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Contemporary Editing With Online Learning Center

Contemporary Editing With Online Learning Center - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 978-0072853988

Cover of Contemporary Editing With Online Learning Center 2ND 05 (ISBN 978-0072853988)
ISBN13: 978-0072853988
ISBN10: 0072853980

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
Published: 2005
International: No

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Contemporary Editing With Online Learning Center - 2ND 05 edition

ISBN13: 978-0072853988

Cecilia Friend, Don Challenger and Katherine C. McAdams

ISBN13: 978-0072853988
ISBN10: 0072853980

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
Published: 2005
International: No

This text sets the standard for college news editing courses by offering comprehensive instruction and a focus on "the editor's attitude"--news values, ethics, newsroom decision-making, and an understanding of audience. The text equips students both with the basics of effective publications editing and with the background needed to deal with the changing nature of the print medium and news forums. The new edition offers expanded coverage of editing for broadcast and the Web, more voices from today's newsroom, and current examples taken from recent news stories, including the 2003 ethics scandal at The New York Times.

New to This Edition

  • This streamlined edition features shorter sections on theoretical presentations and historical explanations, and succinct sidebars that can be used at the instructor's discretion. Each chapter has been shortened so that it may easily be read and discussed within a single week's classes.
  • The text offers updated information and greater emphasis on the editing demands of the Web as well as editing skills for writers, public relations students, and other communication professionals, with examples and lessons from the digital newsroom and other nonprint media (addressing such issues as broadcast style and layering on the Web).
  • More voices from the newsroom are incorporated throughout, allowing working editors to speak to students about the skills they will need to make the transition from classroom to newsroom.
  • Updated examples address the way in which the events of September 11th, the military response in Afghanistan, and the war in Iraq have influenced today's journalism. Other major stories included are the 2000 election, the Columbia disaster, and the spread of global diseases.
  • The new edition discusses the growing reality of convergence in the media workplace, and reflects the need to have editing courses serve broadcasting, public relations, and advertising students, in addition to print journalism students.
  • A new comprehensive chapter on trimming stories and creating briefs is the first of its kind to appear in an introductory editing text.
  • A new student CD-ROM, Contemporary Editing Workbook Version 2.0, is packaged free with every new copy of the text! The revised CD-ROM is full of stimulating and effective exercises for student editors, including interactive group editing exercises.


  • An emphasis on fundamentals. From its highly regarded treatment of grammar to its step-by-step guidance in story editing, headline writing, and design, this book gives students a thorough grounding in the basic skills and concepts demanded of editors in every field.
  • A wide focus on standards and principles. In addition to offering a strong chapter on ethics, the authors stress the ethical dimension of all editing, from basic accuracy to the handling of polls and pictures, to the new issues raised by linking, partnering, and interactivity on the Web.
  • Unique chapters. The text includes full chapters on editing local and community news, wire news, broadcast feeds, polls, and graphics.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Approaching the Story

Chapter 1. Focus on Fundamentals: The Editor Within
Chapter 2. Focus on News Judgment: The Editor's Attitude
Chapter 3. Focus on Skills and Tools: The Editor in the Newsroom
Chapter 4. Focus on Grammar: The Mechanics of Language
Chapter 5. Focus on Good Writing: Strong and Graceful Prose
Chapter 6. Focus on Headlnes: Precision, Power and Poetry

Section 2: Inside the Story

Chapter 7. News Close to Home: Editing Local and Community Media
Chapter 8. News from Afar: Editing Wire Stories
Chapter 9. Making a Long Story Short: Editing for Brevity and Clarity
Chapter 10. Working with Writers: Editing Features
Chapter 11. No Safety in Numbers: Stories Based on Poll and Surveys
Chapter 12. Doing Justice: Ethical and Legal Issues

Section 3: Beyond the Story

Chapter 13. An Eye for News: Editing Photos
Chapter 14. Showing the Story: Editing Information Graphics
Chapter 15. The Balancing Act: Designing Pages
Chapter 16. The Future Now: Convergence and the Web