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Craft of Public Administration

Craft of Public Administration - 7th edition

ISBN13: 978-0697237583

Cover of Craft of Public Administration 7TH 97 (ISBN 978-0697237583)
ISBN13: 978-0697237583
ISBN10: 0697237583
Edition: 7TH 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Brown Benchmark (Benchmark Press)
Published: 1997
International: No

Craft of Public Administration - 7TH 97 edition

ISBN13: 978-0697237583

George E. Berkley

ISBN13: 978-0697237583
ISBN10: 0697237583
Edition: 7TH 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Brown Benchmark (Benchmark Press)
Published: 1997
International: No

This brief, economical text lays out the framework necessary for understanding the function of public administration in America. It carefully illustrates how public administrators must continually respond to the changes in economic, political, and social conditions.
New! Extensive coverage of the 1994 general elections and the 104th Congress shows students how the Republican takeover affected the ever-changing political climate in which public administrators function.
New! An emphasis on the new conservative movement illustrates its influence on personnel issues in public administration and on budgeting policies and practices on the federal, state, and local levels.
Case Study sections, featured at the end of each chapter, illustrate the principles under discussion in the text and apply them to current issues.
Special focus on the chemistry between the equality of government programs and the efficiency of the private sector models the dynamism of the U.S. system of public administration.

Table of Contents

1. The Administrative Craft

The Heart of the Matter
Art, Science or Craft?
Partisan Politics, Policy Politics, and System Politics
The Craft and the American Political System
The Craft and Political Culture
Behaviors, Institutions, Processes and Policies
Case Study: America's Suburban-Urban Crisis and the Los Angeles Riots

2. The Ecology of the Administrative Craft

Our Organized Society
Equality and Efficiency
The Synergistic Environment
Ebbs and Flows of Government Expansion and Constraints
The Growth of Public Bureaucracy
Comparing Public and Private Administration Nuances
Interest Groups and Public Bureaucracy
Case Study: Private Infrastructure, Public Influence

3. The Anatomy of Public Organization

The Basis of Organization
Points About Pyramids
Line and Staff
Centralization and Decentralization
Case Study: HUD Goes to the Grass Roots

4. The Physiology of Organization

Democracy in Bureaucracy
Baseline Originals in Organizational Life
Neoclassical Theories
Human Relations Theories
Case Study: An Authoritarian Approach to Management

5. People and Personnel

Conflicting Doctrines in Public Administration
Procedures and Policies
The Postrecruitment Phase
The Challenges of Public Personnel Administration
The Changing Demographics of the Federal Workforce
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Performance Ratings
Job Classifications
Case Study: Personnel Dilemma: Terminate or Retain

6. Public Sector Unionism

Public Unionism: Pro and Con
The Bargaining Process
When Collective Bargaining Fails
Collective Bargaining for Federal Employees
Conflicts in State Civil Service and Collective Bargaining Systems
Percentages of Organized Full-Time Public Sector Employees
Role of Labor Laws in Public Sector Labor Relations
The Rise and Fall of Union Clout
Searching for Solutions
Future of Public Sector Unions: Stagnation or Growth?
Case Study: Union Contract Negotiations in Springfield

7. Leadership

An Overview of Leadership
Leadership Qualities
Recommendations for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Managers
Leadership and Its Limits
Case Study: The Supreme Allied Commander

8. Communication

Background on Administrative Communication
Formal and Informal Communication
The Other Organization
Up, Down, and Across
Case Study: Action This Day

9. Taxing, Budgeting and Spending

The Federal Budget Deficit, Taxes and Choices
Introduction to Public Budgeting
Context of American Budgeting
Traditional Budgeting
Budget Reform Techniques
Decrementalism and Cutback Budgeting
Changes in State Budgeting Since 1970s
Case Study: Cutting Back at City Hall

10. The Productivity Challenge

Working Smarter While Doing More With Less
Public Sector Productivity as Excellence
Efficiency and Effectiveness
Government Performance Perceptions
Privatization of the Public Sector
Productivity Improvement Barriers
Ways of Measuring Government Operations
Payoffs of Productivity: Enhancing Morale and Work Satisfaction
Program Evaluation and Policy Development
Case Study: A Problem of Motivation

11. Administrative Law and Control

The Impact of Administrative Growth on Democratic Ideals and Administrative Law
Traditional and Contemporary Cornerstones of American Administrative Law
What is Administrative Law?
Administrative Discretion and Its Limits
The Expanding Role of Administrative Law Judges
Administrative Controls: Internal and External
Law and Control: How Much is Enough?
Case Study: Administrative Discretion at the State Health Services Administration

12. Clientele Pressures and Regulatory Behaviors

Clientele Relations
Evolution of Administrative Regulations
Economic, Social and Subsidiary Regulations
Administrative Rules and Rule-Making
The Stages of Rule-Making
Administrative Responsibility: Professionalism, Participation and Publicity
Case Study: Pigs, People and Pollution

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