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Case Studies for Organizational Communication : Understanding Communication Processes

Case Studies for Organizational Communication : Understanding Communication Processes - 2nd edition

Case Studies for Organizational Communication : Understanding Communication Processes - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780195330595

ISBN10: 0195330595

Case Studies for Organizational Communication : Understanding Communication Processes by Joann Keyton and Pamela Shockley-Zalabak - ISBN 9780195330595
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Roxbury Publishing Co.
Published: 2006
International: No
Case Studies for Organizational Communication : Understanding Communication Processes by Joann Keyton and Pamela Shockley-Zalabak - ISBN 9780195330595

ISBN13: 9780195330595

ISBN10: 0195330595

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 06

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Contemplating My First Year
Joy L. Hart
A new employee excited about her first job finds herself in the midst of a negative organizational culture wondering what to do next.
2. Change, Coalitions, and Coping
Joy L. Hart, Shirley Willihnganz, and Greg B. Leichty
Management change fractures a widely accepted family culture, forcing the retired founders to return.
3. How Do You Get Anything Done Around Here?
Marian L. Houser and Astrid Sheil
A new employee discovers that what is said and what is done in the organization are vastly different, with the effect being the stifling of innovation in the organization.
4. Downsizing at Tata Steel
Rajeev KumarDownsizing of an organization challenges management in communicating with employees and union representation.
5. Discord at the Music School
Terri Toles Patkin
Following a popular leader, a new music director faces resistance to increasing rigor in the classes and improving organizational systems.
6. Communicating and Leading Change in Organizations
Christina M. Bates
During a period of significant organizational change, a relocated manager is challenged to empower her employees, instill a sense of trust in a rapidly changing environment, and improve her organization's performance.
7. Managing a Merger: Leadership, Change, and Communication
Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten, Mary Simpson, and Theodore E. ZornA New Zealand auto glass company focuses on leadership communication during a period of major organizational change.
8. Merged, Incompatible IT Cultures: Challenges of Organizational Change for a Computing Services Team
Jeanne S. McPhersonAfter technology units at a large state university merge, complexities of organizational culture arise when competing subcultures are forced to integrate.
9. Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude: Reflecting on a Company-Sponsored Mountain Climb
Erika L. Kirby
A company mandated mountain climb raises issues of ethics, inclusion and corporate control for participants.


10. Where Do We Go From Here?
Edward C. Brewer
During a period of rapid change, an email conflict replaces face-to-face discussion of the potential adoption of a new system.
11. Caught in the Intranet
Jensen Chung
An American working in the Asian-Pacific branch of a large company is criticized openly on the company's intranet, generating multiple conflicts.
12. The Difficulties of Virtual Leaders
Alexander Lyon
'Virtual executives' face communication difficulties when attempting to lead employees in a dot-com organization.
13. Knowledge Is Power
Melinda M. Villagran and Mary Hoffman
With senior managers personally resistant to using technology, a relatively new employee is given a mandate to substantially increase technology use at the top of the organization.
14. Left Out of the Loop
Niranjala D. Weerakkody
Lack of intranet access for some managers creates serious problems for information dissemination and contributes to perceptions of inequities.
15. The E-Mails in the Clinic Initial Services Department
Heather L. Walter
A superior-subordinate relationship disrupts a productive department with ongoing conflict.


16. The Fun Team
Carolyn M. Anderson and Heather L. Walter
An established firm is overwhelmed with e-commerce opportunities, necessitating the creation of an expanded and somewhat unconventional team to meet volume demands.
17. Reorganizing Human Resources at ASP Software
Donald Anderson
An organizational development consultant looks for ways to assist a vice president in reorganizing the human resources department at a high-tech organization.
18. Maintaining Faith
Christine S. Davis
A new director of an Interfaith Center for Aging is challenged by volunteer participation, board management, and establishing future directions.
19. Teaming Up for Change
Maryanne Wanca-Thibault and Adelina Gomez
Multidisciplinary teams work together in a new organization to intervene in serious domestic violence cases.


20. How Much Does Passion Count?
Stuart L. Esrock, Joy L. Hart, and Greg B. Leichty
A non-profit organization faces the difficult task of finding a new leader in the midst of its most important public policy initiative.
21. Permission to Walk
Michael W. Kramer
An employee faces bureaucratic problems and ethical dilemmas as he tries to organize a fundraising event to assist an employee suffering from multiple sclerosis.
22. For the Good of Many
Nancy M. Schullery and Melissa Gibson Hancox
Faced with layoffs for the company's most productive manufacturing team, leadership introduces a controversial alternative work program in the non-profit sector. A Matter of Perspective
Paige K. Turner and Robert L. Krizek
A new director of patient care in the practice arm of a university's medical school faces patient dissatisfaction, needs for new processes, and space limitations as she attempts to reverse a declining revenue trend.
24. The 'Expert' Facilitator
Mary E. Vielhaber
A facilitator faces opposition to the processes he is using in a strategic planning session.
25. A Decision To Change
Theodore E. Zorn, Jr.
A team charged with a significant knowledge management project runs into opposition and quick cancellation of the effort.


26. The First Day at Work
Julie A. Davis
A new-employee orientation session causes a new hire to question her decision to work for the company.
27. When a Good Thing Goes Bad
Anne P. Hubbell
A drug company faces a crisis over issues of creativity, differences in protocols, and disagreements among senior staff.
28. Bob's Dilemma
Erika L. Kirby
An expectant father faces a career dilemma when considering how to ask for paternity leave.
29. Working Without Papers
Shawn D. Long
Immigrants and undocumented workers face harassment and discrimination causing their supervisor to question next steps.
30. Corporate Counseling
Steven K. May
An employee, who had sessions with a corporate-sponsored counselor, learns she has lost her job and is concerned information from her counseling was part of the organizational decision process.
31. Managing Multiple Roles
Caryn E. Medved and Julie Apker
An employee managing multiple roles during an organizational merger faces stress, burnout, and work-family conflict.
32. The Peter Principle
Joann Keyton
By comparing his actions with his explanations, both a new and an experienced insurance adjuster recognize the incompetence of their supervisor.
33. No Laughing Matter
Linda B. Dickmeyer and Scott G. Dickmeyer
A young newcomer begins his career at an established organization and must recognize and adapt to the norms of a strong corporate culture.
34. Not on My Sabbath: Role Conflict and Impression Management in a Jewish Organization
Joy Koesten
Faced with a surprising role conflict, an employee discovers the challenges of superior-subordinate relationships, specifically those relating to face work, impression management, and power.


35. Where Does It Hurt?
Cynthia A. Irizarry
A female medical doctor finds being the first female in a medical practice group contentious and fraught with serious challenges.
36. Not a Typical Friday
Marifran Mattson
New leadership wanting change fires a 25-year employee, resulting in legal action and concerns from peers with much less experience.
37. A Case of Mistreatment at Work?
Mary M. Meares and John G. Oetzel
An employee perceives mistreatment while her coworkers consider their cultural references to be teasing.
38. The Penis People
Diane K. Sloan
Female consultants face obscene and sexist behaviors from large numbers of trainees challenging their abilities to handle the training classes.
39. Navigating the Limits of a Smile
Sarah J. Tracy
Cruise ship staff face challenges in creating expected customer service under difficult circumstances.