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Chinese Art and Culture

Chinese Art and Culture - 01 edition

Chinese Art and Culture - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780131833647

ISBN10: 0131833642

Chinese Art and Culture by Robert L. Thorp and Richard Ellis Vinograd - ISBN 9780131833647
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2001
International: No
Chinese Art and Culture by Robert L. Thorp and Richard Ellis Vinograd - ISBN 9780131833647

ISBN13: 9780131833647

ISBN10: 0131833642


Chinese Art & Culture is a refreshingly clear look at the oldest and most productive continuous artistic tradition on earth. From 7,000-year-old Neolithic potmaking and jade-carving cultures to contemporary artists installation, video, and performance pieces, this engrossing survey embraces the richness and complexity of Chinese art. In all the right ways, this is a different kind of book on Chinese art. Departing from the predictable narration of dynasties and styles, Robert L. Thorp and Richard Ellis Vinograd present art as a cultural expression of societal expectations, politics, material culture, belief systems, and wider fields of culture. They emphasize works of ancient art and architecture found in their original archaeological settings. Where that is not feasible, they reconstruct interconnections among individual pieces and with their contexts of production. To the broad cultural picture, they add considerations of the material of which an object is made and the distinctive techniques used to make it. Thus an early Ming vase is shown as the product of a new advance in firing technology that enabled control of copper red glazes and as a reflection -- in its shape -- of the lingering taste of the Early Ming emperors for things Tibetan.

Chinese art is one of the most active and mutable areas of cultural scholarship today. Thorp and Vinograd are leaders in a generation of scholars who are reexamining long-held conceptions about Chinese art -- for example, the notion that Chinese art has essential and permanent characteristics and the idea that Chinese art and culture were untouched by outside influences. Just as important, the authors give popular, religious, and craft arts their just due. Richly illustrated -- some of the objects have almost never been pictured before -- and enhanced with special-topic sidebars, this long-awaited book answers the needs of students, collectors, and lovers of Chinese art for a work that is current in approach and scholarship and is at the same time reader-friendly.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Map: China
Introducing Chinese Art and Culture
Map: Macroregions of China
Time Chart

Prehistoric Roots: Late Neolithic Cultures

Village Societies
Village Life
Death and Burial
Material Culture: Making Things
Hardstones of the Hongshan and Liangzhu Cultures
Yangshao Cultures
East Coast Cultures
The Shandong Longshan Culture
Mind in Matter
Images of Animals and Humans
Working Hardstones and Jade
Working with Clay
Precursors to Writing?

The Early Bronze Age: Shang and Western Zhou

The Early State and Society
The Shang Royal Cult
The King and the Political Order
Craft Production for the Elite
Bronze Ritual Vessels
Terms of Analysis
Typology and Decoration
Motifs and Meanings
Beyond Shang and Zhou
Building with Pounded Earth
Divination: Communicating with the Ancestors
Piece-mold Bronze Casting
Map: Shang and Zhou Sites in Henan and Shaanxi

The Late Bronze Age: Eastern Zhou

State and Society
Zhou Urbanism
Warfare: "The Great Affair of State"
Craft Production for the Elite
Luxury Life-styles
Personal Attire
The Bronze Industry
The Spring and Autumn Period
The Warring States Period
Ritual and Representation
Funerary Ritual
Representational Art
A Wider View: Peoples of the North and Southwest
Writing Tools and Scripts
The "Royal City" Plan
Making Lacquer Wares
Map: States of the Warring States Period

The First Empires: Qin and Han

The Imperial State and Society
Qin Unification
Structure of the Han Realm
The Qin and Han Capitals
Han Society
Picturing Elite Life
Court Patronage and Luxury Arts
Lacquer Wares, Metalwork, and Jade
Imperial Ideology and World View
The Emperor
The Tomb of the First Emperor
Han Imperial Tombs
Myths and Portraits
The Souls and the After-life
Beyond the Middle Kingdom: Peoples of the Frontiers
The Myth of the Great Wall
The Land of Silk
Map: Xi'an Region

Age of the Dharma: The Period of Division

State and Society
Imperial Capitals: The North
Imperial Tombs: The South
Elite Tombs: The North
The Dharma Comes to the Middle Kingdom
Central Asian and Liang Buddhism
Northern Wei Patrons
Court Patronage at Luoyang
Dunhuang: Early Narratives
Northern Qi Patrons
Luxury and Elite Arts
Stonewares and Glazes
Secular Painting
Beyond the Middle Kingdom
Script Types
"The Six Laws of Xie He"

A New Imperial State: Sui and Tang

State and Society
A New Capital: Daxing cheng and Chang'an
The Imperial Tombs
Scenes from Court Life
State Patronage of the Dharma
Temples and Pagodas
The "Great Image Niche" at Longmen
Tang Chapels at Dunhuang
Buddhist Themes at Dunhuang
The "Sutra Cave"
Elite Life and Elite Arts
Cosmopolitan Life
Secular Themes in Painting
Beyond the Middle Kingdom
The Timber-frame System
Precious Metals

Technologies and Cultures of the Song

Measuring Everyday Life
Art Technologies and Economies
Song Architecture and Urbanism
Ceramic Production
Social Coordinates of Style and Taste
Constructing Landscapes
Cultures of Art
Court Cultures
Women's Culture
Literary Culture and the Arts
Art Literature and Discourses
Varieties of Poetic Painting
Buddhist Artistic Culture
Song Buddhist Iconographies
Chan Art
Urban Life and Culture in Hangzhou
A Song Court Painter at Work
Painting Formats and Materials
Training and Examination of Court Artists
Northern Song and Liao Empires
Southern Song and Jin Empires

Official, Personal, and Urban Arts of the Yuan to Middle Ming

Art and Official Ideology
Official Patronage of Religious Art and Architecture
The Procelain Industry at Jingdezhen
Personal Arts of the Educated Elite
Urban Arts
The Establishment of the Yuan Capital City of Dadu at Beijing
Ceramics from a Yuan-dynasty Shipwreck

Art Systems and Circulations: Late Ming to Middle Qing

Woodblock Illustration
Literati Painting and Calligraphy
Orthodoxy and the Fate of Literati Painting
Arts of Desire and Memory
Loyalist Arts of Memory
Commercial and Domestic Arts
Residential Architecture
Hardwood Furniture
Craft Objects from the Suzhou Region
Ceramics for Domestic Markets
Urban Professional Painters
Court Arts
Palace Architecture
Buddhist Arts at Court
Court-sponsored Crafts
International Arts
Export Ceramics
Other Export Crafts
European Arts and Artists at the Qing Court
European Images of China
The Arts of Living: Leisure, Pleasure, and Material Culture
Map: Southeast China

Identity and Community in 19th- and 20th-Century Chinese Art

Images of the Self
Sites of Community and Public Spaces
Post-literati Arts and National-style Painting (Guohua)
Functional Arts
Illustrational and Design Arts
Popular Arts
Political Arts
Images of War, Resistance, and Propaganda
Political Spaces and Art Institutions
Satire and Protest
Transnational Arts and Avant-garde Movements
The Arts of History
Ideological Control of the Arts

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