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Pop Culture in the U.S. Textbooks

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cover of Country Called Amreeka (09)

by Alia Malek

Cover Type: Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-1416589754
ISBN10: 1416589759

cover of Crossroads (05)

by Mitchell K. Hall

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0742544444
ISBN10: 0742544443

cover of Cult of the Amateur : How blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and the rest of today`s user-generated media are destroying our economy, our culture, and our values (08)

by Andrew Keen

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0385520812
ISBN10: 0385520816

cover of Culture Jam: How to Reverse America`s Suicidal Consumer Binge-and Why We Must (99)

by Kalle Lasn

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0688178055
ISBN10: 0688178057

cover of Cute, Quaint, Hungry and Romantic : The Aesthetics of Consumerism (00)

by Daniel Harris

Cover Type: Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0306810473
ISBN10: 0306810476

cover of Deliberate Speed : The Origins of a Cultural Style in the American 1950s ((REV)02)

by W. T. Jr. Lhamon

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0674008731
ISBN10: 0674008731

cover of Demographic Vistas : Television in American Culture (REV 96)

by David Marc

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0812215601
ISBN10: 0812215605

cover of Desi Land: Teen Culture, Class, and Success in Silicon Valley (08)

by Shalini Shankar

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0822343158
ISBN10: 0822343150

cover of Dharma Punx (03)

by Noah Levine

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0060008956
ISBN10: 0060008954

cover of Disco Divas : Women, Gender, and Popular Culture in the 1970s (03)

by Joseph E. Inness

Cover Type: Hardback
ISBN13: 978-0812218411
ISBN10: 0812218418

cover of Discovering Popular Culture (07)

by Anna Tomasino

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0321355966
ISBN10: 0321355962

cover of Disney Discourse : Producing the Magic Kingdom (94)

by Eric Ed. Smoodin

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0415906166
ISBN10: 0415906164

cover of Disney Version : The Life, Times, Art and Commerce of Walt Disney (3RD 97)

by Richard Schickel

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1566631587
ISBN10: 1566631580

cover of Diversity in U.S. Mass Media (12)

by Catherine A. Luther

Cover Type: Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-1405187923
ISBN10: 1405187921

cover of E Pluribus Barnum : The Great Showman and the Making of U.S. Popular Culture (97)

by Bluford Adams

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0816626311
ISBN10: 0816626316

cover of East Eats West (10)

by Andrew Lam

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1597141383
ISBN10: 1597141380

cover of Elvis Culture : Fans, Faith, and Image (99)

by Erika Doss

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0700613373
ISBN10: 0700613374

cover of Elvis in Jerusalem : Post-Zionism and the Americanization of Israel (02)

by Tom Segev and Haim ...

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0805072884
ISBN10: 0805072888

cover of Emperors of Chocolate (99)

by Joel Glenn Brenner

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0767904575
ISBN10: 0767904575

cover of End of the World as We Know It : Faith, Fatalism, and Apocalypse in America (97)

by Daniel Wojcik

Cover Type: Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0814793480
ISBN10: 0814793487

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