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Abortion Textbooks

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cover of Life`s Dominion : An Argument About Abortion, Euthanasia, and Individual Freedom (93)

by Ronald D. Dworkin

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0679733195
ISBN10: 0679733191

cover of Liquid Life : Abortion and Buddhism in Japan (92)

by William R. LaFleur

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0691029658
ISBN10: 0691029652

cover of Making of Pro-life Activists: How Social Movement Mobilization Works (09)

by Ziad W. Munson

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0226551203
ISBN10: 0226551202

cover of Moral Veto : Framing Contraception, Abortion, and Cultural Pluralism in the United States (05)

by Gene Burns

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0521609845
ISBN10: 0521609844

cover of Our Bodies, Our Crimes (09)

by Jeanne Flavin

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0814727911
ISBN10: 0814727913

cover of Politics of Duplicity : Controlling Reproduction in Ceausescu`s Romania (98)

by Gail Kligman

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0520210752
ISBN10: 0520210751

cover of Prescription for Murder (93)

by Angus Mclaren

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0226560687
ISBN10: 0226560686

cover of Rights and Wrongs of Abortion (74)

by Marshall Cohen, Tho...

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0691019796
ISBN10: 0691019797

cover of Roe vs. Wade : Abortion Rights Controversy in American History (2ND 10)

by N. E. H. Hull

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0700617548
ISBN10: 070061754X

cover of Sacred Choices : The Right to Contraception and Abortion in Ten World Religions (01)

by Daniel C. Maguire

Cover Type: Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0800634339
ISBN10: 0800634330

cover of Safe, Legal, and Unavailable? Abortion Politics in the United States (07)

by Melody Rose

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1933116891
ISBN10: 1933116897

cover of Splitting the Baby : The Culture of Abortion in Literature and Abortion Law, Rhetoric and Cartoons (02)

by Linda S. Myrsiades

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0820458168
ISBN10: 0820458163

cover of Story of Jane : The Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service (95)

by Laura Kaplan

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0226424217
ISBN10: 0226424219

cover of Supreme Court and Legal Change : Abortion and the Death Penalty (92)

by Lee Epstein and Jos...

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0807843840
ISBN10: 0807843849

cover of This Common Secret (09)

by Susan Wicklund and ...

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1586486471
ISBN10: 1586486470

cover of Unaborted Socrates (83)

by Peter Kreeft

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0877848103
ISBN10: 0877848106

cover of Understanding Abortion: From Mixed Feelings to Rational Thought (11)

by Stephen D. Schwarz

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0739167717
ISBN10: 0739167715

cover of Understanding Violence and Victimization (6TH 14)

by Robert J. Meadows

Cover Type: Hardback
ISBN13: 978-0133008623
ISBN10: 0133008622

cover of Unplanned (10)

by Abby Johnson

Cover Type: Hardback
ISBN13: 978-1414348353
ISBN10: 1414348355

cover of Unplanned : The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader`s Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line (11)

by Abby Johnson

Cover Type: Hardback
ISBN13: 978-1414339399
ISBN10: 1414339399

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