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Evolutionary Psychology Textbooks

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cover of Evolutionary Psychology (5TH 15)

by David Buss

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0205992126
ISBN10: 0205992129

cover of Evolutionary Psychology : A Critical Introduction (00)

by Christopher Badcock

Cover Type: Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0745622064
ISBN10: 0745622062

cover of Evolutionary Psychology : Beginner`s Guide (05)

by Robin Dunbar, Louis...

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1851683567
ISBN10: 1851683569

cover of Evolutionary Psychology : The New Science of the Mind (2ND 04)

by David Buss

Cover Type: Hardback
ISBN13: 978-0205370719
ISBN10: 0205370713

cover of Evolutionary Psychology: An Introduction (3RD 14)

by Lance Workman

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1107622739
ISBN10: 1107622735

cover of Foundations of Evolutionary Psychology (08)

by Charles Crawford an...

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0805859577
ISBN10: 0805859578

cover of From Darwin to Hitler : Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism in Germany (04)

by Richard Weikart

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1403972019
ISBN10: 140397201X

cover of Homicide (88)

by Martin Daly and Mar...

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0202011783
ISBN10: 020201178X

cover of Human Evolutionary Psychology (02)

by Louise Barrett, Rob...

Cover Type: Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0691096223
ISBN10: 0691096228

cover of Human Nature and the Evolution of Society (14)

by Stephen K. Sanderso...

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0813349367
ISBN10: 0813349362

cover of In Gods We Trust : Evolutionary Landscape of Religion (02)

by Scott Atran

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0195178036
ISBN10: 0195178033

cover of Kluge: The Haphazard Evolution of the Human Mind (08)

by Gary Marcus

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0547238241
ISBN10: 054723824X

cover of Mind So Rare : Evolution of Human Consciousness (01)

by Merlin Donald

Cover Type: Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0393323191
ISBN10: 0393323196

cover of Mirage of a Space between Nature and Nurture (10)

by Evelyn Fox Keller

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0822347316
ISBN10: 0822347318

cover of Moral Animal : Why We Are, the Way We Are : The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology (95)

by Robert Wright

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0679763994
ISBN10: 0679763996

cover of Moral Minds : How Nature Designed Our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong (06)

by Marc Hauser

Cover Type: Hardback
ISBN13: 978-0060780708
ISBN10: 0060780703

cover of Mothers and Others (09)

by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0674060326
ISBN10: 0674060326

cover of No Two Alike : Human Nature and Human Individuality (06)

by Judith Rich Harris

Cover Type: Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0393329711
ISBN10: 0393329712

cover of On Human Nature - 25th Anniversary Edition ((REV)04)

by Edward O. Wilson

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0674016385
ISBN10: 0674016386

cover of On the Origin of Stories: Evolution, Cognition, and Fiction (09)

by Brian Boyd

Cover Type: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-0674057111
ISBN10: 0674057112

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