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Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Computer-Aided Manufacturing - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 978-0137545247

Cover of Computer-Aided Manufacturing 2ND 98 (ISBN 978-0137545247)
ISBN13: 978-0137545247
ISBN10: 013754524X
Edition: 2ND 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 1998
International: No

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Computer-Aided Manufacturing - 2ND 98 edition

ISBN13: 978-0137545247

Tien-Chien Chang and Richard A. Wysk

ISBN13: 978-0137545247
ISBN10: 013754524X
Edition: 2ND 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 1998
International: No

An in-depth introduction to the science, math and engineering of computer aided manufacturing methods. This book provides a comprehensive view of manufacturing planning, design, automation, flexible automation, and computers in manufacturing using a strong science-based and analytical approach.

Presents the scientific foundations for understanding the issues and technologies of modern CAM and related design and system planning activities.

Covers the major topics of CAM and CAD -- from introductory to advanced.

Presents an integrated view of engineering enabling mechanical and industrial engineering students to gain a complete view of product design and development.

Provides numerous figures, illustrations, and examples throughout the text.

NEW--A new chapter on tooling and fixturing (Ch. 5):

Introduces the fundamentals of tooling and tool and fixture requirements for process planning. Implications of tooling and fixturing in the creation of process plans are discussed.

NEW--A new chapter on concurrent engineering (Ch. 14):

Covers principles, techniques, and benefits of concurrent engineering, including implementation in the workplace.

NEW--Expands and updates coverage on computer aided design (Ch. 3) and programmable logic controllers (Ch. 7).

NEW--Adds new examples throughout to help reinforce the principles presented in each chapter.

NEW--Offers a web site with overhead transparencies and software relating to computer graphics tools, NC simulation, and MAPT programming. URL. http://cam.ecn.purdue.edu/ie575.html

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Manufacturing.

2. Part Design Specification.

3. Computer-Aided Design.

4. Process Engineering.

5. Tooling and Fixturing.

6. Fixed Automation.

7. Programmable Logic Controllers.

8. Data Communication and Local-Area Networks in Manufacturing.

9. Fundamentals of Numerical Control.

10. Numerical-Control Programming.

11. Industrial Robots.

12. Group Technology.

13. Process Planning.

14. Concurrent Engineering.

15. Integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing.

16. The Planning of Manufacturing Systems.

Appendix A. Vector Algebra.
Appendix B. Transfer Functions and Block Diagrams.
Appendix C. LaPlace Transforms.
Appendix D. KK-3 Code Digit Definition of Rotational Parts.
Appendix E. KK-3 Classification of Nonrotational Parts.


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