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Contemporary Financial Management / With CD-ROM

Contemporary Financial Management / With CD-ROM - 9th edition

ISBN13: 978-0324164701

Cover of Contemporary Financial Management / With CD-ROM 9TH 03 (ISBN 978-0324164701)
ISBN13: 978-0324164701
ISBN10: 032416470X
Edition: 9TH 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: South-Western Publishing Co.
Published: 2003
International: No

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Contemporary Financial Management / With CD-ROM - 9TH 03 edition

ISBN13: 978-0324164701

R. Charles Moyer, James R. McGuigan and William J. Kretlow

ISBN13: 978-0324164701
ISBN10: 032416470X
Edition: 9TH 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: South-Western Publishing Co.
Published: 2003
International: No

The ninth edition of this successful text provides a comprehensive and contemporary introduction to financial management, focusing on shareholder wealth maximization and cash flow management, the international aspects of financial management, the ethical behavior of managers, and the increased impact of the Internet in business practice. In addition, content has been added or enhanced to reflect the changing focus on finance areas including topics such as discounted payback period, dividend practices of foreign firms, risk management, and real options.


  • NEW! More Coverage: Coverage of breakeven analysisand real options.
  • Updated Examples: Many new chapter-opening "Financial Challenges."
  • Maximizing Shareholder Wealth Theme: This text is organized around the objective of maximizing the value of the firm for its shareholders. This theme is introduced early in the text, and each major financial decision is linked to the impact it has on the value of the firm.
  • Emphasis on Fundamental Concepts: Four basic Foundation Concepts (Importance of Cash Flow, Significance of Net Present Value, Relationship between Risk and Return, and Efficiency of Capital Markets) which are central to a complete understanding of most financial management decisions are introduced early in the text and highlighted throughout the book.
  • Real-World Applications: Each chapter opens with a "Financial Challenge," a management problem faced by a well-known firm that sets the stage for what is to be learned in the chapter. In addition, financial management concepts are illustrated throughout the text using problems and data from real firms.
  • Internet Applications: Additional margin URLs in each chapter and chapter-ending Internet problems reflect the increased importance of the Internet in accessing financial information. These also provide students with handy references to explore the Internet for additional information and data dealing with the topic of the chapter.
  • Thorough Integration of International Topics: This text has two chapters on international finance. Chapter 2 offers an overview of important international finance relationships, and Chapter 21 covers more advanced topics. In addition, "International Issues" sections throughout the text illustrate global considerations associated with making financial decisions.
  • Ethical Issues: "Ethical Issues" sections integrate ethical issues facing financial managers. They raise sensitivity to these issues and normally finish with questions and topics for further classroom discussion.
  • Entrepreneurial Issues: Throughout the text, "Entrepreneurial Issues" recognize the important and growing role of small and medium-sized firms. These sections highlight unique finance-related problems and concerns of entrepreneurs.
  • Exceptional Problem Material: Every chapter ends with an unsurpassed abundance and variety of questions and problems including "Excel Problems" and "Integrative Case Problems." A special "Supplemental Problem Set" is also available for instructors.
  • Calculator Applications: Calculator application boxes are included to help solve time value of money problems. Step-by-step instructions are set up in a generic format and can be used with any financial calculator. An insert card is included to describe precise keystrokes for many popular calculators.
  • NEW! Behavioral Finance: Coverage of behavioral finance in the corporate governance section.
  • NEW! Updated Appendix coverage: An appendix on the Black-Scholes model to the options chapter.
  • NEW! Technology: Technology Applications features - building Excel spreadsheets.
  • NEW! Student Friendly: Solutions to Self-Test problems at end of text.
  • Free Student Resource CD-ROM: The Student Resource CD-ROM contains over 400 practice problems with solutions, financial calculator keystrokes, a text-specific interactive glossary, the PowerPoint slides, Excel templates, and Present Value and Future Value tables.
  • Enhanced Web Site: The text's Web site (http://moyer.swcollege.com) offers invaluable teaching and learning resources, including: online quizzes, key concepts, key terms, Internet applications, summaries of the latest finance news articles, background information and interesting links for key corporate finance topics and suggested cases.
  • Problem Level Designations: End-of-chapter problems are designated by level as basic, intermediate, or challenge.

Author Bio

Moyer, R. Charles : Wake Forest University

McGuigan, James R. : JRM Investments

Kretlow, William J. : University of Houston

Table of Contents

PART I: INTRODUCTION. 1. The Role and Objective of Financial Management. 2. The Domestic and International Financial Marketplace. Appendix 2A: Taxes. 3. Evaluation of Financial Performance.

PART II: DETERMINANTS OF VALUATION. 4. The Time Value of Money. Appendix 4A: continuous Compounding and Discounting. 5. Analysis of Risk and Return. 6. Fixed-Income Securities: Characteristics and Valuation. Appendix 6A: Bond Refunding Analysis. 7. Common Stock: Characteristics, Valuation, and Issuance.

PART III: THE CAPITAL INVESTMENT DECISION. 8. Capital Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis. Appendix 8A: Depreciation. 9. Capital Budgeting: Decision Criteria and Real Option Considerations. Appendix 9A: Mutually Exclusive Investments Having Unequal Lives. 10. Capital Budgeting and Risk.

PART IV: THE COST OF CAPITAL, CAPITAL STRUCTURE, AND DIVIDEND POLICY. 11. The Cost of Capital. 12. Capital Structure Concepts. 13. Capital Structure Management in Practice. 14. Dividend Policy.

PART V: WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT AND FINANCIAL FORECASTING. 15. Financial Forecasting and Working Working Capital Policy. 16. The Management of Cash and Marketable Securities. 17. Management of Accounts Receivable and Inventories. 18. Short- and Intermediate-Term Funding Alternatives.

PART VI: ADVANCED TOPICS IN CONTEMPORARY FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. 19. Lease Financing. 20. Financing with Derivatives. 21. International Financial Management. 22. Corporate Restructuring. Tables. Glossary. Check Answers to Selected Problems. Financial Challenge Photo Credits. Index.

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