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Classic Readings in Sociology (Canadian)

Classic Readings in Sociology (Canadian) - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 978-0534587789

Cover of Classic Readings in Sociology (Canadian) 2ND 02 (ISBN 978-0534587789)
ISBN13: 978-0534587789
ISBN10: 053458778X Edition: 2ND 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
Published: 2002
International: No

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Classic Readings in Sociology (Canadian) - 2ND 02 edition

ISBN13: 978-0534587789

Eve Howard

ISBN13: 978-0534587789
ISBN10: 053458778X Edition: 2ND 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
Published: 2002
International: No

This reader is intended for courses in Introductory Sociology at both two- and four- year schools to be used alone, bundled as a valuable supplement to the core Introduction to Sociology text, or in a collection of smaller books. It is also excellent for the upper division theory course.

A resounding best seller in the first edition, this series of classic articles written by key sociologists will complement any introductory sociology textbook. This reader serves as a foundation where students can read original works that teach the fundamentals ideas of Sociology. Priced right as a stand-alone and free when bundled with our introductory texts, this brief reader is a convenient and painless way to bring the "great thinkers" to your students.


  • Inexpensive alternative to a full sized reader, $12.00 stand-alone, and Free when bundled with any Wadsworth Introduction to Sociology texts (Stockard, Andersen & Taylor, Kendall, Stark, Brinkerhoff Essentials, Ferrante and Shepard.)
  • Carefully designed from the suggestions of over 60 top sociologists teaching Introductory Sociology today to include the readings that they consider the most important and valuable for their students to read.
  • Readings arranged to mirror sequential order of most Introductory Sociology texts.
  • Excerpts from timeless, well-known works such as C. Wright Mills', "The Promise of Sociology," Goffman's "Presentation of Self," as well as selections from highly regarded, more contemporary writings such as Kozol's "Savage Inequalities" and Ritzer's "McDonaldization of Society".
  • A full glossary of sociological terms assists students in reading the articles and will especially benefit instructors who choose to use Classic Readings without an accompanying textbook.
  • Web site links are provided to help students and instructors begin to access recent data and information for each article. A notice is provided at the end of each article that informs the reader that links to more information regarding that particular topic in Sociology can be found at the Wadsworth Sociology web site.
  • Links to the Wadsworth Sociology Resource Center, which allows access to great sociology web sites, InfoTrac College Edition, Virtual Tours in Sociology, a career center, Sociology in the News, instructor's resources, and much more. Bundled with texts that include InfoTrac. If an instructor or a student wants to read further on a particular subject, all they need to do is visit our web site and link to Infotrac. Each article ends with an Infotrac icon, search ideas, and an invitation to visit the website.

Table of Contents

Preface by Eve Howard.

1. "The Promise of Sociology" by C. Wright Mills.
2. "Invitation to Sociology" by Peter L. Berger.
3. "Manifesto of the Communist Party" by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
4. "How to Lie With Statistics" by Darrell Huff.
5. "Manifest and Latent Functions" by Robert K. Merton.
6. "Body Ritual Among the Nacirema" by Horace Miner.
7. "The Self" by George Herbert Mead.
8. "The Presentation of Self" by Erving Goffman.
9. "The Uses of Poverty: The Poor Pay All" by Herbert Gans.
10. "The Souls of Black Folk" by W.E.B. DuBois.
11. "The Future of Marriage" by Jessie Bernard.
12. "Men and Women of the Corporation" by Rosabeth Moss Kanter.
13. "The Power Elite" by C. Wright Mills.
14. "Savage Inequalities" by Jonathan Kozol.
15. "Urbanism As a Way of Life" by Louis Wirth.


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