including sections on: exponentials and logarithms, the analytic geometry of conic sections, mathematical models in economics and the life and social sciences, numerical integration, and numerical methods for solving differential equations. Applied problems from physics, chemistry, biology, economics, physiology, sociology, psychology, ecology, oceanography, meteorology, radiotherapy, astronautics, and transportation are included. The applications in this edition range from the population of an endangered species to the spread of the AIDS virus, to computer-aided design, to the breakdown of pesticides. Other outstanding features of this classic text include:

  • A completely reorganized Table of Contents (from 19 to 15 chapters).
  • Streamlined precalculus material.
  • Earlier topics, such as transcendental functions, Newton's Method, and differential equations, to name a few.
  • Vastly increased emphasis on technology throughout the book, via text, exercises, and examples, inclusive of both graphing calculators and computer algebra systems.
  • Enhanced applications (a continuing trademark of the Swokowski product).
  • Biographies (''Mathematicians and their Times'') - single-page essays which bring mathematics to life.
  • Extended Problems - long term individual projects or overnight group problem solving exercises for challenge and discovery purposes.
  • Added topics: complex numbers, piecewise polynomials, among others.
  • Some redesigned art, particularly pictorial pieces (made more sophisticated).
  • Rewritten problem instructions (to allow better comprehension).

Author Bio

Swokowski, Earl :

Olinick, Michael : Middlebury College

Pence, Dennis D. : Western Michigan University

Table of Contents

Precalculus Review.

1. Limits and Continuity.
2. The Derivative.
3. Applications of the Derivative.
4. Integrals.
5. Applications of the Definite Integral.
6. Transcendental Functions.
7. Techniques of Integration.
8. Infinite Series.
9. Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates.
10. Vectors and Surfaces.
11. Vector-Valued Functions.
12. Partial Differentiation.
13. Multiple Integrals.
14. Vector Calculus.
15. Differential Equations.

Answers to Selected Exercises.

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