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Criminal Justice Research Sources

Criminal Justice Research Sources - 4th edition

ISBN13: 978-0870848605

Cover of Criminal Justice Research Sources 4TH 00 (ISBN 978-0870848605)
ISBN13: 978-0870848605
ISBN10: 0870848607
Edition: 4TH 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Anderson Publishing Co.
Published: 2000
International: No

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Criminal Justice Research Sources - 4TH 00 edition

ISBN13: 978-0870848605

Quint C. Thurman, Lee E. Parker, Robert O'Block and Rebecca Zeleny

ISBN13: 978-0870848605
ISBN10: 0870848607
Edition: 4TH 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Anderson Publishing Co.
Published: 2000
International: No

This carefully compiled handbook provides step-by-step coverage of the research process, from collecting original data to using government documents and statistical data. It incorporates a variety of resource materials, including new chapters on the research process and the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data. Especially useful for first-year students gathering information for term papers and reports, it is also a valuable guide for upper-level and graduate research projects.

Table of Contents

For the Professor
For the Student

Chapter 1 The Research Process

Choosing the Investigative Topic
Putting the Evidence Together
Presenting the Evidence
The Research Paper

Chapter 2 Collecting Original Data

Descriptive and Historical Research
Reference Books
Dissertation and Thesis Abstracts

Chapter 3 Sources of Books

Card Catalog
Books in Print
Interlibrary Loan
Reserve Books
Book Reviews

Chapter 4 Indexing Services

Abstracting Indexes

Chapter 5 Journals

Courts and the Law
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Juvenile Delinquency
Narcotics and Drug Abuse
Security and Crime Prevention
Selected Political Science Journals
Selected Psychology Journals

Chapter 6 General Reference Sources

The Flood of Information

Reference Books
Political Science
General References
Dictionaries of Slang Terms
Popular Crime Encyclopedias
Fact Books and Almanacs
Handbooks nad Manuals
Related Sources
News Broadcasts
Annuals and Yearbooks.

American Correctional Association Publications
Career Information Guides

Chapter 7 Bibliographies

NCJRS Custom Searches
Topical Searches
Topical Bibliographies

Chapter 8 Directories

Chapter 9 Computerized Literature Searches

Chapter 10 Government Documents

Locating Government Documents
National Commission Reports

Chapter 11 Statistical Data

Federal Justice Statistics
Bureau of Justice Statistics
National Crime Survey
National Prisoner Statistics
Utilization of Criminal Justice Statistics Project
Other Sources of Statistical Data
Victimization Reports
Public Opinion Polls
Organizations that Produce Criminal Justice Statistics

Chapter 12 National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)

The National Institute of Justice (NCJRS)
The Bureau of Justice Assistance

Chapter 13 The National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

ICPSR: Membership and Access to Data
Archival Development

Chapter 14 Sources of International Data

United Nations Publications
Selected List of International Criminal Justice Periodicals

Chapter 15 Historical Research Sources

Primary Sources
Secondary Sources
Miscellaneous Sources

Chapter 16 Special Libraries

The Library of Congress
Books and Directories of Libraries
Criminal Justice Information Exchange
Depository Libraries
Specialized Criminal Justice Libraries in Canada

Chapter 17 Legal Research

Federal Statutes
State Statutes
Court Decisions
Federal Administrative Agencies
Annotated Articles
Legal Encyclopedias
Law Journals and Periodicals
Books and Directories
Law Dictionaries
Computerized Legal Research
Steps to Legal Research
How to Brief a Case


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