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Clinical Immunology and Serology

Clinical Immunology and Serology - 2nd edition

Clinical Immunology and Serology - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780803610958

ISBN10: 0803610955

Clinical Immunology and Serology by Christine Dorresteyn Stevens - ISBN 9780803610958
Edition: 2ND 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: F. A. Davis Co.
Published: 2003
International: No
Clinical Immunology and Serology by Christine Dorresteyn Stevens - ISBN 9780803610958

ISBN13: 9780803610958

ISBN10: 0803610955


Thoroughly updated, this new edition continues to provide a practical introduction to clinical immunology, covering essential theoretical principles along with serology techniques most commonly used in the lab. Now with case studies added, each chapter is a concentrated learning exercise, first presenting theory and then detailing procedures for simulated clinical testing. The instructive line illustrations and practical laboratory exercises have also been updated and visually enhanced with the addition of color.


  • Case studies make topics more relevant, helping students understand the "big picture" and how their work contributes to a diagnosis
  • Color plates added to visually demonstrate what to expect in the lab
  • New chapter (8), "Overview of Antigen-Antibody Reactions and Basic Safety Considerations" presents the new and updated OSHA regulations as they apply to the clinical immunology lab
  • New chapter (12), "Molecular Biology Techniques," a timely topic, explains methods of current molecular testing (DNA testing) as it relates to clinical immunology
  • Second color added to enhance headings, charts, tables, and illustrations
  • Updated references and additional lab exercises reflect changes in immunology and serology


  • The chapters follow a pedagogical structure that supports students? learning:
  • chapter outlines
  • key terms
  • objectives
  • multiple-choice review questions (with answer keys)
  • chapter summaries
  • Easy-to-perform lab exercises illustrate key concepts in each chapter

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part 1: Nature of the Immune System

1. Historical Concepts and Introduction to Serologic Testing
2. Natural Immunity
3. The Lymphoid System
4. Nature of Antigens and the Major Histocompatibility Complex
5. Antibody Structure and Function
6. Cytokines
7. Complement

Part 2: Basic Immunologic Procedures

8. Safety and Specimen Preparation
9. Precipitation Reactions
10. Agglutination
11. Labeled Immunoassay
12. Molecular Biology Techniques

Part 3: Immune Disorders

13. Hypersensitivity
14. Autoimmunity
15. Immunoproliferative Diseases
16. Immunodeficiency Diseases
17. Transplantation Immunology
18. Tumor Immunology

Part 4: Serologic Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

19. Spironeous Serology chete Diseases
20. Streptococcal Serology
21. Serology of Viral Infections
22. HIV Serology
23. Miscella


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