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cover of `Twas Only an Irishman`s Dream : The Image of Ireland and the Irish in American Popular Song Lyrics, 1800-1920 (96)

by William H. Williams

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0252065514
ISBN10: 0252065514

cover of African American Music for Everyone - With CD (2ND 04)

by Stan L. Breckenridg...

Cover Type: Spiral
ISBN13: 978-0757525162
ISBN10: 0757525164

cover of American Popular Music : New Approaches to the Twentieth Century (01)

by Rachel Ed. Rubin a...

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1558492684
ISBN10: 1558492682

cover of Anthology of Post-Tonal Music (08)

by Miguel Roig-Francol...

Cover Type: Spiral
ISBN13: 978-0073325026
ISBN10: 0073325023

cover of Art of Film Music (94)

by George Burt

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1555532703
ISBN10: 1555532705

cover of Attending and Enjoying Concert Study Guide (10)

by Ken Bloom

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0205662180
ISBN10: 0205662188

cover of Carnival Music in Trinidad - Text (04)

by Shannon Dudley

Cover Type: Paperback

cover of Contemporary Worship Music : A Biblical Defense (97)

by John M. Frame

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0875522128
ISBN10: 0875522122

cover of Decoded (10)

by Jay-Z

Cover Type: Hardback
ISBN13: 978-1400068920
ISBN10: 1400068924

cover of Deep River and the Negro Spiritual Speaks of Life and Death (75)

by Howard Thurman

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0913408209
ISBN10: 0913408204

cover of Divine Utterances : The Performance of Afro-Cuban Santeria - With CD (01)

by Katherine J. Hagedo...

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1560989479
ISBN10: 1560989475

cover of German Lyric Diction Workbook (4TH 13)

by Cheri Montgomery

Cover Type: Spiral
ISBN13: 978-0976486923
ISBN10: 097648692X

cover of Golden Age of Gospel (95)

by Horace Clarence Boy...

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0252068775
ISBN10: 0252068777

cover of Guitar Praise (03)

by Ed Hogan

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0834172036
ISBN10: 0834172038

cover of Hearing the Movies: Music and Sound in Film History (10)

by James Buhler

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0195327793
ISBN10: 0195327799

cover of Heartbeat of the People : Music and Dance of the Northern Pow-Wow (02)

by Tara Browner

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0252071867
ISBN10: 0252071867

cover of Hip-Hop Revolution: The Culture and Politics of Rap (09)

by Jeffrey O.G. Ogabr

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0700616510
ISBN10: 0700616519

cover of Improvisation : Its Nature and Practice in Music (92)

by Derek Bailey

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0306805288
ISBN10: 0306805286

cover of Invisible Art of Film Music (98)

by Laurence E. MacDona...

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1880157565
ISBN10: 188015756X

cover of Jubilate II : Church Music in Worship and Renewal ((REV)93)

by Donald P. Hustad

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0916642174
ISBN10: 0916642178

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